Let's Talk iOS podcast cover (no matrix effect)

Episode 010: What can we expect in 2014? Will Apple finally reveal a new television product? Will the iPad and the iPhone go bigger? What about Apple’s so-called iWatch? These and many other topics are discussed in our first podcast of 2014.


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  • jacobkwright

    I get way more excited for “Let’s Talk Jailbreak”, versus “Let’s Talk iOS”. Anyone with me?

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I enjoy both on the same levels so far….

    • Guest

      you got more excited, i got more confused

    • kevin chang

      you get more excited, i get more confused

  • Micaiah Martin

    Great podcast guys!
    Hey a little of topic. But as of late a lot of my apple apps crash on launch. I resrung, rebooted, and disabled all the tweaks. Still crashes on launch. Mainly it’s mail and weather. App Store works as well as messages. Here are the tweaks I have.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Excellent show gentlemen. And I have to say you all brought up excellent points. I don’t really get into the netflix or hulu space just because it’s not really in the ecosystem of Apple. I have been so well entrenched with Apple that I would rather have digital content streaming from an Apple TV. I’m waiting to see what this year brings us because this way, I could start watching more shows that I’d like to see rather than not enjoying any television for the most part just because of what I’m “forced” to see with my Optimum service (and of course you have options, but you do need to pay for extra content; okay I’m on the cheap side, I’ll admit it). And then the wearable from Apple really does have me interested as well. But I don’t want to see something that’s been done before, I want to see something interesting. While I can sort of imagine what Apple is thinking, I’m sure they’ll have introduce an excellent product, so hopefully we see something about that maybe around the WWDC, I hope.