DynamicText iOS 7

We’ve kicked off the week with an influx of new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 devices, ranging from Controllers for All and Animer7 to Fancy and Pluck 2. Those four packages are very interesting in themselves, but a smaller extension by the name of DynamicText deserves a quick look too. As you would expect, the tweak allows you to dynamically change text on iOS 7. Take a look ahead for a closer look… 

DynamicText is configurable from its dedicated menu in the Settings app, although it is currently restricted to one option — the ability to type your name and have your Lock screen greet you dynamically. For instance, I typed in Joe and the traditional “Slide to Unlock” text has been replaced with “Evening, Joe” based on my time zone.

While the tweak largely remains a work-in-progress, it is available now on Cydia in the BigBoss repository. Note that this tweak doesn’t work with arm64 devices for the time being. Give it a spin, and join us in the comments.

  • Prasoon Singh

    This is cool!

    • Jenny Nolan


      ❒❒❒᜙❒ ❒❒❒ ❒❒❒❒ ᜛❒❒❒❒ ❒❒❒❒This is one of the reasons I posted the source on GitHub, so others can contribute to the project.

  • onebyone_

    someone remember the “round corners” tweak?
    is compatible with iOS7?

    • Ritchie

      ‘RoundScreenCorners’ on BigBoss works perfectly.

      • onebyone_

        thank you!

  • Fermín Osorio

    How can I have “Live battery indicator” tweak on iOS7? Can anyone tell me please?

    • Anthony Nguyen

      i don’t think its updated to ios 7 yet, i didn’t tested it

      • Fermín Osorio

        I know. It is not updated and won’t be. I read about it on reddit but I want to know if someone has a better option.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        The tweak alkaline in the fortysixandtwo .com repo is about as close as you’ll probably get. It allows for the battery indicator to be themed so basically it can look however you want it to (as long as you can put in the graphic design work yourself)…

      • Fermín Osorio

        Yeah I installed it but I don’t know how to get it themed as the original LBI… :S

      • ARX8

        I do. Just wait. I’m working. It will take a while for me to finish designing the graphics

      • Fermín Osorio

        Nice! Thank you

      • ARX8

        I’ve checked the resources when it was released and I am working on it. I hope I can release the tweak in two days

      • ARX8

        I love that tweak. But it’s not compatible with iOS7. I have emailed the dev twice and no response yet. We will have to wait for someone to release a similar tweak

      • Fermín Osorio

        I think he said that it won’t be updated 🙁 Hope too that someone release a similar tweak

    • VeRdUgO!

      yes, just add this repo cydia(dot)myrepospace(dot)com/pw5a29ip4

      “Live Battery Indicator IOS7

  • Isaac Moncure

    is it free

    • Framboogle


  • illK†Δ

    No arm64 and a stupid explanation sign. Sorry but it looks a little silly :/

    • Kartik Dhawan


      • illK†Δ

        Thank you. Apparently my fat fingers cannot type today

    • Dekesto

      Is the exclamation sign really that big of a problem? Others have complained too, I will add an option to remove it in the next version.

      • illK†Δ

        Yes, it’s informal.

    • 123bob

      It’s still a work in progress (beta)

  • At

    You can use “lock screen tool” to do this plus remove the camera, time/date, and hide slid to open . Lock screen tool is the name of the tweak, works with 64-bit as well. Here is a pic of my lock screen with Everything removed.

    • Dekesto

      This tweak wasn’t made to do any of what you said above, the idea of the project is to create dynamic text across iOS 7 based on certain “triggers” (time of day, etc).

      • At

        You are able to change the slide to unlock text to whatever you want was the point I was making, plus it has other options. I know it doesn’t change based on the day but that wasn’t the point I was making, I should’ve made that more clear., my mistake. So if you want to Change the lock screen slider and have a 64 bit device, you can use lock screen tool.

      • Dekesto

        If you are looking on just changing the text to something static, then yes, this isn’t worth downloading.

    • stevendo

      where can i get your wallpaper?

      • At

        Search iDownloadblog wallpapers of the week. There’s a bunch of cool ones.

  • Dekesto

    Developer here! I want to explain why it’s considered a work in progress, while there is currently only one option, I have made it so DynamicText can be expanded across iOS 7 completely. This is one of the reasons I posted the source on GitHub, so others can contribute to the project. There is no arm64 support because I have no way to compile and test it, as soon as I can figure that out I will add support.

    • Gus Me

      Nice work, Im looking forward to see how this goes. Can’t please everyone, so a thanks from me for making this.

    • Scott Curry

      I love dynamic tweaks and have been dying to get more of them. I can’t use this tweak yet (5S), but I like your way of thinking sir! Don’t listen to the naysayers!

    • lompi129

      Yes, thank you for all your hard work

    • Andy

      Thank you bro, hope to use it on my 5s 🙂

  • Jonathan

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve been wanting to get rid of the > arrow in the slide to unlock text. 😀

    Oh wait.. I see. Meh. Time for some iFile editing. 😛

    • Dekesto

      The next update will give you the option to enable / disable it 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Really? Thank you so much!! :DDDDDDD
        Are you adding that just because I said that? I’m just curious. 🙂

      • Dekesto

        It was already being planned for the next version.

      • Jonathan

        Wow, that’s awesome. 🙂 Really looking forward to the update!

  • Stan

    One tweak that need to be updated for ios 7 is delete world.

  • Brandius

    How about “atimetool” tweak on iOS7? Can anyone tell me please?

  • Fermín Osorio

    Thank you!! It works!

  • Raoul

    so um on which repo can i find dynamic text because i can’t find it in cydia…..

  • Barcelonian

    you guys should try the new update there is a vulgar mode hahahh it is hilarious!

  • Romeo Thái Tử

    wORK good for me but even though I dont apply morning, afternoon greeting, it still show on my lockscreen…please fix this, thank you very much n I like your work Dekesto n crews 😀

  • Melissa

    How do you change the color of the slide to unlock text … My winterboard won’t work when I try to change the color

  • Melissa

    How Do I change my slide to unlock text color my winterboard won’t let me change it