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Episode 009: Jeff Benjamin, Cody Lee, and special guest Jim Gresham look back on Apple’s big year in 2013. The trio discusses their fondest memories from the year, their favorite products, and most-liked accessories. Jim fills us in on his upcoming plans for CES 2014, and tells us what it’s like to attend the huge annual event.


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  • Ben

    Loving my iOS 7 JB! That is the new year!

  • Ben

    Yay! Gonna watch it soon. Great year of iDB!!!

  • Spiffers

    Thanks for a relatively great podcast! This episode was great, I would give it a full five star, but thats until Sebastien starts to talk.
    Either does he play stupid, or he must be the iDevice blogger with the least knowledge about the Apple products ever. His ignorance and stupidity really came through in this episode.
    Further, his english sucks so bad, that Im embarrassed on idb’s behalf. Please, for the love of whats Almighty, iDevices, and podcasting, please stop being a part of the podcast, Sebastien! You are ruining a great product, tearing it down from a five star to a one.

    • Dude. Seb wasn’t even _on_ this episode, so how can you even say something about him? Sebastien never claimed to be a nerd or a geek, but he is very knowledgable, and we at iDB have all learned a lot from him. You should probably do some fact checks.

      And his English? lol. He probably has better grammar and English than me, a native American. You’re certainly in the minority with your thoughts.

      I’m not just defending Seb because he’s my friend and we work together. If what you said was true, I’d let it slide. But what you’re saying is ridiculous, and thoughtless. Criticism is fine, if it’s valid. This, isn’t valid at all. Check the iTunes reviews.

      • Spiffers

        So whos the french dude?

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        One of the most trivial and ignorant things you could of said. Sebastien is in Mexico with his family. He may not be a tech genius, but he’s definitely an excellent enthusiast with only the will to educate the people. That’s why he started this blog. What an impulsive, arbitrary statement.

      • JimGresham

        Well said, Joseph.

      • Spiffers

        Well, he is the reason why I and others I know don’t listen anymore. The dude sounds like crap.

  • Gibboni Hector

    @JeffBenjam:disqus What is the best app that depicts the new years. They always have some of them with like special countdown clocks or so. It seems like a simple question but it would make my day if i got a reply

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Excellent show guys. Happy New Years Eve to you guys and everyone commenting on the blog. See you all in 2014!

  • Nirvana

    Pretty great final touch down with Jim Gresham on the line! Guess we may have Christian and Lory next year, hopefully!

  • Curtis Morales

    i love the podcast, i have been tuning in since day 1, but i think it would be cool to have a day out of the week where we hear from everyone else from IDB on either lets talk jailbreak or lets talk iOS and listen to their thoughts or comments, but none the less i love both podcast and IDB is my favorite site i go to on the web the podcast is just a bonus thanks guys keep up the excellent work and happy new year to everyone