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SwipeSelection is one of those tweaks that everyone can benefit from, and for that reason, it’s one of my top 5 jailbreak tweaks of all time. Seriously, I’m not using hyperbole here; SwipeSelection is incredible.

Everyone can benefit from SwipeSelection’s extremely improved cursor management when compared to stock iOS. I apologize in advance to Kyle Howells, developer of SwipeSelection, but this is one of those tweaks that I wish Apple would straight-up steal; it’s just that good.

Kyle has updated the original SwipeSelection for iOS 7, a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, but he has also blessed us with a new and improved Pro version, and he’s rightfully charging $1.99 for the release. The Pro version includes cool new features like disable-in-app, swipe sensitivity, cursor speed, and more. Plus, it gives us all the opportunity to reward the developer for such an awesome and innovative jailbreak tweak.

We’ve put together a full video walkthrough of SwipeSelection Pro. Have a look inside to see it in action.

The stock method of positioning the cursor while typing in iOS is cumbersome at best, and incredibly frustrating at times. It’s hard to gain the necessary precision using the stock method of editing text, and that’s where SwipeSelection comes in to save the day.

SwipeSelection lets you swipe directly on the iOS keyboard in order to move the cursor. This allows you to place the edit cursor in specific spots with much more precision than before. You can even select text by swiping from the shift key or from the delete key.

This is a tweak that won numerous end-of-year awards, because it improved the text editing experience on iOS multiple times over. In fact, we here at iDB labeled it as one of the best jailbreak tweaks of the year, and rightfully so.

SwipeSelection 01

SwipeSelection Pro builds on the awesome framework established by the original. The pro version was actually rewritten from the ground up for iOS 7. It brings with it some exclusive features to make the text editing experience on iOS 7 even better.

SwipeSelection 02

One of the most wanted features for the SwipeSelection was the ability to toggle it on or off directly from the iOS keyboard. I’m happy to report that this feature works beautifully in SwipeSelection Pro and is accomplished using a simple triple-tap gesture on the keyboard’s shift key.

SwipeSelection 03

Another pair of wanted features was the ability to adjust the cursor speed and a gesture for quickly navigating to the beginning or the end of a document. Both of these features can be found in SwipeSelection Pro’s preferences.

The last big feature to be found in SwipeSelection pro is a sensitivity selection. I know that there was a pretty vocal group of people who complained about the tweak interfering with normal typing due to it being too sensitive. You can now reduce the sensitivity of SwipeSelection via its preferences.

SwipeSelection 04

Simply put, SwipeSelection Pro is like the cherry on top of the original tweak’s amazing foundation. The non-pro version of the tweak is awesome in itself, but the pro version makes it all the more compelling and again establishes it as one of the frontrunners for best tweak of the year honors.

  • Twist

    There needs to be some crossover with SwipeSelection and JellyBoard or what would be cool is if there was a plugin for ActionMenu that let you alter the swipe speed without leaving the app.

  • to86

    Here we go again – Jeff’s strange and unfounded obsession with SwipeSelection (and Auxo) has started again. SwipeSelection increases my typing errors tenfold which defeats the whole purpose of it. Maybe I am using a different tweak to Jeff? I just don’t get it.

    • Synergy

      You must have Homer Simpson fingers. SwipeSelection is great. Much better than than the stupid magnifying glass.

      • to86

        I do have fat fingers. Ill see what the general consensus is about the new version is – maybe the accuracy is improved. The previous version did not leave me with a great impression though.

      • There’s a new reduce sensitivity option.

      • kraigeriginal

        A better option is SwipeShiftCaret, anyway

      • Damian W

        Totally agreed

      • Damian W

        I think swipeshiftcaret is even better

    • Fair enough that you say I have an obsession, but I don’t think it’s unfounded at all. These are two of the most decorated jailbreak tweaks in history.

      • raulismusic

        He’s right I don’t see how this is better then swipe shift carrot with as many errors as you get typing. This is bad design but then again you might not be an obsessive texter. I do see more options now but it lost me as I know it’s still going to be flawed.

      • to86

        I would not say they are universally decorated at all. In my opinion there have been some amazing tweaks that have influenced the design of iOS such as Lockinfo and intelliscreenX, that have not received the same sort of plaudits you have given to Auxo and SwipeSelection. Auxo in particular was nothing more than a glorified switcher, which is now obsolete. SwipeSelection may prove me wrong, but it hasn’t felt intuitive to me when I previously used it.

