The surprise release of the iOS 7 jailbreak is the hot topic on this special episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. Cody, Sebastien, and Jeff discuss all of the details regarding Evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak, and what it all might mean.

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  • jp2002

    Finally! A post from Jeff after the JB is out.

  • Africanking

    I haven’t updated my iPhone 4S to ios 7. I just think my jailbroken iPhone has reached it’s limit. I won’t need any of that ios 7 or upcoming tweaks. I already love my unlocked out of contract jailbroken iPhone 4S. Thank you Evad3rs though. I like the work they are doing and the rest of JB community. Plus I love idownloadblog. Amazing job with all the updates and info. I am buying iPad air tomorrow to jailbreak that and I will use this website for help.

    • Arif Ullah

      The iOS 7 jailbreak doesn’t completely work yet, just giving you a heads up.

      Once jailbroken, most of Cydia tweaks will not work, due to MobileSubstrate not functioning.

      Again, just a heads up. 🙂

  • Henry Ramos

    Has anyone else lost their weather info from the notification screen?

    • noaaahh

      I’m pretty sure everyone’s notifications get reset. You will have to reopen every app again (that pushes notifications) and allow Push Notifications.

    • R4

      go on settings, then notifications to activate it. But i think thats whats causing my iPhone 5 to go to Safe mode, not sure though.

    • Boy Jetten

      Hi Henry Ramos did you fix the problem? My weather info is gone to…

      • Henry Ramos

        I have not been able to fix the problem. I was going to give it a few days until mobile subtract update is released.

  • vihrlz

    this jailbreak is the biggest bullshit ever saw in the jailbreak community. waiting for a trusted one

    • Farbod

      I completely understand about your concern about your privacy. However, I believe there isn’t going to be “a trusted one”. The good news is that this will all be solved in a few days and most likely the evad3rs wont be found guilty. Even though the evad3rs did a poor job of communicating they don’t deserve these kinds of comments 🙁

    • ap3604

      No the biggest bull**** ever is spoiled people complaining that the guys who came out with the free jailbreak got compensated.

      Bunch of spoiled brats.

      • TD

        no, you tard, it’s the fact that they made a deal with a shady company who has a history of uploading private user data. If you’re OK with that, feel free to jailbreak with absolutely ZERO benefit as of writing this. The Cydia they packaged their JB with, is not even a good build, plus nothing works. So why even risk it until the dust settles.

      • ap3604

        Really, so where is this “history of uploading private user data”? Hmmm? Personally I think you just made that statement up to try and win an argument and falsely discredit the evad3rs which would make you the tard.

        Go ahead, show us some actual proof of your above statement. I’ll be waiting with baited breath…

      • Riot Nrrrd™

        Apparently you haven’t seen the Wireshark screenshots showing POST commands of encrypted data being sent back to the mothership without using HTTPS? Very shady stuff going on with that TaiG app.

      • TD

        He has no clue. He wants me to do his homework for him. Don’t bother with these kinds of folks.

      • ap3604

        You are the one with no clue according to Geohot:

        “After a long break, Geohot’s name popped back up this weekend with reports that he was working on his own jailbreak. He obviously didn’t get a chance to release it, but he did manage to reverse the evad3r’s evasi0n7 app and he says he didn’t find anything sketchy.”

        Try to be more educated next time you talk…

      • ap3604

        I’d trust Geohot (a guy who was in competition with the evad3rs) over you or your phony sources you didn’t even post a URL to.

        Via iDownloadblog:
        “After a long break, Geohot’s name popped back up this weekend with reports that he was working on his own jailbreak. He obviously didn’t get a chance to release it, but he did manage to reverse the evad3r’s evasi0n7 app and he says he didn’t find anything sketchy.”

        Feel free to learn a few things before opening an uneducated mouth next time.

      • vihrlz

        Really? Come on bro. How developers could make a jailbreak tool without know what their put in this tool. Of course they knew that this “alternative appstore” is all about piracy. Open your eyes, money talks.

      • Hugh Jassol

        What is your beef…. the piracy, the potential malicious code, the money?.

        Keep on Monday quarterbacking from your sofa.

      • vihrlz

        My point is that they are faking informations. I’m not complaining about piracy. Look, first we have iOS 7.1 right around the corner, they could wait as they always did. Second, there is no point to jailbreak iOS 7 as tweaks don’t suports iOS 7 as Saurik didn’t know about the release. They rushed the tool to win money, and i’m don’t even talked about the malicious codes sending encryped data to chinese servers.

