iPhone iOS 7 Jailbreak

Great news for jailbroken folks on newer iPhones and iPads this morning. Saurik just announced that a new version of Mobile Substrate is out with support for iOS 7 and ARM64. The update will allow developers to update their jailbreak tweaks to work with the newer hardware and software.

This is a huge deal because up until now, those of us on devices like the iPhone 5s or the Retina iPad mini have been extremely limited as to what we could do after jailbreaking—I don’t currently have a single tweak installed. But now that this new Substrate is out, that should begin to change…

Here’s the tweet from Saurik:

And a screenshot of the update:

cydia substrate update

Now the ball is essentially in the developers’ court. We’ll still need to exercise some patience in waiting for them to update their respective tweaks to utilize the new Substrate, but this is certainly a major hurdle cleared for them as they continue to build for iOS 7 and Apple’s new A7-chipped devices.

  • RababerBoy

    I’m not able to find Cydia Substrate/ Mobile Substrate 0.9.5000 on my iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.4..

  • @natefiorenzo

    If you are having trouble getting any non stock apps to work after updating substrate try uninstalling Xcon if you have it.

    • Lee Carden

      This stopped my apps from crashing

  • RobDigital413

    The answer…..so take note…
    Go to **iFile**
    Browse to /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard/SectionInfo.plist
    Delete SectionInfo.plist file
    And……boom goes the dynamite.

  • Jennifer Evancho

    Has anyone tried rebooting since the cydia substrate update? If so did you still have to remove and reinstall the substrate or did all tweaks still work as normal?

  • Anik Walia

    Hey you guys, I just had one question I recently installed Zeppelin on my iPhone 5s and there is no icon for it in settings, please help?

  • Hugh Janus

    404 File Not Found. Where the Fk Is It?

  • Sebastian Castillo-Sanchez

    How do I update the substrate for my iPhone 4? I searched for it but never found it. Thanks