bytafont 2

Adding to our list of popular jailbreak tweaks that have been updated for iOS 7 this morning is BytaFont. The developers announced yesterday that BytaFont 2 is now available in Cydia with support for iOS 7 and A7 devices.

This is great news for folks who like to really customize the UI on their iPhone or iPad, as BytaFont allows you to change the default font in iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of the old fonts are compatible with BF 2…

Here are some answers to the most FAQ via the BytaFont blog:

– Does BytaFont 2 works with iPhone 5S? Yes, we had positive feedback about that
– Are fonts in “Fonts (BytaFont 2)” section compatible with iOS 7.1? Not yet, we are working on it
– Can I use the fonts in old Cydia “Fonts” section? Nope, they won’t work with BytaFont 2. iOS 7 compatible fonts are only in “Fonts (BytaFont 2)” section
– Dialer is not skinned, why? The dialer cannot be skinned via BytaFont: it is an image
– The lock clock and notes are not available in the advanced tab, why? iOS 7 uses the same font for lock clock, notes and system, so when you change the system font the lock clock and notes change too
– Why does the new Cydia section, Fonts (BytaFont 2), contains few fonts? Porting takes a lot of time, please be patient: we’ll add new fonts almost every day
– After installing BytaFont 2 there is no icon in the springboard, what can I do? Just restart your device
– I get a black screen when I start BytaFont 2 for the first time, what should I do? If your device is quite slow (e.g. iPad 2, iPhone 4) it is normal, just wait some time and let BytaFont finish the back up of your original files

For those who already installed BytaFont 1.7.1 on iOS 7, you’ll have to restore the original fonts and then uninstall the tweak before installing the new version. You can find compatible fonts in the Cydia section: Fonts (BytaFont 2).

bytafont 2 1

I’ve never really used this tweak before, but I was able to install it on my Retina iPad mini without issue and everything appears to be working fine. If you’re interested, you can find BytaFont 2 in Cydia, in the ModMyi repo, for free.

  • Naman Jain

    Can you guys recommend me some good fonts. I am new to BytaFont. Thanks. 😀

    • Melvco

      There are only a handful of fonts out right now that are compatible with BytaFont 2. The one I’m using in the screenshots above is called Neuropol.

    • Vishnu GR

      Roboto is a nice font. I use it as my system font.

      • Naman Jain

        Ok. Roboto is nice. but when i get it from cydia it installs bytafont and the font doesnt showup in bytafont2

      • Vishnu GR

        Let me see if I can find some workaround

      • mhchehade

        roboto is updated )

      • Vishnu GR

        You should only have Bytafont2 installed. If you have both installed, the priority goes to Bytafont. So uninstall Bytafont.
        PS: close cydia after uninstall of bytafont or install of bytafont2. Don’t queue the font and tweak together

      • Naman Jain

        thanks it worked 🙂

      • Táyò Salako

        Go back to cydia, go to sections and then Addons (Fontswap v2), select your desired font and install, close cydia and open bytafont 2 and it should be there

      • Vishnu GR

        That sounded more like a fontswap2 ad

      • mhchehade

        not anymore you can find it in bytafont2 after downloading it from cydia

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Neuropol, my personal fav is available.

      • ShawnTXDFW

        Since I am new to the JB scene I don’t know how to get the font working. I installed Bytafont 2 downloaded the Neuropol and Walt Disney font and resprung. I don’t see any changes. What I doing wrong?

      • ShawnTXDFW

        Nm. Figured it out.

    • Antzboogie

      The Disney font is awesome!! RIP WALT DISNEY

    • Jason

      ” Lilly ” is a good police to Bytafont 2, it’s beautiful on my 5S :p

    • Venkatesh Ramasamy

      I tried Laconic, Surface.
      IMO Laconic is Better and stylish.

  • GorGorWoeWoe

    Speaking of good tweaks, does anyone know any jailbreak tweaks that add more dynamic wallpapers to iOS 7? I’m kind of getting sick of the bubbles. I know there is a snow one out there but are there any better ones?

    • Vishnu GR

      There’s a tweak. ‘livewallpapers’ that adds such dynamic wallpapers. It used to work on iOS6. Not sure if it does on iOS7

      • Kieran.Lillis

        I don’t think it works on ios. 7

    • Zuzu Masina

      does it work on ios 7 cuz i rally need a wallpaper

  • Ilkzz

    Just patiently waitin for Baumens font now

  • Bobby

    Roboto font looks awesome on ios7

    • Kamran Mackey

      Duh, it’s an Android font. Fonts on Android always look good, although they look better on iOS.

  • Huntz

    Using the Roboto font myself. Here to stay. 🙂

    • Vishnu GR

      Me too. It’s classy

    • Mustang5Oh

      Just installed Roboto…looks fantastic on iOS 7! Wow!

  • Dan

    I’m waiting for tweaks such as applocker/springtomize/gridlock to work. None of the have so far. I tried Lockdownpro 7, but the bugger wouldn’t install.

    • Likii111

      Applocker is updated, works fine on Iphone 5s

      • Dan

        Thanks, wasn’t the last time I checked

    • So optimistic

      I want lockdown pro 7 on my 5S. But, something to do with SBInfoGrabber it stops the tweak installation process.

