BiteSMS conceptWhile the wait continues for an updated version of MobileSubstrate, following the unexpected release of an iOS 7 jailbreak, the developers of biteSMS are moving ahead with an updated version of the popular jailbreak tweak for iOS 7. BiteSMS beta release 8.0 remains a work-in-progress, and should be seeded to the public in the coming days.

An official post on the biteSMS forums reads:

We have overcome Mobile Substrate not being ready, but are having some issues with 64 bit compilation. After about 10 hours we have finally got biteSMS compiled. But there are some runtime issues, which are much harder to fix.

Best guess is a few days to get this sorted. Rest assured, it’s taken us all by surprise, but we have been working on biteSMS on iOS 7 for many months now, it’s not 100%, but I’d say it’s ready for beta, about 85% there.

Best guess 28 Dec.

Introduced over five-and-a-half years ago, biteSMS is a classic jailbreak tweak that allows iPhone users to enhance the Messages app with features such as quick compose, quick reply, and scheduled messages. The ad-supported tweak is a free download on Cydia, and that will continue with the iOS 7 version.

Will you install the latest version of biteSMS?

[Concept image at the top via zhannum]

  • kahlil velayo

    Excited about this… Been using it, since was introduce on cydia…makes my iphone much more easier to use.. Thanks for abrupt update. W8ting.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Awesome!! Need quick reply for whatsapp as well.

  • BeatModz

    Damn I just love That dark mode !! just wow !!!

  • Does this update include Delivery Report on SMS?

  • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger


  • Hiep Nguyen

    Value of my iphone decreases half without bitesms

  • Jude Dalida

    So do you think that will also goes hand in hand with my Google Voice just like the ios 5,x,x before.

  • Girish

    i damn want that black transparent keyboard in stock msg app… 🙁

  • Scott Curry

    As soon as this is released to the public, I’m jailbreaking. This is all I was waiting for…

  • FirstJailbreaker

    Im new to this whole jailbreak scene. IS the BiteSMS option the same as imessage (sending the message to only people who have biteSMS) somebody please explain.

    • Scott Curry

      Think of BiteSMS as ‘texting on steroids’ for your iPhone. It adds many more options/features, but doesn’t take away from any already present. Things like contact photos in your conversation list, customization themes/colors, but the best being Quick Reply/Quick Compose, whereas you don’t have to open the app every time you want to send/read a text.

  • Gabriel Diaz

    He mixed up the sent/received bubbles of the conversation lol

  • Matta Fakt

    Can you still not use notification banners with this? Why are we stuck in iOS 4 land?

  • GzyOnline

    Oww mann!! I can’t wait for mobile substrate’s update so I can have bite back in my life!!!… All this bright & white cRapp of iOS7 has been driving me insane!! Simply can’t wait to get back to a black out themed iPwn!!!

  • mk3s

    This is the reason to Jailbreak. I wonder if it’s a free upgrade. Not that it matters. I’d pay 20$ for this easy

  • jeoffrey gomes pinto da silva

    I have installed Bitesms 7.5 on the iphone 5 7.0.4
    i reboot my divice and i don’t have the tweaks or other settings
    i can go to cydia but i can’t go to the settings of the tweak

  • Jae. Just J.

    The beta version for iOS7 is out on their test repo. I don’t think it works for 5s yet though.

  • Gamervictim

    does anyone know why its not working in my iPhone 5 ?

  • Gamervictim

    not just this tweak every other tweaks the stop working or the don’t work at i follow the instruction from the A to the z

  • Gamervictim


  • Enriqc3

    Anyone know if this is working on A7 devices?

  • huon pitou

    How to get bitesms 8.0 for iphone5s???
    Pls help me

  • Mike Chu

    RIP BiteSMS