When you tap and hold on an app icon on your Home screen, wiggle mode is enabled and applications can then be deleted. That functionality doesn’t extend to jailbreak tweaks, however, meaning that you have to go into Cydia to uninstall packages by default. To solve that minor inconvenience, developer Ryan Burke has gone ahead and updated CyDelete — originally by Dustin Howett — with both iOS 7 and A7 support… 

As you might expect, the all-new CyDelete7 allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to uninstall Cydia apps from the Home screen directly. So if you have a tweak or package installed that has been causing problems, or you no longer need, simply hold your finger on its icon and tap the tiny X in the top left to remove it. Tweaks that don’t have a Home screen icon, such as Zeppelin and Bigify, still require removal through Cydia.

CyDelete7 is free on the BigBoss repository. Give it a try and let us know how you fare.

For those wondering, this is the theme used in the screenshots.

  • kevin chang

    whats the name of the theme??? looks great!!!! 🙂

  • Andrew McOlash

    That seems like a very bad idea as many tweaks have install/uninstall scripts that probably aren’t run unless removed via cydia. I am not entirely sure of how things are handled, but still seems like things could become broken or extra files left over

    • Dan

      I used to have a similar tweak in IOS4/5/6, worked without a hitch

      • tweak

        CyDelete didn’t work in iOS 6. It made the springboard crash everytime you tried to uninstall ANYTHING… even app store apps.

      • Dan

        Could of sworn it did…although it’s true I didn’t use IOS 6 for long. Anyhow I know for sure it worked on ios 4-5 though.

      • on3simpleclick

        Just tried CyDelete. Yep, crashed my 4S.. -.-

      • Lionelle

        Yeah it works without a hitch but it does leave behind certain things in your files. Its best to just delete stuff within Cydia itself.

      • Arcterus

        It uninstalls the same way as Cydia.

  • eliac7

    Could you tell us the name of the theme?

    • steve00000

      Space Blueberry

      • eliac7

        Τhanks a lot Steve 🙂

  • iosPixel

    Remind me of the ‘queing’ feature in Cydia – A great idea in theory but the execution is always open to errors.

    Id advise any novice or new jailbreaker to continue removing files through Cydia, even though this package uses the same commands Cydia does to remove a package (apt-get remove?) I’d still stick with what works.

    Theme is gorgeous, Kinda reminds me of what Ayecon would look like iOS7’fied.

  • Dan

    Seems very useful, used to use something like this in IOS4/5/6, going to get this one 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Could I have the wallpaper please? I love it!!
    Second, how’d you get rid of the percent icon at the top?

    • No Percent Sign on Cydia.

      • af0erster31

        I was searching the web for the last two hours to find an ios7 arm64 compatible tweak like this!!!! Thank you!!

      • Jonathan

        Thank you! 😀
        Thank you as well for the wallpaper. 😉

  • gameman12

    Winterboard does not work on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.3 yet it seems to work for others. I have tried installing it multiple times to no avail. Why is this?

    • It should work fine. Have you installed the new Cydia Substrate?

      • gameman12

        I have installed it ages ago, but this problem still persists.

  • Wallpaper:

  • JeanMarc

    I dont recommend using this at all.
    Dont be lazy and just delete the tweak or app from cydia.

  • J™

    previously cydelete for ios6 screwed up my phone so i’m staying away from this

    • Arcterus

      That was because CyDelete had not been updated.

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  • jakaria ahmed

    how to get jailbreak 7.1