SimplePasscodeButtons Featured

Interested in removing the letters and numbers from the passcode buttons on the Lock screen? If so, then SimplePasscodeButtons is a tweak that was created just for you.

SimplePasscodeButtons is an extremely simple tweak (hence the name) that allows you to hide the letters on the passcode screen, or both the letters and numbers. The end result is a a bunch of circles on the passcode screen with nothing inside them. Have a look inside for our video walkthrough and more details.

Obviously, this isn’t the type of tweak that will appeal to everyone, but it’s there for the taking if interested. It’s worth noting that this is an iOS 7 only tweak due to the fact that both the visual and the underlying details of the passcode screen are so different on pre-iOS 7 firmware.

SimplePasscodeButtons Settings

While the Cydia page oddly claims that there are no options to configure to use the tweak, you will find a preference panel for SimplePasscodeButtons in the stock Settings app. The tweak’s preferences allow you to set the passcode screen to default settings, hide only the letters, or hide both the letters and numbers.


SimplePasscodeButtons is an iOS 7 only jailbreak tweak, and it’s available free on charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let us know if you decide to go simple on your iPhone’s passcode unlock screen.

  • Jonathan

    I installed this 2 days ago and love it. 🙂 Makes it a little more challenging for those stalkers over my shoulder to read my password. 🙂

    • Gabby

      “Simple passcode buttons” is not under my settings

  • Framboogle

    They should remove the circles as well. Since most people memorize passcodes by muscle memory it would be harder for intruders to get into your phone.

    • Jonathan

      I agree with you. I’ve done it some much, I don’t look at my screen anymore really.

  • Tom

    What about non simple passcode?

    • Guest

      We still know where the numbers belong though… Maybe with a combination of the old tweak “CodeScrambler”?

  • Gabriel Diaz

    We still know where the numbers belong though… Maybe with a combination of the old tweak “CodeScrambler”?

  • Shingo

    this is useless for me its better to fake the number position than eliminate it….

  • Dave Becker


  • Aric Bolf

    When hiding the letters only, the numbers now look vertically off-center except for the zero. The tweak should lower the numbers a few pixels.

  • Gabby

    I can’t find “simple passcode buttons”

  • Оля Мельниченко

    Do you know a tweak that allows to set pictures on passcode buttons? What’s the name of it, if you know??

    • Leo


  • Mehdi Tebai

    Hi , there is a similar Tweak for the letters in the phonecall ?? Thanks