The 12-inch iPad is real, in the opinion of Evercore’s Patrick Wang, and it’s going to hit the market sometime this fall. The analyst published a research note yesterday claiming that his supply chain sources have confirmed the existence of the larger tablet.

According to Wang’s sources, Apple is looking to launch the 12-inch iPad in the second half of this year. The “hybrid” device will be targeted at enterprise users and likely feature a new (possibly quad-core) A8 processor, increased storage and other upgrades…

Here’s an excerpt from the research note (via MacRumors):

“Arriving in fall ‘14, Apple goes Enterprise with an 12” iPad. Powered by the A8 chip (perhaps 4C), this expands ARM’s reach and, once again, transforms the traditional notebook market as we know it. Expect a 2-1 hybrid – think iPad + MBA – similar to how most iPads are used in the workplace and in the same spirit of MSFT’s Surface.”

The analyst says he foresees two major hurdles for a ‘pro iPad’ trying to make inroads into the enterprise space. The first is storage. As Wang points out, the current iPad maxes out at 128GB capacity. And the second is the iPad’s lack of full Microsoft Office support.


While I find it hard to believe that Apple is building a Surface competitor—since Tim Cook himself has publicly lambasted the idea—we have seen several reports that it’s working on a larger iPad. And who could forget about those Surface-style iPad keyboard rumors.

In reality, the truth is that there’s no telling what Apple is going to release this year. All we know is that, from what Cook has said, 2014 is going to bring about new products for the company. But whether that’s a larger iPad, iPhone or an iWatch, we just don’t know yet.

What do you make of all of this? Will we see a larger iPad this year?

Concept images by CiccareseDesign

  • Andrew von Pikrt

    Everything, but this again… Please…

    • Falk M.

      Why do you hate choice?

  • chiptotec

    The perfect magazine/comic book reader.

  • Matt

    Put in two a7 processors (which is just a dream) and more that a gig of ram it will he a beast.

    • felixtaf

      I wont be surprised if it comes with the same 1GB of ram… lol…

      • Vijay Panjwani

        And with just that 1GB of ram, i bet it will be faster than its competitors.

      • xSeriouSx

        Much faster ’cause it probably still won’t support true multitasking and it’s functions would be no different than a supersized iPod touch…it’s easy to be fast when you have a lot of energy to do nothing.

  • Ben

    Thats too big an iPad for me.

  • nitwitvd

    I really hope they dont, it is a Tablet. Apple should think about Think Different and dont kiss the asses of other companies

  • Tech

    Don’t know what you people are talking about. They should call it iPad Pro. Professionals would love this. Large real estate to work on but without the weight of a full blown laptop. Only thing I’d say is the OS should be somewhat specially designed. Things like split screen and other useful features pros would use.

    • Gróf Attila

      I agree. In a lot of areas a huge tablet could be very useful although the OS would have to be more evolved for this 12′ screen.

    • Kristen Vacketta

      Seems like it could be really great for design and digital art as well with the large screen space.

    • JayDee917

      OS X

  • Gróf Attila

    for a business this might work

  • Apanizo2


  • felixtaf

    Mini, Air, Pro…. Jus like their Mac line-up… Hope we see the same in iPhone line-up too!!!

    • Ninja Banana

      Oh no, not iPhone…

      • felixtaf

        Doesn’t have to replace the 4″ iPhone. A new phablet from Apple will be awesome. Apple will bag more money and it will bring back many customers lost towards phablets!

      • Ninja Banana

        Very true. But rather then an iPhone Mini, Air, and Pro, I would just like to see a small upgrade in screen size. (:

      • felixtaf

        Having an extra option is always good…

      • Jonathan

        Pretend you’re walking into a restaurant. You sit down, and the waiter/waitress hands you a menu. Here you have about 15 things to chose from to eat. You quickly make up your mind and is satisfied with your choice.

        You walk into another restaurant. This time, the menu is 5 pages long. Have fun narrowing down a choice. It’s hard to pick what you like. Should I go for the Chicken with Potatoes, the meatloaf with salad, or the Baked Cod with salad bar?
        My point, it’s hard to pick when there’s a ton to choose from. So apple makes it simpler, making users more satisfied.
        Yes, it is a little too simple. I’d like a choice with a current size iPhone, or an iPhablet, but that’s it. Not a phone that runs Android with probably over 500 smart phones to choose from.

        Make sense? I hope so. My fingers are tired now.

      • felixtaf

        Am tired now, after reading this.. ;-)…

        Read my comment, “Having AN extra option is always good…”

      • Jonathan

        LOL. I got tired just from reading yours….at…1:30…in..the..morning.
        Um, yeah. Not anymore lol. 😛
        So, you mean 1 additional option, making it 2. Is that what you mean?

  • JulianZH

    make it can play league of legend, i will buy it.

  • onebyone_

    I’ll see the develovers of cydia tweaks transporting the “Pro features” as multitasks or split screen to the actually iPad models that we known. Would be great!. I think that the Jailbreak comunity will stay fresh for the upcoming news until release of this suppose “iPad Pro”

  • Dao Sasone

    If it has all the full features of a laptop then this will be a game killer product

  • Give that thing 2 gigs of RAM and a 1.5 ghz guad core processor and i will buy it.

  • mplsdude

    Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the new MaxiPad…

    • D1squs

      Wow that is so new!

  • Jonathan

    Maybe it’ll run Mac OS 11 😀

  • steve

    you all forgeting something how about heat

  • n0ahcruz3

    If this ipad runs osx/ios or hybrid then i’ll buy one regardless of the price. If it runs ios only then its not worth it.

  • Jake Williamson

    So is this the max-ipad?