New Cydia icon

Cydia was recently updated with a new user interface for iOS 7, but still has the same logo that dates back to the days of iPhoneOS 2.0. Thankfully, there is a rather simple method that can be followed to replace the current Cydia logo with one that has a more flat or modern design. Those interested can find step-by-step instructions ahead… 

The first step is to tap on Cydia and install iFile, a jailbreak application that allows you to access and make changes to the iOS filesystem. You’ll then want to visit this article from an iOS device, tap on one of the Cydia logos in the gallery below and save it to Camera Roll. Further icons are available on deviantART and Reddit.

Next, tap on iFile and follow these instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE to find the logo you just saved. It should be near the bottom of the list.

Step 2: Tap on Edit in the top menu, select the logo, tap the clipboard icon in the bottom menu and select Copy/Link.

Step 3: Navigate to /Applications/

Step 4: Tap on Edit in the top menu, followed by the clipboard icon, and select Paste.

Step 5: Find icon@2x.png in the same folder, tap the blue arrow icon to the right of it and rename the file to something similar. Tap Done when finished.

Step 6: Rename the logo you pasted to icon@2x.png by tapping the blue arrow icon to the right of it. Tap Done when finished.

Step 7: Respring or restart your device.

These same steps can be followed to change the logo of other applications if you wish. But, as I have noted in the past, it is important to be aware that any manual modifications made to the iOS filesystem could cause issues. As such, it is highly recommended that you backup your device to iTunes or iCloud beforehand. Let us know how you fare in the comments.

  • Leviscus Tempris

    Hmmm. I have mine based on the old icon.

  • Leviscus Tempris

    Here’s an icon pack for a jailbreak tweak!

  • Ayman Abdellaoui

    It’s better to restart your device

  • TonyVee73

    This didn’t work on my 1st Gen iPad Mini.

    • Archigos

      That’s because the iPad uses a different resolution… iFile uses at least two different icon sizes for the iPad’s so I’m not sure which you’d need (I don’t have a mini) but you can try the following to see if it works:
      Resize to: Name:
      76×76 iPadAppIcon.png
      152×152 iPadAppIcon@2x.png

      (My guess is the 152 since it’s Retina)

  • Lance Baker

    I did this and Cydia crashes the majority of the time when I open it now. Only if it’s backgrounded though. If I quit it from the switcher it opens no problem. Anyone with the same issue?

    • Archigos

      That most likely would be a problem either with the device or Cydia itself since just changing the icon doesn’t have any effect on the code running (therefore shouldn’t make it crash, etc.)

      • Lance Baker

        I didn’t think so but it only started happening after I changed it. I’m going to stick with it for a while and hope that something will come along that will fix it. Perhaps the update to mobile substrate.

      • Archigos

        The update for Mobile Substrate is going to solve so many problems for so many people…. (especially those of us with A7’s)

  • Ryan W

    It is not working help

  • Adrian

    Dcim100apple folder was empty. I had 100 thru 107 & only 106&107 had files, wierd!

  • Ryan W

    Does it work for every icon on the reddit post?

    Because its not working!

  • Jacque Miller

    I tried this on my 1st gen iPad mini, I followed all of the instructions and my icon is not changing where did i go wrong? My ifile (i’m a free user) says registration failed could that be the problem?

    • Chris

      Did you respring/reboot your device?

  • Steve Norris

    Won’t work until you do below as final steps:

    6. Navigate to the icon cache directory at /var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    7. Delete the file that begins with com.saurik.Cydia
    8. Respring or reboot your

    • Vandrick

      I don’t have com.saurik.cydia there

      • Vandrick

        I was searching around. And I found mine at /var/root/Library/Caches/com.saurik.cydia/
        I don’t know if you made a typo or it’s just me.

      • Vandrick

        But I deleted it and rebooted and cydia didn’t still come back

      • Steve Norris

        This is about changing the look of the icon not “getting the icon Back”. You have a different prob. You should re-jailbreak and stop on the step where you are asked to click on evasion icon, that should return your cydia icon. Then manually delete evasion icon.

