While theme makers certainly face increasing challenges because of how iOS 7 is designed, we’ve still seen a handful of great themes for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Aura promises to be the next. The upcoming theme provides well-designed custom icons for over 200 apps and counting, despite its creators—a five-person group called the iApex Team—stressing that it remains in beta with a lot of work to be finished. Even in its claimed infancy, Aura looks fantastic.

Update: This theme seems to be a rip off of another theme called iMIUI we covered last year. We were not aware of that at the time of publishing and we’ll not give Aura anymore coverage until its developers come clean.

I have been testing a pre-release version of Aura on my iPhone for a few hours now, and my first impressions of the theme are very favorable. Each icon has rounded square edges, with support for all stock apps and a growing number of third-party ones: Cydia, Winterboard, BlackBerry Messenger, Google Maps, and more. The only criticism I have is the red-colored Calendar app, as the day of the week is listed in red text and the lack of contrast makes it hard to read.

I was also supplied with a matching Zeppelin logo for Aura, which definitely suits the theme. According to its designers, Aura has been submitted to the ModMyi repository and should appear on the Cydia Store soon. A sale will be offered in the first two days following the theme’s release, and then it will be sold for an undisclosed regular price.

Do you know of any other themes coming soon?

  • Fırat Çiftçi

    Ayecon is/will be better.

    • PiraCee


      • Lady GAGA

        My aura is much better

    • Maxim∑

      what does that have to do with aura?

      • Fırat Çiftçi

        Not saying that this theme is bad, I like it. However, I’d prefer Ayecon. Just my personal opinion.

      • Phil Randle

        I dunno, I like these kind of themes better, Ayecon will still be skeumorphic, and I have had a few of those and they look strange in iOS 7, I have Soft Remix on my 5S now and its very similar to this theme and I love it, just wish it had more icons.

        This theme should do the trick.

      • I totally agree. Ayecon just feels off now. It feels too heavy-handed and slow. Soft Remix & Solstice are new and fresh and better than stock.

      • Maxim∑

        Me to. I took the comment the wrong way

      • Gabe

        he asked in the post what other themes people were excited about. thats a perfectly fair response…

    • Allen Greathouse

      I don’t know ayecon does not suit me we’ll. it’s too overly complex there needs to be a more streamlined simplicity amount the app Icons.

    • Aiden McGinnis

      I agree, but it depends on your style!

    • Maxim∑

      well it wasnt better, disappointing… .

    • Bob


    • Fırat Çiftçi

      After looking at Ayecon, I must say that I’m disappointed. Skeuomorphism just doesn’t fit iOS 7, it feels weird. I might consider getting Aura.

    • Prasoon Singh

      Eh it doesn’t look good on iOS 7 and I’ve been using it for about a week or so now. I think flat themes go better with iOS 7.

  • Lira Herrera Ivan Alonso


  • MHCsk

    Looks great. Solid piece of work. Lookin’ forward to release!

  • Andrew ☜☆☞ Forbes

    Will this be ios7 only?

  • Adithya Sairam

    OSX Maverick Theme

  • Frank Anthony

    O Boy :o.. This icons are so sexy if not hot. Ayecon should look out. I’m afraid because am already falling in love with aura 🙂

  • Prasoon Singh

    Can’t wait! It’s like an alternative to Ayecon which I wasn’t really a fan of.

  • Lucas Bitencourt Santos

    I’m the only one here who hates iOS 6 and Ayecon style of icons? I really prefer flat icons like Flat7, Solstice or FlatIcons, is more simple, clean and beauty, this icons in skeuomorphism is ridiculous and too depressive to see, I like the simple, and I think the simples is the future of design!

  • Luism27

    looks good!

  • Samuel

    Anyone know if latest version of Winterboard was pulled from Cydia?

  • John Kerins


    I’m loving Flat7 theme, does anyone know how to get round folders on iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.4 – thanks !!

  • TheOneMax

    I don’t like this theme and it does not suit iOS 7, in my opinion.