  • marcus1324

    I’m probably going to wait until Geohot and Saurik release their jailbreak. At this point I am trusting Saurik more than anyone. I need a stable jailbreak on my precious iPhone 5s.

    • Brandon Higgins

      Both will not be releasing a jb.. You either jb now or never.

      • Abdl

        Who told you so?! Im 99.9% sure that winocm will release for 6.1.3/4 on 25th. They mentioned that

      • Farbod

        He specifically mentioned “my precious iPhone 5s”. I believe the 5s does not run on ios 6. Also, Brandon has a point. there is no point in releasing another ios 7 jailbreak unless they would intentionally want to burn more important exploits. one of the reasons the Evad3rs released the jailbreak so suddenly was so that geohot and the other teams wouldnt burn the more important explouts they had reserved.

    • Carlos Gomes

      You know that Geohot is out of the game?
      He was interested on getting the needed exploits – including someone else’s exploits – and selling the whole thing to a Chinese company for 350k.

      He wasn’t gonna go a jailbreak at all, he just was looking for the exploits, sell them to the company and they’d put everything together.

      This is no bullshit, it was confirmed by him and there are sound recordings of the conversations.
      So, as you can see, Geohot’s jailbreak, would be as ‘compromised’ and nasty as evad3rs.

      • marcus1324

        Have you read his Twitter? He admitted that the Evad3rs beat him too it and he said he couldn’t always win. If he releases a jailbreak in a week or longer I’ll probably be using that. This is like the scenario on iOS 4 with Redsn0w and GreenP0ison both being released.

      • Carlos Gomes

        Have you listened to the recorded call between Geohot and the middleman?
        Yes, he got beaten at it, but HE wasn’t gonna release anything. It would still be consist on 99% of Geohot’s work, but it wouldn’t be released by him.
        On that same recording he says that he’s out of the (jailbreaking community) game and that he isn’t even interested in making a ready-to-rock jailbreak. He was only gonna provide the exploits.

        You can listen to the recording, Geohot confirmed that it was real.
        Though, now that the deal is gone, maybe he will get his JB out there, who knows, but considering the things he said… I don’t know.

      • marcus1324

        I haven’t I’ll look it up now.

  • Yaw Boamah Jr

    Now, this can give Apple a reason to enforce jailbreak to be illegal. Why Why Why? The root of all evil:money.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Kudos to the evad3rs. Kudos!!!

  • batongxue

    Cody: What’s up, Jeff! What’s up, Sébastien!

  • Miz Mizuki

    Great job guys! Since the news on the iOS 7 jailbreak came out, I was hoping for a new episode of your show. Didn’t expect it the same day, but thanks for the clear explanation on the pros & cons. Listening to show is much better than trolling all the major RSS feeds.

  • muhsingyu


    • 张伟杰


      • muhsingyu


      • 张伟杰


      • 张伟杰

        Oh! shit

  • muhsingyu


  • Windy Joseph

    Thank you for elaborating guys! Sebastien are you from Switzerland by any chance? You sound just like my uncle from Switzerland.

  • Rod Inman

    Evaders are done. They got their spoils and now they need to leave. No more conferences, conventions etc. Go back to your day jobs assholes.

    • Carlos Gomes

      Or… you can just not use their work, if it affects you as much as it looks?

      • Rod Inman

        I don’t use their shit on my phones. I have my own private code.

  • Aden


    • Mike Colacone Saal

      its out every tuesday.. this is a separate podcast…

  • 张伟杰

    F*ck the evasi0n7 Chinese Vesion! The Taig is forcely intalled with the Chinese Version of the evasi0n7. And If you try to unintalled that fvckin Taig, the iphone will not be opened any more and it is only showing the White Apple Logo, and it is svcked. So you basta*ds’d better give me a f*cking explaination how the 360 f*cked you to install the Taig and the pirated repo scource. F*ck you!

    • ap3604

      Feel free to not install the jailbreak and never come back to the jailbreak community again. Thanks 🙂

  • 张伟杰


  • Carlos Maanuel

    I have a question: can someone explain to me the thing about stolen information from the devices?

    • ap3604

      Paranoid people like to come up with conspiracy theories and say the sky is falling.

      The end.

  • batongxue

    What’s wrong with translation? Chinese people are smart, they know how to use Cydia.
    There are other parts of the world which do not use English.
    Truth is, it’s all about money.

    • ap3604

      Even if it was about money, I’m glad the jailbreak developers finally got compensated for all their years of hard work. You’d have to be an idiot to think otherwise.

      • batongxue

        Nobody is saying Jailbreak is unwelcome.
        My point is their excuse for bundling TaiG is not acceptable.

