VLC for iOS 2.2 (iPhone screenshot 001)

The popular cross-platform desktop media player, VLC by VideoLan, has finally received its iOS 7 makeover in Monday’s version 2.2 update. Launching later today in the App Store, VLC for iOS 2.2 includes a number of new features and refinements, and a long list of bug fixes.

Perhaps most notably, you can now stream media stored in your Google Drive and Dropbox. As you’d expect from any iOS 7 app refresh, there are some new multitouch gestures for easier navigation.

VLC has always had a very robust support for non-iOS friendly audio and video file types and today’s update is no exception: matter of fact, VLC 2.2 expands on that with support for some new streaming formats and protocols…

The new interface now feels in line with the overall iOS 7 design. I’m liking the new media player with its nicely done semi-translucent controls akin to the standard iOS media player.

VLC for iOS 2.2 (iPhone screenshot 002)

In addition to Google Drive integration, Dropbox streaming and standard iOS 7 swiping gestures for navigating around, VLC 2.2 comes with a startup tutorial which will get you up to speed quickly.

VLC for iOS 2.2 (iPhone screenshot 003)

Other refinements include an improved library view for your TV shows and audio, enhanced UPnP integration with downloading support, a few new streaming formats and protocols, a rewritten WiFi upload and stronger privacy when using the Passcode Lock feature.

VLC for iOS 2.2 (iPad screenshot 001)

This blog post on the VideoLAN website details all of the UI improvements.

VLC for iOS 2.2 (iPad screenshot 002)

Other under-the-hood changes and bug fixes include the following:

  • Improved UPnP stability and new support for downloading files from supported servers
  • Added cover-art and duration to UPnP server item lists
  • Fixed displayed size for files stored on UPnP multimedia servers larger than 2147.48 MB (#9641)
  • Dramatically improved WiFi upload reliability during concurrent or repeated sessions
  • Added support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) (#9174)
  • Added support for https playback
  • Added support for system-wide HTTP proxy settings
  • Added support for m3u streams
  • Improved vlc:// custom protocol handling (#9542)

Oh, and they still support iOS 6, which is super nice!

Download VLC for iOS free in the App Store.

The new 2.2 update is slated to go live later today so don’t panic if it’s not live yet in your regional App Store.

  • Sigurd Boe

    Love that movie in the last screenshot.
    Its a winner, watch it at 4:20 if you know what I mean.

    • Albert

      What movie is it?

    • Lady GAGA

      You made it sound like a porno

      • Sigurd Boe

        Well its not 😛

  • Modest

    Logging in to Dropbox… Crash. 10 seconds after launching the app. Looks like a good start lol

    EDIT: Absolutely unusable. Can’t delete files. Crashed 3 times already just browsing trough it.

    • Parth Patel

      Try It’s Playing.

  • jack

    VLC is great

  • T1rell

    I’ve tried them all and the only app that truly lives up to the task of streaming any format from anywhere is the almighty “GoodPlayer”.

    • on3simpleclick

      $3 in AUS.. eh, i’ll stick with VLC.

  • Zower

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. <3

  • Michael

    Hey guys,

    All my color logo on Zeppelin is only showing black or white on statusbar, can someone help me fix this please

    • kline1

      Im gonna be a nice guy, but this question doesnt belong here. Install statusbarfix2 from cydia and that should solve your problem.

  • omrishtam


  • still waiting for smb support

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I’d welcome smb support but for now the UPNP support seems to work well with my Plex Media Server…

  • Abdl

    No support for folder??

  • Pankaj Rana

    does it supports rotation lock n few other options like “Moli Player”??

    • QuarterSwede

      MoliPlayer is a hidden gem. Unlike VLC it actually works every time!

  • on3simpleclick

    Wow, that app is littered with in-app-purchases…

    • QuarterSwede

      For anything besides AC3 apparently it’ll play without need to buy anything.