ios 7 jailbreak

As we just told you, the evad3rs have released a new jailbreak tool called evasi0n7, and it allows you to easily jailbreak iOS 7. The good news is that the hack works with all flavors of iOS 7, which includes iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.0.5, and 7.0.6. (no jailbreak for iOS 7.1 at this time).

As usual, the evad3rs have made the utility fairly easy to use. But also as usual, we know there will be folks out there looking for a bit of help using it. So we’ve created an easy-to-follow tutorial to show you how to jailbreak iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Note: Again, this jailbreak is only compatible with compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.6. That means it won’t work on the Apple TV or any devices running iOS 6.0. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you backup your device using iCloud or iTunes. We don’t anticipate any issues, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Update: for those of you having issues, the evad3rs have provided a possible resolution:

Step 1: Download evasi0n7 for Mac via our downloads page, and extract the package. Make sure you download the latest version available.

Step 2: Double click the evasi0n7 app to run it.

Step 3: If your device has a passcode set, unlock your device and go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > and select Turn Passcode Off.

Step 4: Plug in your iDevice to your computer, and wait for evasi0n to recognize it.

Step 5: You should see a message on the tool that it has detected your device, and the Jailbreak button should become clickable.

evasi0n7 jb screen

Step 6: You’ll then click that button, and sit back while the app does its thing.

Step 6: Finally, you’ll be asked to tap the evasi0n7 icon on your device’s Home screen

And that’s all there is to it. The entire process takes around 5 minutes, and your device will reboot a few times. If the process gets stuck at any point, it’s safe to restart the program, reboot the device (if necessary by holding down Power and Home), and rerun the process.

It’s worth restating that Saurik was caught by surprise, as we all were, with this release, so he hasn’t had the chance to test things out yet. As such, we imagine you’ll run into issues with both Cydia and your favorite tweaks, so be prepared for initial compatibility issues.

Anyway, if you have questions, concerns, or comments, then please leave your feedback in the comment section below. Please be willing to help your fellow jailbreakers as you’ve been so eager to do so in the past. Windows users can click here for a separate tutorial.

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  • Bruno

    cannot restore it, any advice?

  • tsskinne

    down loading from box link because mega link isn’t working, go to open the application and every time it is giving me an error. tried right clicking and opening as well still no luck. on a mac running os x 10.6.8

    • Quincy Hamilton

      Same problem

  • becca

    everytime I open the app its frozen on a white screen anyone else have this problem?

  • Toby Kazeil

    Whenever I try to open the app, even when right clicking a clicking open, it always gives me “you cannot open this app because of a problem”. Any help? Please reply ASAP

  • deshobot

    Does anyone know how to remove it when you have it downloaded?

  • deshobot

    I’m trying to restore it’s not working

  • Anthony

    Thats really good but how about those unit stock in icloud account activation? It might be stollen or bought it with someone or simply forgot it, to make it fair not all iphones that is stock with icloud account activation is stollen so please be considerate and consider making a fix for it.

    • Dylan Tyler

      Your suppose to know your own Apple ID. If you don’t have turn my iPhone on then it won’t ask for you to activate it. At least foe my experience.

  • Saeed Baidoon

    Do we restore the backup of iCloud after restoring the device?

  • Leanthony Moses

    How will we know when Cydia or Saurik updates anything?

    • Dylan Tyler

      That’s what I wanna know.

  • Sam

    Suggestion for a lot of you people, if you have never jailbroke a iPhone before go and watch a lot of YouTube videos and read articals about it.. Read up about how to restore your phone if it gets bricked or stuck in boot loop.. Do not just go straight into a jailbreak without knowledge of how it operates.. And another thing I would suggest do not jailbreak your device yet, wait a couple of weeks until they sort cydia out properly for ios7 a lot of apps on cydia are only ios6 compatable. If you get any problems follow me on twitter and tweet me and I will get back to you as soon as I can..

    Twitter- @rainey93
    Facebook- Sams Offit Rainey.

  • Leanthony Moses

    Ok, I jailbroken my iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.4 and it worked but I didn’t know that the apps weren’t compatible yet. Will Cydia give me an update when the apps and stuff start working?

  • Lizzie Talley

    I am stuck on apple logo but my computer won’t recognize that my iphone is connected ( i guess it got unplugged) so i cannot restore or anything. I have done a hard reset multiple times, and no luck. If anyone has any way to help, pleaseeeee let me know!!

    • Abhimeteora

      Hey, What if you have not backedup beforehand… cant someone flash the stock firmware?

  • GamingJockey

    The Jailbreak utility says it needs a working Internet Connection on my Mac !! and on Windows 8 it crashes with a dialog box !!

  • Ryan

    My iPad is stuck on the Apple Screen. What do i do? (Holding any buttons will not do anything) (Pluging in the charger will not do anything) (connecting to iTunes will not do anything)

    • Dylan Tyler

      Hold the home button and lock button until the screen goes black then let go of the lock button but not the home button (while doing all this the iPad should be connected to iTunes.) then iTunes will recognize your iPad and your only option is to restore the iPad.

  • César Maderal

    evasi0n7 don´t works in my mac 10.6.8 🙁

    Reason: Incompatible library version: evasi0n7 requires version 7.0.0 or later, but libcurl.4.dylib provides version 6.0.0

    Help please!

  • Naveed Ahmad

    My Iphone 5 is stuck on Activation Lock, I dont have the original owner icloud ID or password. How can I jailbreak this device. As when I connect it to evasion it said device must be activate first. Any work around to get the jailbreak without activation.