      • Vandrick


    • Ryan W

      Still does not work

  • Marc Lugthart

    My cydia disappeared someone got a fix

  • Sarang Handa

    i dont know how to complet step 5.there are many @2x.png
    i dont know which one

  • Vandrick

    My cydia is gone now. Thanks a lot. Right after I respringed it

  • Vandrick

    I need help

  • Kingg Kevin

    I wanna put is as this one.. Will it work?

    • Ismay7

      It did for me. But I first removed Cydia from the switcher and scaled the icon down to 120×120 and renamed it in iFile for my retina device (4S) as icon@2x.png. Saved it and removed iFile from the switcher as well (just to be sure). Then rebooted.

  • Kingg Kevin

    I wanna put it as this one.. Will it work?

    • Ryan W

      same for me. I’m using that cydia icon but it’s not working

  • Vandrick

    Does this actually work?

    • Vandrick

      It doesn’t

    • Ismay7

      Well it did for me, yes (on a 4s, iOS 7.0.4). Basically, reinstalling Cydia via the first link is enough. The second link is simply the languages package (localizations). It’s called “Cydia Translations” in Cydia itself. But I highly recommend installing it as well because some indications within Cydia result missing or only show code instead of the correct naming.

      In case you get an error while installing the Cydia .deb using iFile, empty (delete) all the content in the folder var/stash/Applications.xxxxxx/, so only the folder remains. Then try again. This worked perfectly for me.

      So yes, it actually works. Hope I could be of help..

      • Vandrick

        So where do I put the downloaded file again?

      • Ismay7

        This basically doesn’t matter. As it is a debian package (.deb) it will automatically choose the right location. So var/mobile/Documents for example is just fine. In the end It will be installed to /var/stash/Applications.xxxxxx/ once you hit “open with installer” in iFile.

        If you do not have iFile, you would need to create this directory /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ and put the .deb in there. Then reboot.
        (But i haven’t tried this second method to be honest)

      • Vandrick

        I did and it did not come back at all

      • Ismay7

        What exactly did you do then? Did you use iFile to do it?
        Can you still find the folder in /var/stash/Applications.xxxxxx?

      • Vandrick

        I used ifile (Cracked) yes I found the directory you told me. All I did was delete everything in and pasted the the two .deb files in there tapped installer everything came back. And rebooted.

      • Vandrick

        And when I rebooted cydia was not in it’s folder or springboard. But I have all the tweaks that I download before this happened

      • Ismay7

        Hmm, that’s odd. Did you actually lose all your tweaks as well or was it just the Cydia app that went missing after having tried to change its icon? Is it an A7 device (5S, iPad air, mini retina)? Is your crac*** iFile up to date?

      • Vandrick

        Yea it is odd. No I have em all and they work perfectly fine. It was only the app it self. And nope A6 I believe. Iphone 5 and ifile is up to date. The image I had was rather large. I didn’t scale it down. And I name the original icon@2x.png something similar for some reason. I rebooted and It was gone. Went back and iFile deleted the over sized cydia and renamed the oringinal cydia Icon back to icon@2x.png and rebooted still nothing. And did what you told and still nothing. I’m debating on whether to do a factory restore

      • Ismay7

        well i’m pretty sure then I faced the same problem. Did iFile return any errors or error codes while you tried to install the first .deb file (Cydia itself, the first link I posted) using iFile’s Installer option? The last value shown on the black installing screen there should be “0”.
        And yes, otherwise there’s always restoring and re-jailbreaking. But it’s a pity..damn.. just because of an icon..

      • Ismay7

        I remember that when I downloaded (that is “opened” actually) the .deb files using Safari on the phone, they were put automatically to var/mobile/Documents by ifile. So I left them right there. Before that, I cleaned out the folder. Absolutely empty. Because the .deb “tells”the installer to be installed there. After a respring or reboot should do it. Maybe both. Hmmm, why did this just work then?

      • Ismay7

        Vandrick, I just did the whole thing on my ipad 2. Deleted my folder and resprung. The situation looked like yours. All tweaks work, but Cydia is missing on the homescreen obviously. I went on to recreate the empty folder in the afore mentioned Applications.xxxxxx folder. I then opened my two .deb file links with safari and opened & installed both using iFile. Then I went out and rebooted. And there it was again: up and running like a charm. I cannot explain why it did not work on yours if you followed the steps correctly. Hope you get to work again soon! Then tell me. cheers!