      • Nobody in this community should support intelliborn.
        They don’t fix anything no matter how vocal the community is.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        i’m really happy you feel the same day. The other day i called intelliborn cheats for making me pay again. i had bought intelliscreen x 5 for 10 dollars. But when ios 6 came out a few months later they asked me for another 10 dollars to upgrade the librarier or some crap. i would have gladly paid 5 extra dollars but 10? Cheats i tell you.

    • JulianZH

      if you are a fast or super fast type, it will have a negative effect with swipeselection.

      • pegger1

        There’s no problem typing fast with swipeselection. The problem comes when you drag your fingers

      • iky1e

        That’s what the setting to reduce its sensitivity is meant to fix.

        It increases the ‘deadzone’ before SwipeSelection activates.

    • Andrea Anderson

      I agree I had to uninstall due to all the damn errors lol it was really bad! Lol but a neat ideal

    • Antzboogie

      Oh hush you sound like an inconsideate idiot. I love swipeselection it works just find and doesnt require you to be a rocket scientist lol. and you saying its causing more errors sounds hilarious Lmao keep it moving!!

      • QuarterSwede

        I had issues with it as well. The faster you go the more it activated. Couldn’t stand it. However this new version seems like it might fix the issues. Oh well, never had an issue selecting with the default magnifying glass anyway.

    • gittlopctbi

      I don’t understand how this is a “strange and unfounded obsession.” Don’t see Jeff being obsessed with this. Don’t see how it is strange. It may not be your cup of tea, but for many of us, this is truly a great tweak and now that it is updated to iOS7, I’m now prepared to upgrade from 6.1.2 jb and take the plunge to iOS7. This tweak is one of my must-haves.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        you are now prepared? Why didn’t you jailbreak earlier. You do know the free version was available ages ago.

      • leart

        Are you ok?

  • Esca

    Why did you not review Quickshoot Pro 2?

  • Chuck Finley

    Or you could just buy a bluetooth keyboard.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Because a Bluetooth keyboard is as cheap and portable as a jailbreak tweak isn’t it? I have a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad but would never remotely consider buying / using one for my iPhone…

      • gittlopctbi

        I have a BT keyboard specifically for my iPhone. It’s great.

      • Chuck Finley

        Same, and they’re not actually that expensive at all. It’s also incredibly worth it if you actually use your smartphone for work/business like getting emails and documents done.

      • Chuck Finley

        You’re thinking about a standalone keyboard, which is not what I’m talking about. You can buy attachable keyboards to your iPhone, ones that slide out and are extremely portable and useful.

        Look it up.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        If this works for you then great but for me and others a Bluetooth keyboard isn’t really a viable solution, especially when tweaks such as Swipeselection can do the job perfectly and greatly enhance our typing experience.

    • gittlopctbi

      And how does a BT keyboard supplant the usefulness of this tweak when needing to use the keyboard on the screen? You’re talking two things here.

      • Chuck Finley

        Because you wouldn’t need an on-screen keyboard if you have a bluetooth keyboard? Do you not know how a bluetooth keyboard works?

        I’m really not. I’m talking about a replacement for the keyboard entirely.

  • Jonathan

    By far one of my favorite tweaks. Thanks Jeff for the review.
    I see some say it increases typing errors? I disagree. I notice no different. In fact, it helps me correct typing errors faster.

  • Tayub

    I want to see a tweak where you double tap and on the second tap you hold the key to repeat it like “Aaaaaaaaa” the reason for the second tap being so it doesn’t conflict with special characters, does anybody know of a tweak like this??? Pls respond

  • Is there a way to disable it for specific keyboards / languages? It never worked for me because it would interfere with the Japanese flick keyboard…

    • iky1e

      I’m looking into detecting and blocking certain keyboard types.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Hey man you should look into what Alexander said about this comment… Swiping up for multiple rows would be awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Alexander Reimann

    Totally awesome… apple needs to do their homework. Now one feature request I would have is to use the shift button to select and if you swipe up while dragging it does multiple lines and if you keep holding it selects the entire text. Can’t wait to start using this tweak in school on my iPad!

    • iky1e

      I’m planning to add that. 🙂

      • Alexander Reimann

        Sweet, thanks!

  • iky1e

    Refresh Cydia, let it run through downloading and updating its lists & then try again.

    That sort if error normally goes away with a good refresh.

    • Guest

      You must be my good luck charm… after writing my last comment, I went ahead and tried again, and it now works. Good luck!!

  • Josh

    Seems with the newest ios beta I can’t purchase pro. I installed the free version, but pro is telling me it doesn’t support my ios version

  • Fermín Osorio

    It is an awesome tweak, for me the no-pro version is enough.

  • Mustang5Oh

    This is another tweak worth jailbreaking for!!!

