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As promised, Apple kicked its ‘Red Friday’ sales event off today in several Asian countries to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Unlike the recent Black Friday event it held here in the US, Apple is offering cash discounts on its products—not gift cards.

Also different is the fact that the Red Friday promotion includes price cuts on all current iPhone models and the new Retina iPad mini. Apple doesn’t usually discount its handsets, as they are extremely popular and provide (by far) the largest margins…

lunar new year

The Lunar New Year sale is a one-day event, being held in several Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. And if you live in one of these areas, it’s definitely worth checking out the promotion.

Apple is offering a discount of around $50 off full-priced iPhones, $40 off the iPad Air and $30 off the iPad mini with Retina display. There are also small discounts available for the original iPad mini and iPad 2, and it looks like all Mac models are $100 off.

  • Endrit Demaj

    that’s still more expensive than in US ,omg why can’t i just live in the us and get an iphone for 650$ instead here in europe we pay 699 EURO , 1euro= $1,36 , oh man that sucks

    • Endrit Demaj

      we pay for a normal iPhone 5s 16gb without contract $949,94 , that’s so f’up ;(

      • Litchy

        dude… if you really want the 5s then just save 300$ more and buy it. You probably use your iPhone more than anything else every day 😀 So why not?
        or just get a iPhone 5. Is much cheaper on ebay or something than you’d expect. Just have to be patient until the right one turns up

      • Endrit Demaj

        yup , i sold my 4s last year 350 euros ,and bought the 5 32gb for 500 euros(850Euros in Apple), i’ll just wait till the right time comes and im gonna do the same thing with the 5 and 5s 😀

      • Litchy

        Nice one! I’m kind of the “not-S”-Type 😀 I bought the 3G, 4, 5 and will go with the 6 or what ever it will be called. Good luck getting the 5s in near future 😉

  • Neil Sardesai

    Did they let Jony Ive design that banner?