      • ap3604

        Are you out of your mind?

        Of course being compensated for your work is acceptable!

        Only an idiot would think jailbreak developers should put in ton’s of hours of work and simply rely upon donations from an otherwise cheap *** group of customers to pay their bills (house, food, car, etc…).

      • :)

        “My point is their excuse for bundling TaiG is not acceptable.”

        He says it’s unacceptable to lie. You plain ignore the point he is making. Are you brainwashed or just that thickheaded?

      • ap3604

        And I’m saying that the reason they did it (to get compensated for their work) is completely acceptable. So get over it.

      • :)

        No, you get over it. You are completely oblivious to the possible privacy issues they have introduced, you seem a mere troll.

        Nobody minds them striking a deal. But not this way. Don’t forget they’ve always been critical towards piracy or anything seeming like piracy, but now they’ve published it directly to users’ phones themselves. They did not do their homework, because they turned greedy and money hungry. They stopped caring, until the backlash became evident.

      • ap3604

        Keep quiet about that troll nonsense newbie, you have what? 72 posts total?

        As for them striking a deal I’m all for it. Selfish bastards who like to criticize from the sidelines and be armchair CEO’s make it real easy for themselves to say “Oh no, they are wrong and should have done it XYZ way instead. I’ve lost all respect for them.”

        Well you know what? These guys have been busting their *** for the last 5 years now bringing us FREE jailbreaks… and now you want to criticize them for trying to get compensated for their hard work? Yeah right. Seems like you are the one not doing your homework and turning greedy yourself.

        Go ahead and bring us a jailbreak yourself before you start criticizing others who do.

      • FCkChna

        seriously ap3604, are you really that stupid?

      • ap3604

        Nice username! I can see you are full of intelligence :rollseyes:

        And you are hiding behind a brand new account you just made… how boringly typical.

      • Zues

        You can never please people lol. Whining about when a jb would be released and when it suddenly is, everyone loses their minds! Seriously people get over it. There are more important things going on than to argue over a community service-_-

      • batongxue

        Really, who’s the troll?
        Every stupid comment of yours got 8 or 10 up votes, and they were all made by GUESTS?
        You’ve really been working hard, kid.

      • ap3604

        You really care about votes? Jesus…

        I could care less who likes me and who doesn’t. What I DO care about are ungrateful users who criticize jailbreak developers who provide a free community service.

      • batongxue

        Listen to yourself and look at what you actually do.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        I truly believe u don’t really have any idea wtf ur talking about.

      • :)

        Great arguments, I can see why you’re right.

      • marques13

        + they had to go back before release of the last JB cause of some copyright issues. Maybe they don’t care. Who knows. LOL

      • batongxue

        You really like the word “idiot”.
        Is it because you’ve been called that all the time?
        BTW, you’re also an insulting asshole.

      • ap3604

        Classy stuff.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        And how wld u kno anyhow? Hear say much?

  • Oqsy

    Devs that quit over this are behaving like drama queens. The evaders explained their position. Maybe not perfect, but at least logical reasons were given. Turning agaisnt each other will kill jailbreaking faster than Apple or any government could. Be patient, wait for updates, and be KIND to one another!

    • DeBragg

      This is the most rational, humane comment I have read since the beginning of this development. We are all humans and allowed to err, realise it and quickly make ammends. Let’s just be the wall that knock on the head for what have happened but also draw them closer with the respect they deserve.

      • Oqsy

        Thanks. Remember, cooler heads prevail.

    • Freddy Born

      merry christmas to you, pal!

  • George Yfantopoulos

    I can’t update or install anything…always the same thing..

    • Tom Brady

      Same here

      • George Yfantopoulos

        I found a solution my self, I just connected my iPhone to my PC and clicked jailbreak without restoring before! Evasi0n7 said its jailbroken already and its not recomended but i clicked jailbreak and everything went good! 😀 It will reboot once then will ask you to unlock phone and click Evasi0n7 app u will click it app will crash and then go to cydia and see if everything is corrected! if everything good u can disconect the phone 🙂 You should try it it worked on me…

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I wasn’t expecting this podcast today, but I guess it’s justifiable after all of these events that have transpired. I have to say, I kept the jailbreak on my iPad mini but nothing is really working well, so I’ll maybe give it some time until Friday and then try my iPhone 5s. We’ll see what happens. I’ve missed Springtomize 2 (maybe they’ll call it 3 now) and Activator. Zephyr is also great but the gesture has been taken over by Control Center, so I’m really interested to see how everything works out. I’m sure I can find a way to include Zephyr back in some how. Anyways, great show guys, and happy holidays to you all. And enjoy yourself in Mexico, Sebastien!

