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As promised in a report earlier this month, Apple has begun repairing iPhone 5c screens in-store this week. 5c owners with cracked or otherwise damaged displays can now take their handsets into their local Apple stores and have them repaired quickly for a flat fee.

Apple has been doing this since last year for the iPhone 5, but just recently updated the hardware and training necessary to work with the newer models. The move is the company’s latest effort to cut down on device repair and—perhaps most of all—replacement costs…

It looks like it’ll cost owners without AppleCare+ $149 to get their screens repaired. That’s about $80 cheaper than the service used to cost non-AppleCare users, and Apple no longer has to send the device off-site. Repairs for those with AppleCare+ are said to cost $75.

iphone repair machinethe machine Apple Stores use to repair iPhone 5 screens

While most Apple stores should now be able to fix iPhone 5 and 5c models in-store, there still seems to be problems with the iPhone 5s. So for the time being, those with broken 5s and 4s units will still have to either have their phones replaced, or sent off-site for repair.

In May of last year, Apple discussed a number of changes it would be making to its AppleCare service at a staff town hall meeting, including in-store device repairs. Tara Bunch, the vice president of AppleCare, said the changes could result in annual savings of up to $1 billion.

  • RarestName

    Pricey, unless you want to keep your warranty.

  • Jason Baroni

    How I wish they could bring this service to Brazil. Here they don’t give support for models like the 5c A1532, so people like me are stuck without warranty covering and services such as this one… now imagine if your phone is broken as mine is.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    does that machine repair the phone screen automatically????

    • Abdl

      I wonder… One could just order for one and keep it for personal use,or set up a small business. 😛

  • 123bob

    If you do it DIY it’s usually 30-70$, However it ‘s a bit difficult. You have to melt glue, and the screws are 1-3 mm long and there are breakable wires. I’m currently fixing my screen DIY, I hope it will go well!

  • 123bob

    I think that if you have 150 dollars to replace your screen you might as well use it to buy a new device.

    • Ted Forbes

      and what if you break the new device?

      • Then go tell your doctor you’re clumsy and need a mental checkup…

      • Ted Forbes

        Hay sassy just fix the first one, Isn’t this what the article about. Stick to the article. Your sassy proceeds your cleverness. LOL!!!!

      • 123bob

        then buy another device! and see a doctor

      • Ted Forbes

        I thought I would get a clever answer but I got a sassy one. Just fix the darn thing. This is what the article is all about. Stick to the article.

  • Ted Forbes

    The price is about the same everywhere you go, but it might also be a non-Apple replacement part.

  • Ted Forbes

    This contraption looks like a miniature assembly line. I wonder how much it cost and how long it can go without breaking down or replacement. Wont it be cheaper to just train a staff for two to do plug and play repairs at these stores?