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Episode 008: We talk about backing up and restoring the Mac, working from the MacBook Air, the best iOS music apps of 2013, iDB’s new Safari push notifications, Apple and Samsung’s new ad spots, plus an exciting new personal announcement from Sebastien.


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  • vs511

    How can you possibly not know about Migration Assistant, Cody?! It’s an utter breeze!

    • Lordrootman

      I I used it to transfer all my stuff from windows 7 to my new 27″imac
      It took a longtime but I really like it
      Just do it in the night when you are going the bed
      I used simple transfer app too for pictures and is excellent

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Well first, I have to say congratulations to Sebastien on the wonderful news of a second child on the way… that’s always great! And secondly, I would just like to direct this towards Jeff and Cody. I just received my new 2013 MacBook Pro 13″ yesterday at a 11 am and spent all day migrating and reinstalling apps. It was the first time I had ever transferred from files from one MacBook to a new one since I got my first MacBook the summer before I started college. In regards to migration, I was thinking of using migration assistant but then decided to invest in an external hard drive. I do wish I heard this podcast before I did all of this but the dust has finally settled and everything is back. Well, I’ll remember this podcast in another 4 – 5 years when I get another new computer, probably. The computer I got is equipped with the 2.6 GHz processor option, 8 GB of RAM, and the 256 SSD. I have to say, it’s an upgrade from my 2.4 GHz, 4 GB of RAM capable 2010 MacBook Pro. One needs to remember that while I don’t have the top tiered processor or 16 GB of RAM (although I do wish I had the 16 GB of RAM), the fact that the hard drive is flash based will definitely help to offload some of the computing tasks one will do on a daily basis. I have to agree with Cody though, the 15″ will definitely take on gaming MUCH better because of the dedicated graphics of Intel’s Iris Pro. But I feel that 13″ is a great compromise between the lightness and thinness, but still maintaing some pretty raw computing power. I find it be rather quick.