As they said they would, the evad3rs have spoken out about the dramatic release of their evasi0n7 jailbreak earlier today. The jailbreak which was first welcome with open arms, was quickly seen as a greedy move from the evad3rs to make a quick buck through a deal with an unknown Chinese company that would facilitate piracy.

Following conversations with reliable sources close to the evad3rs, we tried to clear up the confusion ourselves earlier today when we explained what Taig was and why the evad3rs released their jailbreak today.

In a statement published on their website, the evad3rs give us the full story, greatly corroborating what we published ourselves earlier in the day…

We handpicked a few pieces of the statement and turned them into digestible bullet points. We do suggest you go to the evad3rs’ site and read the full statement for the complete details:

  • Users are not locked into Taig
  • Cydia can also be installed and Taig removed afterwards
  • Taig has never asked the evad3rs to disclose their exploits to them
  • Taig was bundled and distributed in the same way Cydia is
  • The many security experts combing through jailbreak software will find any malicious code, if any
  • Preventing piracy is extremely important to the evad3rs
  • Evad3rs have a formal agreement with Taig
  • Taig is contractually bound to not have piracy in their store
  • Taig has removed all instances of piracy that was brought to their attention since the release this morning
  • Taig will be pulled from the jailbreak if piracy problems cannot be resolved
  • Saurik has been in talks with Chinese companies regarding potential partnerships
  • Saurik was working with another group to release a jailbreak ahead of the evad3rs
  • Evad3rs have financially benefited from their work

Again, please make sure to read the whole statement to get a better feel of their point of view.

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  • Eric M

    I think iDB is going to regret this story. Saurik was pretty clear on twitter about why things won’t work.

  • n0ahcruz3

    If u want jailbreak then jailbreak,if
    not then dont, the evaders are not forcing u to
    jailbreak your idevice.

  • Dontwannaknow

    I just wonder one thing. Y people harshly react to their jailbreak on the fact they have Taij bound with? If u don’t like, don’t use it. It is our decision. No one wants to work for free. If you say so, u are lying to urself.
    And piracy is bad; but pls be reminded that in cydia there are lots of pirated repos. What do u think?

  • jose carlos


  • I’m just thinking about Apple’s reaction, this might make them even more vigilant against jailbreaking if it turns into a profitable business?


    Maybe I’m being to pessimistic and it might mean an iJailbreak from Apple themeselves :P?

  • Conanap

    funny i didnt get taig but i have cydia by default. im happy with that doe =D

    • Connor K.

      Is your device set to Chinese?

  • mwpitt52

    Evad3rs sold out to the Chi- Coms. No one wants to face reality. FU evad3rs!