Have you ever left your wallet at home or say, at the table of a restaurant or the counter of a store? I know I have, and it’s not really a big deal unless it’s not there when you go back. Then you have to cancel credit cards and replace IDs and other cards—it’s a mess.

Luckily, thanks to modern technology, there are a number of devices available that can prevent this from happening using Bluetooth and a mobile app. And perhaps even more luckily, Stack Social is running a deal on one right now called the Find’Em Tracking Card…

The Find’Em Tracking Card contains a Bluetooth-connected tracking device that syncs to your phone (via a companion app) and shows you its exact location within 150 feet. Put one in your wallet, purse or backup and the app will send out an alert if you stray too far.

Here’s a promo clip for the Find’Em:

And here’s a list of notable features:

  • Auto Alerts – Set the app to alert you once you’re 20, 30, or 40 ft from your belongings to prevent you from losing it.
  • Exact GPS Location – Get a Google Maps view of the last known location of your tracker.
  • Credit Card–Sized – World’s thinnest loss-prevention device. The only one that can fit in your wallet.
  • Awesome Real-World Uses – Waiting for luggage at the airport? Get an alert when your luggage hits the baggage claim conveyor belt.

The Tracking Card is compatible with both iOS and Android devices that use Bluetooth LE, and has a battery life of 18 months. It normally costs $40, but the deal site Stack Social is currently offering it for $24.99. That’s a decent 37% savings, and includes free shipping.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this promotion and it looks like it’s only available to folks in the continental US and Canada. And sure there are other devices like this, but this is by far one of the cheaper ones we’ve seen. For more details on the Find’Em, click here.

  • iamataff

    Where can I buy one from the uk ? 🙁

  • Lordrootman

    Wow that’s another option to track us

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Damn I was just going to make a “Don’t tell the NSA” joke but it looks like you beat me to it…

      • Lordrootman

        90% of all this tracking stuffs was made by NSA
        To attract you to buy they make their money and also tracking you day and night

  • The successor to the Tile tracker…now it can be even more sneaky.

  • johndhynes

    I’m still waiting for my Tile…

  • Chris Jackson

    Wait.. So according to the website you are redirecting us to, It says that the battery has a lifespan of 18 months and then you have to replace it? Distance range 150 ft? What if I have my iPhone in silent because I was in a meeting? And it’s a pre-sale starting shipping till March. Many people use those famous “Wallet cases” what if you lose your wallet with your iPhone.. You have find my iPhone so pretty much kind of useless.

    • Scott Curry

      What if pigs learned how to fly, but only in Hell because it froze over? Find my iPhone doesn’t apply here because it’s for your wallet, not your phone. Don’t specify something as ‘useless’ just because ONE scenario you come up with wouldn’t work.

      Even more to the point, who says this is limited to your wallet? Why not stick it in your glove compartment? BAM! $25 low-jack system…(I’m sure you’ll say ‘what if my phone gets stolen with my car’ though…)

  • Guest

    What about having that bluetooth signal zapping me in the right cheek all day long… “It appears you have a high-grade tumor of the right butt cheek, Mr Tracks-Your-Stuff. We’ll need to amputate.” :-O

  • Elan Relsah

    Do NOT Buy the FindEm Tracking Wallet Tracker

    I bought 2 of them, neither works, and “Customer Service” told me tough luck


  • Do NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Let me repeat this for you.. Do NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! ..bought 5 of them, none of them works and more over they shipped me after like 6months, Customer Service sucks, they don’t reply emails, tweets or phone calls… horrible horrible product and service.