biteSMS 8.0

Great news for biteSMS fans with late-model iPhones this morning. BiteSMS 8.0 beta 7 has been released to the public, and in addition to a handful of bug fixes and user interface improvements, the update brings about support for the iPhone 5s.

The beta has actually been out for almost two weeks now, but due to complications with the 64-bit A7 processor, it has thus far been limited to older devices. That changes today though, and now 5s users can finally enjoy the biteSMS app on iOS 7…

The app shouldn’t need much of an introduction, but for those still unfamiliar with it, here’s a quick rundown. BiteSMS is an alternative to Apple’s stock messaging app, with features like quick reply, quick compose, scheduled messages, and more.

Here’s our walkthrough of an earlier biteSMS 8.0 beta:

As you can see in the video, earlier versions of biteSMS 8.0 were extremely buggy. That’s obviously to be expected with any beta, but it’s still worth noting. We’re hoping this update that was released this morning is more stable—we’re installing it now.

If you want to check it out, biteSMS 8.0 is available in the default BigBoss repo in Cydia. But I think to get the latest beta version (correct me if I’m wrong) you’ll need to add the repository to your list of Cydia sources.

So, how’s biteSMS working for you iPhone 5s users?

Thanks Jeremy!

  • Kyle Vance

    i have bitesms on my iphone 5s and it works just fine

  • Luis Vazquez

    I have no settings

  • Luis Vazquez

    Why can’t I find settings for it??

  • Christopher Garcia

    It’s there, only shows while in an app. I sent them a message about this already.

  • Jeff W

    Does it work with iMessage?

  • Sandra

    Does it not work on 5s tried everything and no luck apple should already make this kind of messaging and one of the options already

  • Trivon T.

    Can’t seem to get bitesms working on 5S. Keeps crashing as soon as it’s open. Any suggestions or fixes?

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Any settings for bitesms

  • For those looking for settings, it took me a while.
    Go to your list of messages pull down to reveal the search bar, on the left of the search bar is the settings button. 🙂

  • Tomi Proctor

    There is a problem with scheduling SMS texts. After setting, it send now and doesn’t show up when checked. Can’t use it.

  • Dozitm

    Did anyone notice the settings option is gone since the new update?

  • S.Pretty ♥ ™

    So I’ve been a fan of this app sine 2010… been using it flawlessy for the past 5 days, all of sudden it crashes when I try to add a photo during a text message. anyone having this problem? any fixes?

  • Craig A. Thompson

    I can’t get bitesms version 8.0 for some reason. When I search Cydia, only version 7.5 comes up and there is no updated version. WTF?? Never had this problem before.

    • Chris Gilmore

      need to download the repo first.

  • Trevor Lee

    Still no settings even after reinstalling cydia substrate ..none in messages app or seperate..

  • jay

    SOS problem with bite sms is that I only can send text (green) no iMessages