Google Play Movies & TV 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Google Play Movies & TV 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

After Google Play Books and Google Play Music, the Internet giant Google on Wednesday has finally released the official Google Play Movies and TV application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

A free download from the App Store, the software allows you to access those purchased or rented movies and television shows you bought in Google’s Play Store.

With this move, Google has completed a trio of software offerings that make it easier for people on the Apple platform to enjoy media bought from Google’s content store. Die-hard Apple fans may not care much, but those who happen to use both iOS and Android will appreciate that Google is catering to Apple users with these apps…

Note that television shows are region-dependent and are currently available in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Google Play Movies & TV 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Google Play Movies & TV 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

From release notes:

Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from wherever you are. Buy or rent movies by visiting Google Play Store on any computer and watch them from any device over Wi-Fi using the Google Play Movies & TV app.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually buy movies and TV shows from within the app due to Apple’s restrictions (read: Google didn’t agree to share 30 percent of revenue with Apple). On the flip side, it’s nice they’ve included Chromecast support for easy video streaming through Google’s $35 HDMI dongle.

So there you have it: you can buy or rent movies and TV shows on the Google Play store on the web – and often cheaper than from iTunes – and stream those purchases, not only to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, but also to Chromecast-equipped TV set.

Here’s from Google:

Buy or rent new release movies and next-day TV shows by visiting the Google Play Store on your computer (, and then watch them instantly using the Play Movies & TV app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Best of all, you can use Chromecast to watch your Google Play movies and TV shows on any HDTV, simply cast them from your iPhone or iPad to your TV.


And a pair of iPad screenies here.

Google Play Movies & TV 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Google Play Movies & TV 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

Also, streaming video currently works over Wi-Fi connections only, Google said.

Sadly, offline playback functionality is not supported. That’s a big miss as you can’t download media over Wi-Fi for offline playback when you don’t have an Internet connection. And there are no info cards when you pause the movie, like on Android.

And as a “bonus”, videos play in standard definition on the iPhone. Strangely enough, when streaming through Chromecast, movies and TV shows are rendered in full HD glory.

I have no doubt in my mind that Google will dutifully add the missing features in future updates. Design-wise, the app is flat and appears to follow iOS 7 design recommendations, although some would say it’s more in line with the general look of Google Play apps on Android.

Download Google Play Movies and TV free from the App Store.

The app supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 6 or later.

  • marcus1324

    Wow this is pretty sweet, Google is taking over a lot of iOS.

    • Kamrul

      Pretty sure it’s the other way round, on Android you can’t get iOS apps so it’s a disadvantage

      • Stephen Goodwin

        That is exactly why it’s better to invest into the Google ecosystem then the iOS one. Everything ports both ways on Google’s end, Apple doesn’t like it when you take anything outside of their ecosystem.

  • Maxim∑

    this is good for people who have left over gplay credit

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Except its worthless for that since you can’t buy / rent movies within the app (at least I can’t find a way) it just displays a message to go to Google Play on your computer…

      • BozzyB

        “Unfortunately, you can’t actually buy movies and TV shows from within the app due to Apple’s restrictions (read: Google didn’t agree to share 30 percent of revenue with Apple).”

        – so you know which greedy one to blame.

      • Rowan09

        Google. Apple is providing the platform so it makes sense they charge Google, if it was the other way around I would say the same for Apple.

      • Stephen Goodwin

        Maybe so, but at least I can still store all my digital content in one place and be accessible to more devices (chromebook and tablet, other phones, etc). I love the fact that I can buy all my digital content from Google and then still use it for the one Apple device that I use.

  • Fevostone

    I’ll sick with movie box

    • David Gitman

      me too

      • Rowan09

        Me three

      • Freddy Born

        me hitler

    • Matt

      Movie Box doesn’t work for me :/ even if I use the myfreevpn thing it barely loads anything and I have a Comcast internet with 40.15 Mbps down and 15.93 Mbps up and when I turn on the VPN on my download speed is 0.54 Mbps and upload speed is 0.71 Mbps -_- absurd.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        Matt to be honest services like myfreevpn don’t work. If your willing to spend then there is happyvpn or expressvpn which are paid service which utilises your full download speed. But even then these vpn or your download speeds depend on your proximity to the servers. So i decided to give up this vpn crap and stick to torrents.

      • Fevostone

        You need to remove it and install it again pal make sure ur getting the one form the insanelyi repo

      • Svs

        Try download universal video downloader enable it for movie box watch the movie (not download) universal video downloader will ask if you want to download the movie click yes (it downloads faster for me)

    • Adam Bowman

      Where do I get movie box?

      • Y2J

        Cydia, I can’t recall the repo, though.

      • Adam Bowman


      • Y2J

        Bro, I highly recommend it. Even if that is the only reason you jailbreak it (I’m assuming that you’re not currently jailbroken), it is so worth it.

      • Adam Bowman

        A moment or two after I posted, I did a web search for the repo. I found it quickly. And, sheesh, Movie Box is amazing.

        I’ve been Jailbreaking my devices for over a year — how have I not heard of this?

        Well, I’m glad to have it now.

        By the way — for music, I highly recommend the Music Box app. Pair it with Bridge, and you’re all set.

      • Fevostone

        Insanelyi repo you need pal

      • Kamrul

        Insanelyi repo mate

  • copy past

  • Phil Randle

    I just use MovieBox, actually works really well nowadays since I got a Fibre connection in my home. When will companies learn streaming is the future, give us a one price subscription model similar to Rdio where you can watch what you like (Id pay up to $100//month) and we would buy rather then find free alternatives. There is nothing like that in Australia.

  • Burge

    Cartoons HD

    • Kamrul


      • Burge

        MovieBox is jailbreak
        Cartoons HD is App Store and apple allow it and you can download with out paying , but MovieBox is better.

  • Can Oksal Meydan

    Whyy it is always f****** US only!!

    • Stephen Goodwin

      2 US companies are usually going to develop here first and then transfer it over afterwards. It’s just like the video game market in Japan….

      • Can Oksal Meydan

        I know that. But in Denmark maybe it’s take 3 month to 2 years. Like iTunes Radio. Close to 1 year.