      • Dan

        Same here

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Neuropol ftw!!! My all time fav.

  • Nikolai Krogstad

    Somebody please, i need that wallpaper

    • David Horbach

      Have a look at iDB wallpapers of the week.

  • Iculknfne

    Can’t get this to work on my i5. Just crashes. Anyone else having this issue and have a fix for it? Works fine on my iPad air.

    • Zuzu Masina

      im not sure why its crashing but make sure u dont hav any extra tweaks u dont need or use

  • Carlos

    Hi, I just installed this tweak and I do not see the icon or the option in settings, and I tried re-installing the tweak and restarting and respring the iPhone but still no icon or menu, is there anyway that i can access BytaFont 2?

    I haven an iPhone 5 IOS 7.0.4

  • Nicholas

    What font is being used in those pictures?


    Bytafont 2 is working great with my A7/5S thinks for the update can’t wait for more fonts great work

    • Julia Münzer Sibert

      Do I need anything special cause it ain’t no where on my 5s after installing

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    There’s something wrong with my Roboto font on my iPhone 5s. Someone please help me! I choose “bytafont backup” to restore to the original iOS 7 font right?

    • Kamran Mackey

      WTF? Didn’t happen to me. And yes, just restore the original fonts.

    • Vishnu GR

      Clear the font cache manually if you can and reinstall

    • Jonathan

      Trying clearing font cache as the other guy said, or maybe uninstall Bytafont altogether and reinstall? But remove it first, not reinstall.

  • Dylan Tyler

    Anyone have a repo for the new ifile? I wanna try it before I purchase it. Thanks.

    • Insanelyi Repo.
      http:// repo .insanelyi. com/
      Remove the spaces

      • Dylan Tyler

        I knows all about that repo. But there isn’t a update ifile on it.

    • Micaiah Martin

      I thought it came with a demo?

  • big hacker

    not appearing in my cydia…can any one help..please

    • Jonathan

      Refresh sources..

  • big hacker

    guys !!!!!bytafont 2 is not appearing for me in CYDIA…plzz help me

  • Chuck Finley

    I’d grab this but honestly, I really like the new stock iOS system font!

  • Fermin

    Does anyone know why there’s not a preview or snapshot of the fonts on the bytafont 2 sections folder? I seen a couple fonts in there that I would like to see before I could install them on my device. Sort of like a tweak where you could see a snapshot of the tweak before you install it..

    • Wood1030

      You can’t see the font styles from the bytafont 2 package per se, but if you select a font in the SEPARATE package list, you can see a picture of each font there. It’s probably easier though just to browse the bytafont website to see the compatable fonts there.

      • Fermin

        Thanks bud! I will do that 🙂

      • Wood1030

        You’re welcome. Just remember though, to install the “FONTS 2”
        I don’t think the previous version (pre iOS 7) fonts are compatible.

      • Fermin

        Ok I will, thank you!

      • Wood1030

        To view the available fonts, go to:
        www dot iphoneruler dot net

        Sorry about that

      • Fermin

        Thanks for the tip man! This useful info

  • Wood1030

    There does seem to be a bug with this software where, after installing the app/tweak, the Bytafont 2 icon may or may not show up on your springboard…but the app is installed. Just type Bytafont in Spotlight and it will show up and you should be good to go.
    All options are within the app, there are no config options in settings.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    This is kind of off topic but I am having problems getting my wii mote pairing with my iPhone 5s so I can play snex9x and n64ios on it. But all I keep getting is a Bluetooth not accessible error. I have done some reading and people are talking about BTStack. I have installed all I have found and still keep getting an error. I also read something about SBSSetting or something like that needs to be installed. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and am trying to turn here for help. Any advice?

  • Sai


  • Wood1030

    This one is pretty nice: Caviar Dreams

    • Wood1030

      Another screen shot.

  • Qwepoi

    iPad 4 no icon

  • Kiru Suresh

    if i instal bytafont 2 on cydia ik get that blackscreen and it say ´´HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND ”’ so i cant instal it ?? what to do ???

  • Kiru Suresh

    printscreen below post

  • skibbad

    cant add the modmyi repo in cydia at all…
    everytime i try, every packages are blockd from showing..
    so when i go to packages, there non shown…
    after i delete the modmyi repo, they are back shown in packages…

    any advice is welcome !!!

    • Garrett Alkofer

      You have too many sources added. Delete any sources you find unnecessary. This happened to me today but it’s just because when you have a lot of sources you exceed the limit of API’s that can be saved to Cydia. Add modmyi and delete excessive sources you rarely use.

      • skibbad

        wow . thank you very much…
        works out perfect, never thought about doin this but this was the help !!!

        thanks again !!!

      • Garrett Alkofer

        No problem 🙂

  • MsRandall

    Please port Augie Font

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Is there any way to disable bytafont on safari and mail? Please help. Im using an awesome font, but it is not suitable for reading long paragraphs on safari or mail. Its called kg girl on fire

  • disqus_BHROyDAjK3

    What source do I need to download bytafont 2 I got the 4S and I’ve searched for bytafont 2 and can’t seem to find it

  • snakezs

    What for an Font is in the picture here?

  • Sam

    How about boxii font? I’ve been waiting for this since BytaFont2 came out

  • Jordan Lawson

    does anyone know this widget ?