Evomail+1Last May, we took a look at Evomail for the iPad. At its launch, the app was pretty clean and worked well, but lacked features, wasn’t available for anything other than Gmail, and carried a three dollar price tag.

The app saw a lot of updates, including support for the iPhone, additional mail client integration, and a price drop to free. However, things were still not totally solid with the user interface.

Today, the company has completely redesigned the app with a better user interface, customizable gestures, and cloud-based sharing options. The app is so different that, instead of making it an update, the company has re-launched it as Evomail+

Evomail+3Evomail+ now features a one-button control option, which lets users reply and forward emails with one central button. It adapts to fit with the situation to allow users to faster navigate inbox and messages.

The app also now comes with EvoCloud, which improves push notification and cleans out the bugs from the previous app. EvoCloud checks for new messages automatically, in real-time.

If you are sending stored files, you can easily access documents from Dropbox or Box.net right from within your email draft.

Customizable gestures allow you set the parameters of your movements. Swipe to the right to read or swipe to the left to delete. It’s up to you what your actions do.

When you are on the go, Evomail+ makes it easy to keep your inbox clean by giving you access to archive, trash, and labels. Move your email to its designated area wherever you are so that it stays clean, even when you are away from your desktop.

Evomail+ 2You can also “Snooze” your emails by temporarily sending them away until you are free to read them later. Use the built-in full access Gmail search to find new and archived Gmail messages for quick access to old conversations.

Dynamic Evomail+ also supports background syncing, external keyboard support, and text so you can customize your email experience from top to bottom.

Unlike Evomail, this app is launching only on the iPhone. Presumably, iPad support will be available in the future. The app supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and IMAP email accounts.

Evomail+ is available for free. Download it in the App Store today.

Are you excited about the new version of Evomail? Will you download it?

  • I’ve downloaded it, but I’m not impressed. I still end up using the native Gmail app, but I still miss a good Gmail client, like Sparrow.

    • Question

      You don’t like Mailbox?

      • No, I don’t like the way they’re handling folders/lists.

      • Cameron Chao

        really? you are the one that kinda handles them yourself, mailbox just makes it very easy and straightforward

      • Yes, I’m not able to use the labels and folders I’m using in Gmail. I have to create new ones, then it doesn’t work as a fully compatible gmail client. The only one I’ve liked is sparrow, but it doesn’t support push or iOS 7 design.

      • QuarterSwede

        You’re not alone. I told them I flat out wouldn’t use it till they supported established user folders/labels (I have a bazillion I’m not abandoning) and their response was, “you’re not our target audience.”

      • Scott

        I absolutely agree with this. I used Mailbox for a while but couldn’t come to terms with not using established folders. Back to the native app for now.

  • Harold Merriman

    it froze on my iphone 4, never got chance to put it thru its paces…

  • Mathias_31

    I’m sticking with Molto, a 5 star mail app. viewing my email has never been this easy, and it works flawsley. Push notifications arrive there faster than iOS and Gmail.

    • Pablo

      but when you touch on a notification to see it, it won’t disappear of the notification center, you have to delete them manually

      • Mathias_31

        Ah.. Works for me.

  • Stephen Goodwin

    not very impressed…can’t really do anything extra that my gmail app can’t…will probably pass on this one.

  • Scott Curry

    And still no support for Exchange in this or Molto….

    Guess I’m stuck with Boxer (no thanks) or stock 🙁

  • Cameron Chao

    Theres still no simple more efficient way to handle email than Mailbox imo.

    • Mathias_31

      In Mailbox, you still need to pay attention to every email, why?

      Gmail solved this with their tabs, you only pay attention to the important mail, Molto does this as well for all providers, minus exchange 🙁

  • iV1n5

    A lot of errors here… way too many bugs.

    • hack_nug

      Didn’t you read that they redesigned the app for iOS 7? haha

  • Mondo

    Push notifications aren’t working for my gmail account & icloud account. Not impressed.