Controllers For All PS4 Dual Shock 4 iOS 7

Last week I was super excited to bring you a video walkthrough of Controllers for All, a new jailbreak tweak from Ori Kadosh, that brought true PS 3 Dual Shock 3 controller support to games with iOS 7 controller support. The tweak was pretty groundbreaking, in the sense that it meant that you no longer had to pay $100 for an officially sanctioned, and utterly subpar, MFi controller.

Now Kadosh is back at it again, with his first big update to Controllers for All. This time around, he’s added support for Sony’s latest offering—the much-hyped Dual Shock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4. The awesome thing about using the Dual Shock 4 controller is that you no longer need to use any outside apps, like sixpair, to pair the device with your iPhone or iPad. All of the pairing is done solely between the controller and your iOS device!

To make a long story short, Controllers for All is the ultimate jailbreak tweak for gamers wishing to have have a better gaming experience on iOS. Have a look at our newest video walkthrough for the tweak after the break

After installing Controllers for All 1.1, venture into the stock Settings app where you’ll find a preference panel for the tweak. The preferences look similar to the prefs contained in the previous version of the tweak, except for one small detail: Controller Type.

Controllers for All Settings

The Controller Type section is a new addition that allows you to select between the Dual Shock 3 controller and the Dual Shock 4 controller. Selecting the Dual Shock 4 will replace the email instructions button found in the root of the tweak’s preferences with a pair button.

Controllers for All Controller Type

Since you no longer need to perform a complex pairing process using sixpair, you simply tap the pair button to begin the pairing process. Once you tap pair, you’ll be prompted to press the PS button and share button on the Dual Shock 4 controller simultaneously. Doing this for a few seconds will cause the light on the back of the Dual Shock 4 to pulsate rapidly. Shortly thereafter, Controllers for All should pick up the Dual Shock 4 and pair with it.

Controllers for All Pairing

One thing to keep in mind is that you must disable the normal Bluetooth connection when using Controllers for All. Since this tweak uses a different Bluetooth stack, it’s best to open up Control Center and disable the stock Bluetooth option via the quick toggles.

After the pairing process is completed, launch a game that includes iOS 7 controller support. You should them be prompted to press the PS button on the Dual Shock 4 controller to link your Dual Shock 4 to the game.

Pac-Man Controllers for All

Keep in mind that not every game that works with iOS 7 controllers includes controller support through the entirety of the game. For that reason, you may still need to use touch input to navigate through menus and the like.

Not as good as the Dual Shock 3 just yet

Support for the Dual Shock 4 isn’t as good as the Dual Shock 3 at this point. Some games seem to not work at all, or are very finicky when compared to when I played the same game with the Dual Shock 3. Other games work, but some of the controller inputs are mapped to the wrong buttons. A good example of this is with Pac-Man. Instead of the d-pad’s down button moving Pac-Man downward, it moves him to the left. Instead of the up button moving Pac-Man up, it him moves right. As you can imagine, this proves to be quite disorienting.

In my initial review, I stated that Controllers for All is a must have jailbreak tweak, and I still stand by that sentiment. If anything, it’s even more of a must-have now that the tweak officially supports the Sony PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 Controller. The fact that you no longer need a computer to pair your Dual Shock with your iPhone makes the tweak even better.

Controllers for All 1.1

While Dual Shock 4 support at this point is a bit behind the Dual Shock 3 from a pure gaming perspective, the future for gaming is bright for iOS jailbreakers, and I’m sure that Ori has a lot in store for us in future updates. If you want to try Controllers for All, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where it can be downloaded for $1.99. If you try Dual Shock 4 support, then please share your experience in the comments down below.

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    Too bad xbox 360 is not using wifi/ Bluetooth 🙁

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    Getting a PS4 controller only to review this tweak for us. You are a man truly dedicated to his craft, Jeff. 😀

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    tweak of the year

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    I’ve always wanted to play game boy on my iPhone with a controller and now I can 😀

  • James McDermott

    Doesn’t seem to work with Worms 3, Table Top Racing and a couple of other games. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a list of games that don’t work anywhere?

    • Matthew Cleveland

      There is one on a subreddit called IOSGaming.

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    This is seriously amazing.

    • I agree.

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        Just wanted to ask if the sixaxis ps3 controller work? Not the dualshock

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        It works. I am using it to play games on my iPad.

