Tim Cook ABC intervew (teaser 001)

We’re still a few hours away from ABC airing David Muir’s interview with Tim Cook, but the network has been leaking tidbits of the discussion all day. Earlier we saw a clip of Cook talking about Apple’s new sapphire plant in Arizona, and now this.

ABC has posted another preview of tonight’s Cook interview. This time the CEO answers questions about Apple’s position on the recent NSA surveillance scandal, saying the Agency would have to “cart us out in a box” to gain access to their servers…

Here’s the clip (via MacRumors):

For those that missed it, Apple was named among 8 other tech giants last summer as willing participants in an NSA project called “PRISM.” The program allegedly gave the National Security Agency backdoor access to servers with each company’s user data.

Apple has since denied the claim, on a number of occasions, and has joined the fight with other tech firms for greater transparency from the government on court-ordered requests. Tim Cook himself has met with President Obama twice to discuss the topic.

The full interview with Tim Cook will air tonight on ABC at 6:30PM Eastern time, and yes we will be watching for anything note-worthy. In the meantime, be sure to check out Macworld’s interview with 3 of Apple’s leaders on where the Mac is headed.

  • Framboogle


  • Guest

    Steve Jobs would never give access to NSA but Tim Cook would

    • Maxim∑

      NSA doesn’t need Tim Cook’s permission for access. I dont think you understand how powerful the NSA is in terms of knowledge and power (hardware)

      • Raffa

        We’re talking about Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, major american IT companies that carry a huge economical burden or their back.
        They’re not THAT helpless against the NSA. If they were, they wouldn’t have had Obama to meet them at one table. The trust that has been lost is real money and that affects the economy in long term.

      • felixtaf

        So you think these companies can go against the Govt and NSA?
        These companies may have money, but NSA has money and POWER!

      • Please, the NSA is run by humans, not gods. Nothing stopped these big companies from speaking up in the media during all these interviews. Instead of being the NSA’s b**ches (i.e. doing as a ordered by the NSA) for whatever “legal” reasons, they could have informed the public about these orders from the NSA to implement a backdoor. Telling the public that they refused to implement it in their hardware/software and are now being threatened to be shut down for doing the right thing.

        With that on the news, not only would they have built stronger trust in the brand, there would be lots more anonymous protesters fighting against this nonsense. The government would be forced to either kill it’s citizens, or, end this immoral act.

        Other nations don’t have this nonsense, yet we don’t see any increase in terrorist attacks on them; thanks to their military guarding their borders. No need for them to be getting all FOMO on a terrorist attack from the outside, snooping into other nations’ stuff. That’s unnecessary for the protection of a nation…it’s more like protection for NSA.

      • felixtaf

        You are right. But, even if the companies reveal this to public, people cant change things too. May be we can protect. But, will US Govt listen to the needs of its people? No… They will gladly kill than to end their policies.

        I give you an example. Regarding the ban on cell phone unlocking, people signed petition to white house. What happened??? Nothing. Govt gives contradictory statements every-time. By chance if the companies had gone to public, they would have no choice (after the protests/petitions) but to become NSA’s b**ches.

        Reg terrorism, its mainly because USA puts its nose in unnecessary matters to show that they are the super-Power. Sometimes show-offs backfire!

      • Nothing happened regarding the ban on cell phone unlocking? I thought that was (or is being) fixed based on all the news (http://on mash to/KZqH4D) I’ve been reading…it didn’t just change instantly, but it got a moral agreement.

        Regarding terrorism, totally agree. I’ll keep that point in mind; show-offs backfire.

    • Carlos Gomes

      Wow, your stupidity allows you to guess the future?

  • Youngthegiant

    Apple and Google are the NSA !

  • Connor Kristoff Matthews

    I wish everybody would stop being stupid.

  • 123bob

    wow, thanks for sharing.

  • Simche Apple Konstantinovic

    Excuse me, but, there is NO WAY Apple isn’t involved with NSA. Tim Cook is only talking/lying about this because he doesn’t want to loose the trust from their customers/investors and they looked exclusively at Google before doing the speech for Tim, because more and more people are untrusting Google and Tim definitely doesn’t want Apple to loose theirs…

    • felixtaf

      Privacy issues in Google is very open compared to Apple. Apple can tell us all these jokes until those issues come to light…

  • jack

    Regarding the NSA, Cook is just a homo puppy

  • jack

    Where is the full video?

  • tw23777

    If you want proof that NSA/Apple installs backdoors on iDevices just check file_relay and pcapd.

    • In iFile? Or where do you find those?

      • tw23777

        check /usr/libexec