redesign concept (Sebastiano Guerriero 001)

Milano, Italy-based user interface designer Sebastiano Guerriero has envisioned this great looking full-on redesign which has left me speechless this morning.

I’m especially digging the uniformity, focus on large images with less text and single-colored buttons that much resemble the design language of iOS 7.

But what’s really floored me is his awesomely flattened navigation bar at the top. I know Apple has removed some of the shine and depth to it over the years.

But – but – Guerriero’s version is so much better! I’m not exaggerating, his mockup is an eye-candy and puts Apple’s current website design to shame, hands down. But don’t take my word for it, jump past the fold and have a look yourself…

That’s some really sharp and clean design.

By the way – a $199 iMac? I’ll take ten!

Hopefully, Apple is paying attention to Guerriero’s work.

As Jony Ive is now in charge of both hardware and software design and Apple, here’s to hoping that he’ll lend his magic touch to and bring it up to date with the overall direction seen in iOS 7 and, partially, in OS X Mavericks.

Let’s not forget Apple’s incoming head of retail, Angela Ahrendts, who will be in charge of both Apple retail and online stores – a first for a SVP of Retail at Apple.

During her tenure at the British luxury fashion house Burberry, Ahrendts really nailed their online presence and hopefully she can do the same for Apple by working with Ive to take to the next level.

Guerriero wrote on his Dribble that he’s currently working on an experimental redesign of the App Store.

Can’t wait to see that one!

Isn’t this concept a beauty?

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  • Ash

    Really nice. It’s about time the apple website got a UI change!

    • Lady GAGA

      I’ve been waiting it since ios 7 birthday

      • Capirexz

        What ?

      • Lady GAGA

        What what !

      • Matthew Gould

        in the butt?

      • Guest

        What what chicken butt!

    • philad3lphia

      Are there more pictures? Is the one at the top the only one?

      • 123bob

        I think it’s the only one.

  • Rick Kreuk


    • Jonathan

      Yes. -_-

      • SkyFall


      • Jonathan


      • SkyFall

        When i say neutral, i mean that i dont want Apple to get rid all of the skeumorphism, for an all white flat style. I dont say that iOS 7 looks bad, but there are elements in the Apple site that i would like to keep, like the grey top bar and how the product menu list appears when you click on one of the product links, but thats my opinion.

      • SamDS

        YAS SKYF YAS

      • Jonathan

      • Guest

        that scares me

      • Rick Kreuk

        If I had wanted a flat operating system I would have bought a windows phone. This shitty flat design that won’t last is forced upon me. iOS is dead, and now there is no choice between skeuomorphism and flat design. Go have fun with your fisher-price toys.

  • Anonymous

    I would go to Microsoft websites if I wanted that flat look

    • Lady GAGA

      Then go and don’t come back

      • Jacob Galea


      • David Villamizar

        Freaking lady GAGA, that’s why I don’t buy your music ¬¬

      • Lady GAGA

        freaking …. That’s complimentary to me if you don’t know , thanks

      • 123bob


      • Lady GAGA

        I’ll burn the flames of your love

  • bonci

    iMac from 199$!!! WANT

  • Prasoon Singh

    I’m really digging the flat design. And 200 dollars for an iMac?! I’ll take five 🙂

  • dazzw

    “But – but – Guerriero’s version is so much better! I’m not exaggerating, his mockup is an eyesore and puts Apple’s current website design to shame, hands down”

    eyesore is not the word you’re looking for….

    • ConduciveMammal

      Yeah, eyesore isn’t a good thing haha.

    • Yeah, I meant eye-candy but eyesore slipped in. Fixed 😀

  • Jonathan

    I was just thinking this yesterday……

    • 123bob

      Maybe the iDownloadblog team is spying on you.

      • Jonathan

        I doubt they can read my thoughts.

  • WOW

  • Jason Baroni

    “IPOD, IPHONE”, but “iMac”. Is the “i” loosing its way? hahaha

    • Framboogle

      What do you suggest, iPeripherial?

      • Jason Baroni

        No, actually. I was talking about Apple never using capital letters on iDevices brands like the concept shows: IPOD, IPHONE.

      • William Vejdal

        iPod, iPhone, iPad? xd

  • Kevin Khemraj

    I don’t get the 200 dollars for a iMac thing? Is that like a joke or something

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      yeah its a joke… what do you think?

      • Preet Patel

        Look in the image it say imac starting from $199

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        i know *sigh*, that’s a joke, it’s the point i’m trying to make

    • CASEACE79

      And BTW if you say gullible really slow it sounds like orange. And while we’re at I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you’re interested.

      • Jonathan

        That’s the most random comment I’ve ever seen.

      • 123bob

        I’ve seen worse.

      • Jonathan

        I’ll take your word for it.

      • 123bob

        Have you seen YouTube comments? There are YouTube comments that are super weird. They’re so weird I can’t even describe it.

    • SamDS

      it probably started out as a iPhone hero image

  • Jonathan Talbot

    Awesome design!!! 😀

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    This is great but Apple will do something horrible redesign. Too bad Apple doesn’t do good UI design anymore.

  • Sokrates


  • Cameli Paulos

    Very True
    they must change the website to flatter look like this one

  • like the concept seems more intuitive (big bold images of the products…)

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Its the most beautiful website mockup I have ever seen.

    • rogifan

      You’re joking right? What’s so special about it other than he replaced Apple’s gray toolbar with something supposedly “flatter”?

  • duh


  • Alex Wright

    Milano, Italy? Milano in English is just Milan, or if you wanted to you could put the Italian spelling of the country too Milano, Italia. But if you’re putting the country in English best to put the city correctly too.

  • If it looks lie iOS 7 it already looks dated. The 15 minutes of fame due the Windows 8 look are already over.
    Jony Ive needs to do penance fort least 20 years for the abortion that is the UI of iOS7. Form over function.

    Flat is flat ugly.

  • SamDS

    i would sooner die than accept this ugliness

  • Noah Mospan

    Forget the website UI, I’ll take that $200 iMac!

  • Aric Bolf

    “jump past the fold and have a look yourself”

    It looks like you failed to add these screenshots, and nothing doesn’t look very impressive. Are you implying “nothing looks better than the apple website?”

  • Harshan

    The “flat” look reduces the amount of visual information in the UI, giving the designer fewer choices. Icons end up looking like each other, like Messages, Phone, and FaceTime. It is a degradation of the user interface. I hope this fad fades as soon as possible.

  • Nick Clement

    You’re all easily pleased, looks about 30 mins photoshop work.

  • Jamil F Ghanayem

    yes it is

  • Rob_Huska

    So I guess after he designed it, he thought it would be awesome to build it too!!
    http://ambercreative. co/experiments/apple-store/#0 remove the space.

  • Marc Slater

    Are you serious? This design does not put Apple’s current site to shame. This “concept” looks more like a cheap cookie-cutter wordpress theme. Apple’s design needs to get flatter, and it will. But they will be doing something a lot less banal.