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HideMe7 is a new jailbreak tweak that’s aimed at folks looking to remove specific UI elements from iOS. The tweak, which is presented as a long list of toggles broken up into various UI related sections, works in some areas, but fails in others.

HideMe7 is a decent way to simplify the look of your iOS installation, but you’d probably be better off holding off for the upcoming release of Springtomize 3, and save your $0.99 to go towards it instead. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside to see what I mean.

The main problem that I experienced with HideMe7 was inconsistency across the board. The tweak is made up of simple toggles that you can turn on or off via the stock Settings app. Turning the toggles on hides the UI element corresponding to the toggle, turning it off unhides the element.

There are lots and lots of toggles to be found within HideMe7’s preferences. In fact, there are over three dozen different toggles spanning six different sections of iOS. You’ll find toggles for the Lock screen, SpringBoard, status bar, Control Center, Messages app, and more.

HideMe7 Toggles
Tons of toggles, but who knows if they’ll work?

Unfortunately, I ran into numerous instances where a UI element was supposed to be hidden, but wasn’t. This didn’t happen just once, or twice, but several times throughout my usage of HideMe7. Respringing had no effect on the stubborn toggles.

In my usage, HideMe7 just wasn’t reliable enough for me to be able to recommend. If you’ve used the tweak, please let me know how your experience has been with it. You can fine HideMe7 for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

  • Youngthegiant

    Thanks for the heads up Jeff

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    i see springtomize 3

  • I have to agree it just wouldn’t work on my iphone 5S– kept crashing 🙁

    • CPDigitalDarkroom

      The instant crash bug was fixed on the latest update. Did you install that and see if it remedied your situation? If not email me from within Cydia so I can see crash logs if possible.

  • Fevostone

    I didn’t watch all the video but why would I want to hide most of my quick to get to shortcuts LOL I love to know my battery % and all that good stuff

  • Lionelle

    Preview Springtomize 3 instead! D=

  • Prasoon Singh

    This tweak isn’t worth it.

    • Wood1030

      Wow! You guys are amazing.
      Here you have the developer of an app/tweak, asking for suggestions, looking for beta testers, and discouraging you from pirating his app, yet the disrespect shown, right in his face, mind you, is just laughable.
      How often is it that you can get direct feedback from a guy just trying to make a decent product, yet you insist on rudeness and even try to make direct comparisons to an app that isn’t even out yet (for IOS 7)
      Everybody has choices to make in their purchases, but is it really necessary to try and put others down in the process of figuring out what apps work best for you? How about a little civility, we can all agree to disagree in things, but to just disregard what might work for others if it doesn’t work for you is just wrong.
      If there’s something you don’t like about a product, why not try and show a little objectivity and give the guy and his app a chance to work itself out…maybe give some constructive criticism instead of just slamming him/it without even the thought that the guy is at least trying to make a decent product and is right here to give support and take suggestions.


      • SimonReidy

        Great post. Everything you said is spot on. I guess people have become a bit spoilt by the amazing range of tweaks out there lately, but nearly all tweaks have a bug or two at launch, so its only fair to wait for an update or two before passing final judgement (on what looks like a very handy tweak when its working).

        Totally nailed it with showing respect for developers too. I look up to anyone that has the skills, and puts the time in to make awesome tweaks for us. There’s no excuse for the immature rudeness on display here.

      • nonchalont

        Says the developer of Hideme7. Lol jk. You speak wisly my friend. However, the developer of Hideme7 should thoroughly check his product before releasing for a premium. Take your time before releasing. I’m all about quality. Remember, complaining is a gift. If we didn’t complain it may not put flame to a developers feet to fix it and it may set an example for other devs to make sure your product “just works” before setting a premium. It’s a dog eat dog world; have thick skin and a big bite. Take a tough review and act accordingly to a solution.

  • Evan Surlet

    I feel like this would be dependent on the device and what other tweaks are currently installed that could conflict with it. I’m getting it now from the insanelyi repo to test it…

    • CPDigitalDarkroom

      🙁 I’d rather you email me for a complimentary copy than pirate it

      • Evan Surlet

        Ooh. Sorry about that, dude.

