Apptray lets you launch apps directly from Notification Center

By , Jan 15, 2014

AppTray iOS 7

There have been a handful of jailbreak tweaks released for Notification Center in the past few weeks, but perhaps none more visually appealing than Apptray, by software engineer Joshua Lee Tucker.

The tweak, compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, adds a fourth tab alongside Today, All and Missed in Notification Center for opening apps directly from the notifications pulldown. An unlimited number of apps can be added to Apptray, configurable from the tweak’s dedicated menu in the Settings app… 

Apptray has a few other interesting options, including a slider for adjusting icon opacity and a toggle switch for enabling or disabling the tweak entirely. In order to ensure the security of iOS devices, the tweak cannot open apps from the Lock screen when a passcode is set. In that instance, tapping on an app icon will simply do nothing.

My impression of Apptray has been positive so far, as the tweak performs great on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4. As a bonus, it even works with themed icons. If you also have an iOS 7 device, Apptray can be yours on the Cydia Store for $1.49.

What are your favorite Notification Center tweaks?

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  • John Wickham

    There are always useless app-launching tweaks. How is this faster than the home screen?

    • to86

      I think the point of it is you can launch directly from inside another app. I can see this coming in use, particularly an app like 1password.

      • burlow

        swiping down to launch 1password is no different than hitting the home button and launching 1password

      • Umut Bilgiç

        It is useless to you. How can you even make a whole generalization based on it? I find it useful myself, since I think pressing the home button, finding the app is slower than swiping down and hitting the app you want, since you know what is in there and in which configuration, i find it faster than homescreen.

      • burlow

        By that logic though, just organize your home screen so it matches this, and it’s just as fast.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Still, it is the fact that I have to get my inger of the screen and press a physical home button.

      • Umut Bilgiç


      • Alexander magnusson

        What if you use more apps than you can fit on your homescreen?

      • burlow

        most people do, but no one uses more than 20 apps that need quicker access than swiping to a new page

    • Linton Findlay

      exactly, same reason i dont put apps i use all the time in folders, just wastes time

    • iViperzLTD

      I would find this very useful. I have a ton of pages on my phone and having a centralised hotbar would make it so convenient for me to launch favourite apps, a lot quicker than swiping to the page I need to be at

  • Linton Findlay

    *waits for cracked version*

    • Victor

      Lol dude c’mon have some respect.

    • Rowan09

      Support the jailbreak community or they won’t have a reason to keep doing this for us.

      • Dani Hayes

        There’s always “try and buy.”

      • I have to agree with that. I have a list full of tweaks I wasted money on because I couldn’t try them. I really do go and buy from the developers though if I like it. Plus all the crack repos tweaks all seem buggy to me. Could be because it is not exactly how it was intended? That always crosses my mind too on some of these cracked tweaks that use your secure data. Seems like you could be walking straight into a trap.

    • naomumu


    • Jonathan

      Me to you: Hey I’m going to come steal your TV k?
      You: Hey developer, I’m going to steal your app that you worked several hours on k?

      • jack

        Are you 15? Fail analogy

      • Jonathan


      • 123bob


    • bbby

      those that are broke must wait.

      • Josh

        those that are broke shouldn’t be jailbreaking pricy smartphones

      • Dani Hayes

        Why is that??

      • Josh

        if you’re so broke that you feel the need to steal a $1.50 piece of software, I think your time would be better spent finding a job.

      • Dani Hayes

        So “poor” people cannot jailbreak there smartphones because they can’t pay for a tweak/app/theme?? Got you.

      • Fofer

        Actual “poor” people can’t afford smartphones and monthly cell phone bills.

      • Dani Hayes

        Not with all the free phones being offered and low monthly plans. No they cannot.

      • Fofer

        You and I are clearly using different definitions of the word “poor.”

        And why? For you to justify piracy of a $1.49 app?

      • Dani Hayes

        Okay reread the tree of comments to my first reply to Josh and why he thinks broke people shouldn’t jailbreak pricy smartphones. I don’t justify piracy. I believe in “try and buy”. I try an app/wtf ever and if I like it and use it I buy it. That is what I do.

      • jack

        “steal a $1.50 piece of software”.. Stop your little show, Bieber. Do you even know what steal is? This guy…

      • Ali

        If you take something without paying, it’s common sense that it is stealing.

    • Josh

      seriously? dude, it’s ONE DOLLAR AND FORTY NINE CENTS.

  • Ana Paula

    I love app-launching tweaks, but, as I said here before, I’m waiting a quick launch that bypasses your passcode and when you close the app, you get back to the lock screen (as the calculator or alarm clock in the NC).
    I have like 4 medical apps (and the stock notes) that I would like to open as fast as possible and I don’t care the robber to see these apps, as long he can’t access the other apps.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I just want Grabby by Rpetrich to get updated for iOS 7…

    • Mark Dasbeck


  • Prasoon Singh

    What theme is that? It looks really nice.

    • Victor

      Check the last post.

    • Space Remix for iOS 7.

      • Quang

        I think it is Soft Remix for iOS 7

      • Yeah, my mistake.

  • Jonathan

    Glad you have the same theme as me Joe. =)

    • Soft Remix is awesome.

      • Jonathan

        And I’m probably the pickiest person in the world when it comes to themes. 😛

      • Lance Baker

        It looks good until you close an app. Pay close attention the icon during the animation…

      • Jonathan

        I noticed it the second I installed it 😛

      • Lance Baker

        It was a dealbreaker for me. The theme is great but that one little thing was just too jarring.

      • Jonathan

        It was so little though. If you really wanted the theme, just find and delete the mask, then the icons will, I think, be the default iOS 7 way, but still have the icons. If you try it, let me know.

  • Fuq You xD

    What is the theme name? 🙂

    • Jonathan

      Soft Remix.

      • Fuq You xD

        Thanks i just online now.
        Sorry for late reply.

      • Jonathan

        np. 🙂
        Is your screen name really necessary? 0_o

  • J™

    my favourite NC tweak is NCDisabler

    • Until Intelliscreen7 comes out…

  • Steve Zou

    No offense, but this is useless.

    • 123bob

      for you it is

  • Noah Mospan

    I want this app but implemented into the Control Center. I find it much less cumbersome to swipe from the bottom than from the top. Maybe have it as a separate page that you swipe to in CC.

  • Sai

    How do i get the blur effect on the iPad ? is there a tweak?

  • Sai

    How do i get the blur effect on the iPad 2 for notification center and control center? Is there any cydia tweak?

  • Kuzz2354

    Off topic – looking for cydia tweak that can add app to quick launch in control center which can be use in lock screen. I want to add stocked app NOTE for example to put down some note at lock screen. Quick and simple. Any free or paid tweak out there would help me do that? Thanks!

  • jp2592

    This app can be more useful if it allowed reorganizing of the app list. However I do find having an applist menu created in activator and assigning an easy gesture like swipe the right side of statusbar works just as well, maybe even better. Still testing.

  • nxtwrld

    For Apps it’s not really that useful for me. For Favorite contacts I would pay.