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We are now on day 3 of Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts event, meaning Apple has removed Tiny Thief and has posted a new free item for download. Today’s gift is an iBook called “Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014.”

For those unfamiliar with Lonely Planet, it’s one of the world’s leading travel guide publishers with guidebooks to almost every destination on the planet. And in this iBook, it highlights 10 of its favorite spots…

From the iTunes description:

“Lonely Planet knows the world better than anyone else.  From the people who have been delivering trustworthy guidebooks to every destination in the world for 40 years, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 is your passport to a year of unforgettable experiences. Discover the best places to go and things to do all around the world right now! Visit previously secluded destinations before they get crowded, join in this year’s global events where they are happening, and explore countries that are more accessible than ever; all with this motivating annual trend-setting travel reference. Dive into a year’s worth of travel inspiration and begin planning an exciting 2014 filled with travel and exploration now!”

The book features over 200 pages filled with beautiful photos, as well as historical and cultural insights for the world’s top 10 places to visit. It even has a travel planner, with 35 events mapped out for the year 2014.

day 3

Remember this book will only be available for 24 hours. So it’s worth grabbing even if you don’t think you’ll read it right away. Also note that the downloads are typically different depending on your country or region.

This year is the first time that the US has been able to participate in Apple’s gift-giving event, and thus far it’s been fairly tame. Still, it’s really hard to argue with free. You can find the 12 Days of Gifts app in the App Store.

  • Marnix Robyns

    belgium got 2 books 1 dutch and 1 french
    french: breaking dawn comic
    dutch:… (i don’t remember)

  • Tom

    In some countries Halftone 2 Comic Creater is free.

    • Emir Erdoğdu

      My country is one of these.

    • Bill Do

      I think every country has that since it has been free for a few days now

  • Canada got “A Duck in New York City” (Available in French and English)

  • batongxue

    Better than Day 1 and Day 2

  • Naman Jain

    Singapore got the tiny thief app 🙂

    • Modest

      Yesterday, yes. 🙂

    • InfinitePlusOne

      That’s free everywhere anyways.

  • Willie

    Apple should seriously consider standardizing the gifts and make sure everyone gets the same no matter which countries

    • Marnix Robyns

      no, i use 2 accounts one of my country and an US account so i have twice the presents (I kinda like it this way)

      • Bill Do

        You can get multiple presents with 1 account since some of the other countries apps are available world wide or has been free before christmas.

  • Nick Wheeler

    Here in the UK we got a book called ” The ice Princess “.

    • Xee

      Pass, 3 days in a row for me.

      • Alan Roberts

        Same here.

  • Sinein

    In Israel there is a comics creator app

  • Daniel Beecham

    UK “Camila Lackberg, The ice Princess”

  • SimonReidy

    Australia got a children’s fiction book called “The Iron King”.

  • diggitydang

    Wanted to check this out but in Canada, the gift is some kids book on ducks. Ha.

  • Mads Teland

    In Norway it’s “I vargens tid” 😉

  • Stefano

    Damn. The US is really getting slammed with crap as opposed to other countries.

  • Gail

    I downloaded the book but can’t find it on iBook. Where was is placed?