  • 123bob


  • CPDigitalDarkroom

    Thanks for the honest review, unfortunately I didn’t test the tweak under many different configurations other than whay I use on a daily basis and I’ll have to take the criticism as it comes.

    I do finally have a few reliable beta testers on devices I don’t own who will assist in testing future updates. I am committed to ensure everyone who has bought the tweak enjoys a stable enviroment.

    I have a ton of new features forthcoming along a more stable overall experience. I invite you guys to just consider the tweak once everything is ironed out.

    • Burge

      I was just wondering what would make me choose your tweak over springtomize 3 ( when it’s out ) which for me would be a free upgrade.

      • CPDigitalDarkroom

        This is a little difficult to answer since they are both designed to do two different things. Whereas Springtomize is designed as a customization suite which adds to and tweaks the SpingBoard, HM7 is only designed to take turn hide things.

    • Damian W

      Great tweak. Just keep on improving it

    • philad3lphia

      Great comment. Good to see you take all this criticism in stride and use the opportunity to better your product. Also cool to see you invite the community to try it again after you fix it up. Good luck man.

  • Platy

    Brilliant teaser video for Springtomize 3.

  • Framboogle

    Cloaky is better

  • michaelrw

    I purchased this for testing and:
    * the first time i installed it, i was stuck in safe mode. no matter what i tried.
    * after restoring firmware and reapplying JB (for other reasons), I installed the tweak again. by default, all UI elements were automatically hidden, even though all of the toggles were disabled. After enabling some of the other toggles, it seemed to “kick-start” the tweak and everything seemed to working ok. From what I can tell, the tweak is now working as it should, but appearances can be deceiving.
    I haven’t tested each of the toggles, so I cannot say for sure. But, the toggles I am using, are working properly.
    I am definitely looking forward to @filippobiga Springtomize 3

    • Damian W

      i don’t think this tweak caused you all these issues. I had this tweak from day one and I had problems with it too. After unistalling it my phone worked normal again.

      • michaelrw

        i had a bunch of other UI tweaks installed at the same time (simplock, bettergrabbers, nopagedots7, etc.) that i think may have caused some incompatibility.
        its hard to point the finger at any one tweak, but it’s also hard to deny there have been some inconsistencies with this tweak..

  • SkyFall

    Pick a boo i see Springtomize 3!

  • Abdl

    Can someone point me to the use of Springtomize…im seeing it here and there

    • Wood1030

      Has not been released, yet.
      Still in development for IOS 7.

  • i prefer cloaky over this.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      yeah wish we had more from it too

  • David Woje

    Springtimize 3!?!?!

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      coming next week

      • David Woje

        How’d ya know?

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan


  • Gucciipad

    This didn’t work for me I get into a safe mode boot loop

  • Damian W

    awesome tweak but still has few bugs to fix. Otherwise it is sort of like springtomize but only for visual elements.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    SPRINGTOMIZE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dante Arellano

    Yea I see springtomize 3 Im waiting for that too long

  • J™

    almost wanted to buy this tweak cos it seems like a “one-for-all” kinda thing… luckily i came to iDB and saw this review

  • Espionzhan

    i see the tweak of springtomize 3… where can i get this?

  • Richard A Forero D

    hello guys, i know this is not the place to ask something, but does someone know which iOS 7 new tweaks like
    activator – bioprotect – flipcontrolcenter – infinidock – repower – slidetokill – tinybar – virtualhome, drain battery ??, i know the battery will drain more if has more things to process , but some of those tweaks has extra drain battery?
    thanks you .

  • Donovan

    Its a good idea, but its also a part of what Springtomize can do. So I keep waiting for Springtomize

  • a man with wings

    there is still the bug when you hide the control center on the lockscreen, somehow even the my notification center is disabled an icon is there to pull it down. of you pull it down and touch anything , it will crash into safe mode

  • iPT MSTR

    Springtomize icon looks much better than old one 🙂

  • Vanya Leitao

    was it maybe because u had other tweaks enable on theses elements of the UI because i have run into similar situations for that reason