CCLoader 02

An interesting new Control Center tweak by the name of CCLoader just hit Cydia. The tweak, which is targeted at users and developers, allows you to rearrange and disable the various sections found within Control Center.

CCLoader makes it possible to do the reordering and disabling on the fly without the need for any resprings. The tweak uses drag handles to let you easily and quickly rearrange sections in any manner you see fit.

What’s even more promising about CCLoader is the fact that developers can tap into it in order to create their own sections for Control Center. This means that, in theory, developers will be able to make their own Control Center widgets, and implement them via CCLoader.


Obviously there’s no outside developer add-ons available in Cydia just yet, but the open source tweak holds a lot of promise in this regard. CCLoader is one of the many Control Center jailbreak tweaks that you should keep your eyes on.

CCLoader can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Tell me; what type of add-ons would you like to see?

  • Marcus Brown

    There is a share widget for this just been released!

    • Guest

      He just updated ONCE AGAIN reverting back to “working version” and took out the share widget 🙁 It was working fine for me..

  • Jonas Gessner

    One add-on already exists: Share Widget for Control Center 🙂 Cheers Jeff!

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    Can we have the switcher right below it? That would be PERFECT!

    • deepdvd

      Oh yes. Adding the classic switcher on the bottom would make it perfect!

      • Patrick Ochoa

        Or this

      • Wikkedwulf

        What tweak is this? Looks awesome.

      • Patrick Ochoa

        It’s just a mock up for something that I wish some one would develop, I asked Jeff to send it up on twitter but he never replied

      • Wikkedwulf

        What tweak is this? Looks awesome.

      • Jjjjjpp


      • Creavite

        WOW. Wish someone would develop this.
        It is beautiful!

      • deepdvd

        I never really liked Auxo. For a preview, I like it better much larger like it is by default in iOS7. You know, so you can actually read it. Like Jeff has said, it’s almost like multitasking. Having a small preview is much less useful. Having the classic switcher in there with SwitcherMod functionality would be perfect. Then I can use the normal switcher for a large preview mode.

    • nemopsp

      Switcher as in the App Switcher in iOS6?!? Cause the is already a tweak CCQuick or CCQuick Pro, I use Pro version I like it a lot but I wish pplz would make some NC tweaks for iOS7 cause I’m on iPhone 4S an the ControlCenter take almost the whole screen I want to move an put few widgets in the NC like NCSettings an mayb even jukebox like in iOS6 in NC than take off them in ControlCenter tht way it much smaller! But lately I’ve been havin an issue with NC all my apps Automatically turn off in NC, happened twice in past two days now pretty annoying

  • Trenton

    Off topic. But does anybody know of a tweak that stop FaceTime from pausing whenever I exit FaceTime?

    • Jonathan

      Yeah, does anyone?

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan


      • Trenton

        Are you talking about the cydia app flex?

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        There must be a backgrounding when minimized just like Skype when minimized you can still talk.

      • Trenton

        Yes but I’m talking about where the video dosnt pause for the other end. Not to long ago I saw something on cydia that said it did that but I don’t recall what it was called.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        What do you mean doesn’t pause for the other end?

        For example.

        I call you on facetime video.

        You pick up and talk to me

        You press the home button to put facetime in background running

        You want me from my end to see you still on video moving without being paused while you hit the home button?

        If so, theres a tweak called

        FaceTime Wont Pause Video (BETA)

        I did a search for you. It’s part of a flex tweak. I was unable to find it in flex under “Phone” but I’m sure you can find it or request it through Reddit on /flextweak subforums.

  • Jonathan

    Why are the toggles touching the line?

    • deepdvd

      Probably because there isn’t a line on the top. You could just remove the lines with CC Deseparator tweak

  • MHCsk

    Such luck
    not views

  • MrShutEmDown

    Getting crash to safe mode since installing this

    • PiraCee

      Exact same here. Should he been named “Enable SafeMode”

  • Patrick Ochoa

    Hey Jeff, just wondering why u haven’t gone over CCQuick Pro, it’s pretty good

  • Rob_Huska

    It doesn’t play nice with HiddenSettings7

    • Ali

      I think most (all) of the CC modification tweaks seems to be that way 🙁

      • Rob_Huska

        Probably right, but I think if any of them will, it will be this one since it seems to have good addon support.

      • Ali

        The airplay & Hiddensetting seems to be attached. They should just move HiddenSetting to Settings menu.

    • Rob_Huska

      And I like the conditional controls for music in CCHide. Though they do to work with third party apps, it is still a nice feature. But I do like the rearrange factor of CCLoader. I kind of wish they would all come together and make one that does everything… Including hiding the separators, instead of 3 tweaks to do all of this.

      • Yuri Medeiros

        I was thinking just that! I installed it to see how it was but then decided that the conditional media controls was more important than rearranging so I uninstalled it 🙁 but I really want them to blend those 3 and CCQuick into one tweak

      • Rob_Huska

        Looks like the dev was listening, or had the same idea. Newest version of CCLosder now supports conditional music controls and hiding of the separators.

        Edit: but after testing, plays even less nice with HiddenSettings7

  • AE

    anyone’s OCD kickingg in?

  • Shravan Shankar

    May I know what is the icon between Bluetooth and do not disturb ??pls reply…

    • Ali

      All the icons in the image: Airplane Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb & Lock

    • ★LEA – MILEY – DEMI★

      It’s for the Pebble watch.

  • John

    Is this created by the Yourtube creator Jonas Gasler?

  • Shravan Shankar

    I meant in the right upper corner next to battery percentage … New symbol

    • Triway

      I am curious about the same thing.

      • Philip Lafaurie

        I believe its his pebble watch

  • i like your videos…but please have the iphone like flat/straight. having it on that angle makes it harder to see…

  • Abdl

    So many useless CC(Tweaks) floating around

  • NaSty

    Would like the option to remove either the volume slider or scrubbing slider

  • Joe Benning

    This, paired with CCControls, is great. I wish there were more tweaks for notification center.

  • George V

    is my phone the only one that keeps crashing with this tweak…

    • Graham Wellington III

      Nope. Mine crashes to safe mode too. I don’t think it plays nicely with the new substrate update. I updated them both at the same time and that’s when it happened.

  • Videet Malpe

    some one please help.when i install ccloader mobile goes in safe mode.which tweak should I remove?

  • waverdr

    Just updated my ios to 7.0.6 and rejailbroke my phone. CCloader is broken and shows a heap of lines in my ccentre, im running ccmeter as well but when removing ccmeter it still shows as broken. If i remove ccloader the ccentre becomes good again. Seems its broken with ios 7.0.6

  • adham

    every time i download it it gets me into safe mode i really want this cool tweak what can i do