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Episode 011: It’s been seven years since the original iPhone was unveiled; Sebastien, Jeff and Cody relive their memories of that momentous occasion. The trio also discusses the new iPad television ad, T-Mobile’s latest big idea, and the most notable apps of the week.

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  • Filip Zíka

    Wow, thanks for the ads in mobile version! Now i can see less content and my 4s is lagging when I scrool through posts. Finally!

    • Shawn

      I don’t see any mobile ads on my iPhone. Try refreshing

      • Filip Zíka


    • While I understand your frustration, I’m sure you will equally understand that iDB, like every website out there, must generate revenue in order to keep paying its editors.

      Like everybody else, I hate ads, but they are a reality of the online world. No ads = no money = no editors = no site.

      This being said, if I am not mistaking, the ad you are referring to can be dismissed with a swipe gesture.

      • Filip Zíka

        I understand why are you using ads and I was okay with every ad on this site, because they weren’t slowing anything down and constantly taking space on my tiny 3,5″ screen. Just put them somewhere else please!
        (This isn’t probably going to happen so I will try downloading some adblock and see if it will work)

      • Jonathan Foell ™

        Where else are you gonna put the ads? In the middle of your tiny 3.5″ screen?

      • Cameron Connell

        While I understand that this is quite unrelated I was wondering if you have any internship openings at iDownloadblog I checked the jobs section but I didn’t find anything.

      • No we do not, sorry.

  • Zod

    wrong article but is there a way to completely disable the control center? like all together. i have no use it for it and it’s laggy on my iphone 4

    • You can go to Settings > Control Center > and turn it off for the Lock screen and within apps.

  • Sleetui

    Sorry I’m posting something totally unrelated but.
    I found a tweak on Cydia called “Konect” it utilizes your regular phone and “sends” service to it. I guess a concept would be tethering, rather than internet it uses Cell Service. But whenever I call someone they can’t hear me but I can hear them? Help?

  • D1squs

    Modern Combat 4 is free for a couple of days now just go to iGN site and click promo. I dont know whats the problem but iDB deleted my post about this twice yesterday. So i wont be surprise if this is deleted for the third time.

    • Eni

      same thing for me, i comented the link but they delete it every time, in fact i comented the link for help so someone can tak the code for me becose it doesent work in my country, can you take it for me please?

      • Ninja Banana

        Well guys, they made an article about it.. And gave you absolutely no credit. Good job finding this, though.

      • This post you are referring to was written by Christian and I doubt he found out about it in the comment section of iDB, which explains why there is no credit attribution. We always fairly create our sources, whether it is a tipster or a website.

  • Arsanny Lintang

    is it me or everytime iDB post something and i went to the website on my computer and it’s not there, if you refresh it again and it still doesnt appear?

    • We had a caching issue this morning. Other than that, I have never heard of or experienced this problem.

  • oralarts

    The iPhone wasn’t subsidized until the 3G debuted in the summer of 2008. They did lower the price by $200 (after a few months) and gave those who had already purchased at the original price a $100 gift card for use towards anything in the Apple store.