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    I couldn’t play Fifa 14 with ps3 controller!! does the game support it?

    • No. Check the list linked in the post for the games that support iOS 7 controllers.

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    I have a question before purchasing this tweak. Are the buttons preset after installation or do you need to set up the buttons? I use Blutrol and you need to take a screenshot to assign each button on the PS3 controller, if this presets the buttons I’ll definitely make the purchase.

    • It’s preset. No configuration. It works with games that support iOS 7 controllers.

      • Latinpride011

        Is it possible to get a list of games that work with this tweak?

      • Rowan09

        From what I’ve experienced using the tweak, as long as the game supports controllers it will work.

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        Oh nice thank you.

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      Battlefield 4, Blacklight: Retribution (free to play FPS).

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      Killzone is also a great game.

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    Does it work with retroarch?

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    So after the update do u still have to use “sixpair” with the PS3 controller? U did before in the last video. Also do u have to still set it to BTstack?

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    Now I just need a way to attach my ps4 controller to my iphone. No stand 🙁

    • Nethir Osman

      My sister got this iPhone case that looked like a Smart Cover but the back worked as a stand.

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    Used PS3 controller to play Asphalt 8 on my mini retina, controllers for all rocks. MAME and Playstation Emulator compatibility would make this thing even better.

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    The “on screen” controls are still on my screen with the Dual Shock 4 connected, in the video you don’t have them, anyone know how to get rid of them?

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    Dose the sixaxis ps3 controller work? Not the dualshock 3

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      It works. I use it myself.

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    I need help, I deleted “Controller for all” in cydia, and now Bluetooth stopped working.. Now please help? Anyone?

    • Go into Bluetooth Stack, and enable iOS.

      • Capirexz

        How to remove BTstack option in my setting?

      • To remove BTstack from your device, go to the packages list in Cydia, switch to expert view (top-right button). Now you can see BTstack in the list and uninstall it.

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    How can I pay with a debit card?

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    Does this work with emulators on iOS devices? If not for sure should add that support!

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    Can I play angri birts with it???

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    I could never really get it to work on GTA San Andreas with the DS3 however with this new update everything works like a charm 🙂 There goes my productivity for the day.

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    Noticed that there was some lag while playing GTA SA with DS3 … sometimes the button gets stuck (not physically but s/w). Still pretty impressive tweak

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    Does anyboby test with non official Dual Shock/sixaxis ps3 controller ?

    • Yep, it works flawlessly.

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    ‘Controllers for all’ tweak hangs on install .. Gets to BTstack and says ‘posix: operation timed out’ then moves on and does the same for Link Identiy editor. ANyone else getting errors?

    • smtp25

      WTF! I actually purchase the offical app and it won’t install – try the hackyouriphone copy and installs just fine? Must have dodgy source for modmyi

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    modern warfare 4 / fifa 14 aren’t working for me 🙁 anyone get it to work? it connects to the controller but no go in game.

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    ya the ps4 controller support sucks, haven’t gotten it to work AT ALL for modern combat 4 or asphalt 8, and it says its paired when i start them both, smh, needing some bug fixes pronto

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    i am facing this issue will try to play any game pls help

    • Peter Pepper

      im getting the exact same thing after a few minutes of playing a game
      (im using the payed version)

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    any game i enter crashes

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    iOS8 HELP lol Whats the trick to get eveything to work with iOS 8. Contollers for All is not availble for purchase with ios 8 but if you had it on ios7 it works on ios8.

  • Lion De Oliveira Lorena

    Please, I need Help, I have the Tweak a DS4, and a iPhone 4, and all the times I play
    with it, it happens to lag, and when it does, it kinda “stuck the key”
    like when playing Tomb Raider 2 (1 too, GTA CW, and others) if I was
    shooting, it will keep shooting until the lag passes. The help I need is to address if either the iDevice is too slow to
    process both BT and Game, or the DS4 is faulty (it is good on PC, apart
    from my very cheap BT dongle that sometimes disconnect) or it a Software
    matter, or idk what else could be.

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    I can not use the controller for all players on ios 8. please help me

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    ipega pg-9057 Can’t connect with iOS…can you do it? With game- modern strike online-

  • Sengkea Sorm

    ipega pg-9057 Can’t connect with iOS…can you do it? With game- modern strike online-