      • Vandrick

        Ok Ismay7. First I wanna say your awesome person for taking time out of your day to help me 1 one on one. Really appreciate it. And you’ve been such a big help and I can’t thank you enough. And 2nd it worked the last thing I did made it work. The app is back. Thanks to you. The last message totally helped me. This is what I did. I first went to Applications.xxxxxx and extracted the .deb files and pasted them in my /var/mobile/Documents and went back the Applications.xxxxxx and deleted the folder (before I just deleted it one by one. In the folder) then after deleted the folder I created another folder at the same directory. And named it and left it empty then I went back to /var/mobile/documents and tapped cydia 1.1.9 and hit installer then I hit the other (cydia-inproj_1.1.8.1…) tapped on installer the was filled with the proper info. Then I swiped iFile out of the switcher and rebooted. And it worked I don’t what it was tho but thanks a lot I owe man

      • Ismay7

        So glad it worked, i knew it would! I think a clean newly created folder was important. And maybe the removal from the switcher just before rebooting.
        So now at least we know how to get Cydia back onto our devices without restoring etc.

      • Vandrick

        Exactly. Thanks man you’re the best! Literally

      • Alex Noyle

        THANK YOU SO MUCH. Saved me from a restore.

  • Micaiah Martin

    I like the one I designed better.

    • Alex

      Looks really good, do you mind uploading/redirecting me to where I could get your icon?

      • Micaiah Martin

        Sure! Do you want png or my PSD file?

  • James

    cheers! Could i download icons for my other apps and do the same thing?

    • James

      to answer my own question it is possible and you can change your IOS 7 icons back to IOS 6 or make them completely random. Have fun and thank you again heaps.

  • Palmer Paul

    The icons have white backgrounds…why did they not make it empty space?!?!

  • Killerclaw321

    My cydia icon dissapeared help!!!! How to fix??

  • Eric M

    Sweet and painless. What resolution do images need to be to replace other icons? This could be fun.

  • Rosa

    Help, I lost my Cydia icon and other jailbreak tweaks. If I try to jailbreak the phone again, I get the message saying my iphone is already jailbroken. How can I find it?

  • Tabatha Lovell

    Works beautifully! If I wanted to change the icon to another one you have posted up there, can I go through the same steps and do so? It would seem so, but I wanted to make sure ahead of time. Thanks

  • Dimitri Campbell

    I did what you said and it works….but it doesn’t. When I press the icon it shows my updated icon briefly before opening. So its brown until pushed :/

  • Wai Kang Lin

    How do I change ifile icon?i can’t change the file name as stated in step 5

  • Ubjr

    My cydia is dissapeart and i cant useit any more how do i get it back?

  • Spyzilla

    Didnt work for me 🙁

  • Rollsie

    Works perfectly fine for me. A point you should bare in mind is iOS keyboard automatically starts with capital letter. You need to keep the i in icon lower case

  • Brandon Miranda

    Yes! It worked!

  • Nhìn Chi Đó

    So excited :)) Thanks a lot for your help (y)

  • Dee Coleman

    Did this but instead of changing just the Cydia icon I changed Instagrams icon as well but now my pics or screenshots won’t save to my Photos app, help!

  • Bobby Nichols

    This made my cydia app disappear completely. I can’t figure out how to get it back!

  • Jordan Carter

    does this process work for iPad as well? I did it on my iPhone without any problem but I just did it to my iPad and the old cydia icon is still showing up.

  • Chmielll

    Why Isn’t Showing In Var/Mobile/Applications?

  • Zack D’Souza

    thank you

  • I decided to go the blue route

  • Obada Essa

    Guuyyyysss please help !!! After doing every thing and respringing, Cydia has gone and i can’t find it anywhere even in the spotlight search it just disappeared..!! But the file is still there in iFile.. PLEASE HELP

    • Va

      Same here pls help

  • Wesley

    How do you change an icon that was downloaded from the App Store? I use winterboard but I want to change an individual icon but I don’t know how.

  • Va

    My icon disappeared

  • Va

    Pls pls pls pls help