  • jack

    Now I can jailbreak

  • diggitydang

    I’m getting the same errors on my device… I deleted the Big Boss repo from my sources and go to Cydia > More Sources and there is a link to add the Big Boss repo again… it still gives me errors, but I’ve had similar problems with other repos in the past that worked the following day. I’m also reading from other blogs that it could just be simply due to high traffic or an error on Big Boss that, once corrected, should work fine. Try again tomorrow, I guess – that’s what I’ll do anyway…

    • Martynet

      Worked this morning! brilliant

  • diggitydang

    Ha – You must be my good luck charm… after writing my last comment, I went ahead and tried again, and it now works. Good luck!!

  • Robert Goldberg

    This is amazing!! The update got EVERY SINGLE feature I wished SwipeSelection had! This is now an absolutely must have tweak! Thanks a ton Kyle and Jeff!!!

  • Zower

    i use swipeselection, but an alternative that can be used is swipeshiftcaret, it has some of that options too and it is free.

  • Omar Ruiz

    Thanks Jeff (:

  • momerathe

    the “only swipe on spacebar” option could be useful for my ipad – when typing fast on it, sometimes swipselection fired off and moved the cursor wierdly.

  • Toon

    swipe selection is a free tweak, i don’t see why pay 1.99 for the pro

    • Jonathan

      Because the pro has more features… It wouldn’t make sense to have 2 tweaks that are the same, both free, just one has more features. Everyone would download the one with more features. Besides, this guy can earn some money.

  • Yaseen AlSuwaidan

    maybe if there is a vetical swipe in addintion to the horizontal, i would pay for it, but the free edition is enough.

  • Freak Cleverman

    Quick tip: start your swipe from the shift/delete key to mark text

  • Abdl

    It used to be one of my fav tweaks. But now that JB has rendered my ipad un-usable and potentially bricked my phone yesterday that made me had to restore…i think i have to let go.

    • 123bob


  • Awesome… I love it

  • Eri

    I doesn’t work with Viber !

  • disqus_rcikS7fUoL

    “Plus, it gives us all the opportunity to reward the developer for such an awesome and innovative jailbreaktweak.”
    This! $2 dollars for one of the greatest contributions to my productivity and levels of stress ever! This tweak is bad ass!

  • burlow

    doesn’t this disable the feature where you can swipe from the lower left (“123” button) to a punctuation or number, and release, and the keyboard jumps back to qwerty? I use that feature much more often than moving the cursor.

    I would love to some how integrate both.

  • Damian W

    Please someone explain it to me if or why swipeselection is better than swipeshiftcaret? I personally think the latter is much better, but everyone talks about swipeselection

  • Feivl

    Love it too! Would be nice to move up and down though, if you swipe up and down the keyboard, don´t you think?

  • David Crum

    Does the free version not show up in Settings??

    • Jonathan

      No. There are no settings or the free version.

  • Xee

    Is there a way to get this also to work for selecting text etc from Safari? Sometimes it’s very tricky and something similar to this tweak would be useful.

  • Mrblackjapa

    I bought this thinking that i could use it in safari i always have a tuff time circling the amount of words or the correct words . But thats not what this is for

  • soccerkrzy

    To capitalize a single letter, I frequently click on the shift key and drag to a letter, or to do a single number, I’ll click on the alt key and drag to the symbol. Both of those actions make using SwipeSelection a nuisance.

    Does nobody else type that way?

  • Wally

    Love SwipeSelection. That, Bite SMS, and Callbar rock on my iPhone.

  • Grant Delmore

    Reading through the comments I am utterly dumbfounded by the response. Personally I cannot live without Swipe Selection, the month between upgrading from iPhone 4S to 5S and waiting for jailbreak/Swipe Selection was painful and my texting and web surfing halted completely.

  • Vygoss

    Possible bay app From AppStore like swipeselection if iPhone or iPad not jailbreaking iOS 7.1.1

    I bay Slidewriter from AppStore but it’s not work on 7.1.1 🙁

  • Nameeeeeeeeeeee

    Biggest problem with SwipeSelection is you can no longer hold down Shift while typing to capitalise letters, it just makes the entire keyboard seize up.

  • Joe Streno

    With iOS 8, the obvious question … can this be ported as functionality into a keyboard extension? Please?!?!? It’s one of the features I miss tremendously! I keep swiping my finger to move the caret & all I get are letters. =: o Pretty wild when you become use to a behavior & have to “rethink” something that is now engrained. Or I guess I’ll have to wait for an iOS 8 Jailbreak. But an iOS 8 extension sure would be nice! 🙂