Corning Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass (image 002)

Living tissue on your hands already contains a plethora of germs and more pathogen organisms get picked up whenever you’re in contact with dirty surfaces, which is pretty much all the time. And when you pick up your iPhone and bring it to your ear, these germs get transferred to your face where they enter your immune system through the moist mucous membranes of your eyes, mouth and nose.

Specialty glass maker and primary iPhone cover glass supplier Corning thought of that, too, and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas announced an antimicrobial version of its Gorilla Glass which uses ionic silver to prevent growth of bacteria and other pathogen organisms…

The New York-based glass maker said in a press release that the world’s first antimicrobial cover glass has the same toughness and optical clarity of the existing Gorilla Glass, but is formulated with antimicrobial properties to protect touch surfaces.

Corning’s Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass inhibits the growth of algae, mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria because of its built-in antimicrobial property, which is intrinsic to the glass and effective for the lifetime of a device.

This innovation combines best-in-class antimicrobial function without compromising Gorilla Glass properties.

Check out the promo clip below.

Gorilla Glass provides “an excellent substrate” for engineering antimicrobial attributes.

They’ve already tested it with multiple manufacturers and are ready to mass-produce the antimicrobial glass. Corning isn’t just hoping mobile device makers will embrace the new product, they’re also targeting other industry verticals such as health care, hospitality and transportation industries.

Just two days ago, Corning said it was ready to commercialize 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass parts in 2014 as the focus shifts toward curved-screen devices and wearables. The company is also developing a flexible Willow Glass, but that innovations is still several years away from full-scale commercialization.

Corning last September signed a $2 billion ten-year supply contract with the Galaxy maker Samsung.

For more information, check out Corning’s official Antimicrobial Corning Glass website.

  • David Jensen

    I don’t really see how this is any good? When I read this article I was resting my head on my hand (touching my hand on my chin and mouth) so instead of the bacteria going from my hand to my phone and then from my phone to my ear and then from my ear to my mouth it travels much easier every time i touch my face with my hand? :S

    • Snailpo

      Don’t touch your face, didn’t you Dr. teach you anything!? 😮 lol

      • David Jensen

        Haha i guess not ^^

  • chumawumba

    I really couldn’t care less considering I put a glass screen protector when I get my iPhone.

  • Rowan09

    Just wash your hands people or clean your phone when it’s dirty. Unless they give this glass at the same price as the current gen, I don’t see phone companies spending more for this.

  • Tom

    It is so stupid…. Microbes are in the air… They live IN us… they are everywhere…. Why should I care about microbes on my device???

    • TrippleP

      What if I told you that besides hygiene benefits it might also have better touch efficiency?

  • ǝʞıɯʇsnɾsʇı

    How many people have been killed by germs on their smart phones?
    I must be reading the wrong newspapers, didn’t know this was a problem that needed fixing.

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      Marketing my friend. If you don’t innovate you will be left behind. There are many companies out there who keep inventing stuff ‘for the sake of it’ These are bottom of the pyramid and sometimes fail to make profit for the company. However at the end of every tunnel is a light. What i’m trying to say is this gives an opportunity for the company to show what they are capable of doing even if the product doesn’t sell off the shelf. This also creates an impression in the minds of people that a company who continues to innovate.. they will invest more and feel good about the company. If you look at it from this lens you will understand what i’m saying.

  • Rickm_jr

    Only necessary if you’re not of the Mr. Hollingsworth type of sir