  • Nirvana

    iOS 7 is skeumophic no more, ayecon is still under testing so shall wait for the release as to compare them! Themes for iOS 7 looks promising as of now!

  • good

  • Does anyone have a beta for this?

  • 小宏

    Ayecon can’t works on iPad4…..
    Even I un-re-install winterboard many times,it still can’t change anything….

    • Leo Kyriazis

      It has not yet been released/remade for iOS 7.

  • Martin Bergesio

    That theme is a total Symbian^3 nokia n8 Rip-off.

  • One day Apple will discover that folks like to customize their phones…

    • Umut Bilgiç

      I do not think it will be here in the near future, aince it is completely against the design goal of iOS.

  • Raff

    I need an android version of this theme! :O

    • Hermes Conrad

      Check out “MiUi”

      • Isa Altintas

        I’m waiting for the update on MIUI v5. Always liked the design when I had a MI2 🙂

  • Isa Altintas

    Still a huge FlatIcons (square) fan here. But it looks nice thx for the post 🙂

  • Hermes Conrad

    Man! I guess it will be free. Because it’ a ripoff of the MiUi rom/theme. That even iDownloadblog talked about one year ago

  • Abdl

    All these themes resemble those android MIUi themes

  • Jeroen Claassens

    1 word: “wow”

  • elisa hidalgo

    I installed Soft Remix on my iphone 4s, but I have a problem and I would like to know how to solve it: Whenever I launch an app and then go back to the home screen the icon takes the original shape and a millisecond after Goes back to the squircle shape.

    • Blake

      Yea same here

  • Plistumichu

    So you can buy an iPhone and convert it to a Nokia N9?
    Nice! (not)

  • Looks great. But Winterboard does not drain your battery.

    It will only drain battery if you use a theme that has HTML animations or videos playing constantly in the background, or you are repringing ALL the time (since that’s when winterboard does its magic). Otherwise, no effect.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      I am not too sure.. I still believe winter board drains it..and it has in the past with or without the html animations or widgets.

  • Blip dude

    I am most likely sticking with Ayecon. Don’t get me wrong, this looks promising. But unlike this theme, there is an iPad version for Ayecon. Also, seeing as how other theme like Aplo NEVER got updated (lacking support for LiveClock and Weathericon in 5.X and 6.X), I wouldn’t be surprised at the lack of updates for this theme, so the “more than 200 apps supported” is not something I’m falling for again. Please prove me wrong!!!

  • Akos Kokeny

    Could you please tell me what theme is this?:)

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      its not a theme. surprisingly no winterboard.

      I used Homescreendesigner to align icons. and the apps are. fahrenheit for the weather. used flex tweak to hide the icon names. toke out the dock icons. used a tweak to disable the dots. theres more to it i customized on second page too . I am looking for a way to make the folder icons transparent but nobody seems to get me. here is also my Control Center customized. I use ccquickpro and ccloader to arrange them.

  • Leo Kyriazis

    This icon theme looks awesome, can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Tim smith

    It’s out now

    • Robin Edwards

      Is 2.99 the sale price? Seems expensive!

  • Ayecon looks out of place on iOS 7. I used to love it on iOS 6, but I guess I’ve been conditioned to the ‘flatness’.
    Aura, does ‘flat’ right, without being too basic.

  • Hyunho

    Does anyone know of an ios7 theme that is compatible with the ipad? I’ve installed many, but they dont seem to be working…any help would be appreciated.

  • Anthony Day

    Which font is being used in the screenshots above?

  • Anthony Day

    What font is used in the screenshots I.e stAtus bar etc

  • Joseph Albanese

    Ayecon is way better! This looks like a boring Android theme. I’ll pass.

  • Alex

    Joe, I don’t know who told you this was a rip of iMIUI, but you need to update your post, because they are completely different looking themes.

  • mrfakir

    After regular App Updates my Facebook and FB Messenger Icon won’t work with Aura anymore. Anybody with the same problem and/or a solution?