Calendars 5

App maker Readdle launched its iOS 7-ready Calendars 5 application last September, just a few days following the public launch of iOS 7. Both the free and paid Calendars apps have now been bumped to version 5.3 in what Readdle says is “our biggest update since the launch”.

Calendars 5.3 focuses on making it easier to send or accept event invitations by adding new features to manage meetings, conference calls and any activity that involves other people…

You can now finally send and accept event invitations to meetings and events.

“Just type ‘Dinner with John’ and see what happens,” Readdle said.

Another new feature: .ICS file importing.

.ICS is a filename extension for iCalendar files which are widely used on the web to send meeting requests and tasks to other users. Apple’s stock iOS and OS X apps support .ICS files out of the box and now you can easily import .ICS email attachments right into Calendars 5. The app will automatically extract the events from the imported files.

Finally, this edition of Calendars makes it real simple to manage all your notifications in one place. And when you accept or reject invitations, the app will now automatically send notifications to the inviting party so they could immediately tell whether you’re attending or not.

Here, check out Readdle’s Calendars video walthrough, from four months ago.

The premium Calendars 5.3 edition is available for $6.99 in the App Store.

Or, download the free edition to see what all the fuss is about.

Both versions are universal and require iOS 6.0 or later.

  • Scott Curry

    I REALLY want to switch to a different calendar app, but I just can’t get away from wanting a dynamic icon showing the date….

    • You can enable the icon badge to display the day on Calendars 5

      • Scott Curry

        Holy crap I’m on it! Thanks bud!

      • Scott Curry

        Wait…is it only in the paid version?

      • Not quite sure bro… You can always try. It’s under View Options / App badge icon – inside the app

      • Pixel Perfect

        There should be a way to symlink the normal Calendar icon to Calanders by Reddle
        We did it with Fantastical!

  • Luism27

    I use fantastical 2

  • Jonathan Foell ™

    Best calendar app for iOS hands down!

  • Daniel Lídio Pereira do Sacram

    Best Calendar app that I ever used. Google tasks integration is a killer feature!