    • Question

      U could disable control center cant u?

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        You can disable it on the lock screen and within applications, but on the actually home screen(s), the control center is still activated by default with a swipe upward. I feel that using a tweak like HiddenSettings7 will have sometime of option to disable it or change activation methods or, I think the Activator tweak could also do this as well. I’m on an iPhone 5s so the 64 bit arm is still causing compatibility issues with the tweaks, especially since the darn mobile substrate isn’t upgraded.

  • Freddy Born

    the thing I dont understand is, how could they not know this? and IF they didnt know, how can they think no one would figure this out? its bananas

    • Carlos Gomes

      THAT! Your second point!
      If they knew it would be used for piracy, they would obviously be aware that people would notice. The same way that if the jailbreak is compromised as these crackheads say it is, people will notice.

      God, this trend of hating on popular things is ridiculous to feel important is stupid.

  • Arjan Vlek

    Even more surprises: a package called P0sixspwn appeared in Cydia. This is untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g on iOS 6.1.3. – 6.1.5!!!!

    • Riot Nrrrd™

      Yes and if you install it, it installs a kernel patch to disable AppSync!

      I don’t know what’s worse, the evad3rs bungling their JB or iH8sn0w deciding to become a morality enforcer.

      • Arjan Vlek

        Is that a problem? Just buy the apps and you’ll miss nothing. Cydia Works, Substrate works and so most of the jailbreak tweaks do work.

      • Riot Nrrrd™

        You miss the point. Apple doesn’t want iH8sn0w (or any other Developer/Jailbreaker) to Jailbreak their devices and have the freedom to be able to do whatever he/we want with them.

        Now iH8sn0w doesn’t want us to run AppSync, and have the freedom to be able to do whatever we want with them (yes, that includes pirating apps as well as installing tweaks etc.).

        It’s called irony and hypocrisy, look them up.

  • Freddy Born

    I really hope for a multitask tweak, especially on the iPad.

  • Koba Beckquer

    Everything will be fine. No one dare to burn the ship of jailbreak. Good discussion needed to make the future bright!

  • role_done

    THANKS for the evasion7 jailbreak… its awesome… time heals all bugs… 😉 keep the faith.. ^^

  • Christiansoto13

    Is it the mobile substrate that isn’t working? Because I read on another blog that the kernel wasn’t completed tested because there was no tethered jailbreak. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • F P

    What’s a troll?

  • marcus1324

    Hackulous isn’t trusted and that isn’t even his real Twitter account. Are you the guy that caused all the trouble on Reddit?

    • :)

      Nope. But when I posted that they hadn’t debunked it yet on Reddit.

  • ☞Dylan James Kroger

    Jeff is busy at work today! Good thinking Cody!

  • adam redling

    my iphone 4s is stuck on launch screen, i try to reboot and it gets stuck again on launch screen. itunes is not recognizing that it is plugged in. what should i do?

  • I believe this information has been proven to be wrong. Information is downloaded (obviously) to the device, but nothing is uploaded.

    • Well, information in the images shown was POST (sent) but the size is like nothing is being sent, even a single “text message” archive, you never know what’s right untill you see the code (encrypted somehow).

  • Leviscus Tempris

    I’ve updated my own icons to Cydia and iFile. I’m looking at making my own Cydia app icon that uses a similar color scheme but with the old icon design. Any suggestions? And is there a better place to post these things?

    • George Yfantopoulos

      How u did that? 🙂

  • jocastro

    I wouldn’t doubt it because we are interested more in jailbreaking

  • Kviseper

    Hey Jeff! Just wanted to say that to all of you guys having trouble with the mobile substrate- try removing it from cydia. It will delete all tweaks, but when you download it again later, most of the problems will be fixed.

    Please vote this ut for Jeff to see, and hopfully he will make a video about it, or a blog post!

    Thank you!

  • Nirvana

    The new era of jailbreak starts right after this episode

  • ap3604

    There you go again spouting off lies. You need an education boy.

    Via iDownloadblog:
    “After a long break, Geohot’s name popped back up this weekend with reports that he was working on his own jailbreak. He obviously didn’t get a chance to release it, but he did manage to reverse the evad3r’s evasi0n7 app and he says he didn’t find anything sketchy.”

    I’d trust Geohot (who was in competition with the evad3rs over you and your “user data for China” claims any day.

  • kb

    I successfully did the jailbreak, but am looking to unlock my phone. Do I have to pay the fee or is there an app? iPhone 5 7.0.4