    • Big K

      I’ve asked this already and no responses yet

      • Dylan Tyler

        You can’t do anything until you activate the phone with the ema and password that it asks for. Sorry.

    • sampson01

      Dfu mode> iTunes set up as new> create iTunes account> use that account to activate

  • Jonathan Chan

    EvasiOn 7 won’t even open on my mac. I’m running on OS X 10.6.8 is there a reason why it won’t open?

    • Quincy Hamilton

      I have the same problem. Everyone is having these problems and we can’t even get evasi0n to open. I don’t have a solution but I’m trying to open it as well.

  • Tom

    Any idea on how to get winterboard to apply the themes I select/download???

  • iltas

    why appsync not work ios7.0.4 and ifile also no registration

  • Zeshan Tick

    Iv jailbroken my iphone 5… Opened cydia… Then phone restarted… Now the cydia logo had disappeared… My email app doesnt open either… Any light on this matter please…

  • Hugo

    it says i need to update but i get an error..why?

  • Handren Sleman

    hello can we jaill brake the ipad without activaiting it ?

    • sampson01

      Is the iPad wifi only or 3G
      If wifi only, activation entails plugging into iTunes after it is in the ‘clean’ factory default state (where it will prompt you for language preference and initial setup info) then just enter your iTunes username and password.
      Let it do its thing until the reboot then disconnect from iTunes.
      You should now have ‘your iPad’ with no installed apps. But the background should be the old one, and calendar, bookmarks, Et al should be as they were.

  • chuckabunch

    YAY! Initially TetherMe wouldn’t load with the new jailbreak (iphone 5 ios 7.0.4.), but several minutes later when Cydia flashed a substrate update it installed and worked like a charm. Thank you Evasi0n!

  • Nikolai Krogstad

    Hi, i tried to jailbreak my iphone 5, but got stuck at the boot and cant get out. My powerbutton doesnt work so what should i do?? Please help me

    • Dylan Tyler

      There’s programs on the internet that will force your phone into DFU. Look it up on YouTube as I’m not exactly sure how iTunes will then recognize it and your only option is to restore your phone. This happened to my iPad as we’ll. not my iPhone though. My iPad is now jail broken as well. The jailbreak is brand new so there’s obviously gonna be bugs.

      • Nikolai Krogstad

        redsn0w says that ispw is unsupported, can you please give me some programs ?? for mac is prefered

  • latint81

    Been 100% honest with you and after testing 7.1 beta 2 I can’t go down to 7.04 the IU is way perfect and I feel happy with 7.1 .

    I don’t need nothing from cydia other than tether me . But now that I have spend the 40 bucks on the apps I use to get cracked my investment is pay off.

  • adam redling

    my iphone is stuck on launch screen, i try to reboot and it gets stuck again on launch screen. itunes is not recognizing that it is plugged in. what should i do?

  • Liam Smith

    I’ve just successfully jailbroken an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4 that was updated on an OTA version. I had no issues when performing the jailbreak, never have with Evasi0n. I would suggest to take precautions though, I’m apparently one of the lucky few not to be plagued with issues regarding an iOS 7 jailbreak.

  • Stephen Morgan

    Well the jailbreak worked for my iPad air but there are no packages or sources in cydia yet, just error messages

  • Quincy Hamilton

    My evasion won’t open it says “cannot be opened because of an error”. I’ve tried the download 4 times and everytime I try to open I get same error. I’ve tried the solution of right clicking and clicking open, but it still doesn’t open. PLEASE HELP I JUST WANT TO USE IT N JAILBREAK MY PHONE!!!!

  • Patrick Kemp

    I am using an iPad 2. I’m stuck in a reboot loop after jailbreaking. I’ve tried twice. The second time I disabled the passcode. Still no luck.

  • s.e

    once i download it on my mac it doesn’t open…..mac pro….no right click…..wht to do?

  • jb

    My iphone 5 is stuck on the rebooting screen and wont connect to the computer even in dfu mode. any ideas?

    • jb

      got it connected to a different computer but after downloading and trying to update to the latest ios, i get the error “This device isn’t eligible for the request build.” Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Joe McGonigle

    every time i try and open my evasi0n7 icon thing it just says there is an error and windows is trying to detect problems and then it closes the app. Yes i have tried to run it as administrator

  • Daniel Viet Tran

    Changing ports worked for me

  • Addi

    plllzzzzzzzzzz can Evasi0n7 works on activation lock
    can it bypass activation lock screen

  • Inderjit Aujla

    evasion7 always stuck on configuring system 2/2…i have tried so many times…need help

  • Toye Abdul

    Not coming up on my mac. Tried it on windows as well but not coming up too. How do i get to open the app?

  • Jacky

    I jealbroken my ios7.0.4 and downloaded something’s from cydia, but its not work, exactly not compatible with ios7 in my phone; like vshare, unlike stones, barrel, springtomize, winterboard… It’s doesn’t work at all. Someone tell me how to fix it pls

  • Duholder

    Jailbroke my phone with ios 7.0.4 worked for a minute the 4 apps were lost on home screen and cydia is gone hooked it back up to evasion and says it is still jailbroken but no cydia?

  • Jordan Chen

    so i downloaded ios 7.0.4 over the air. so i full restored. after installing evasi0n, can i put my old backup back on my phone to keep my apps and app saves and still have jailbreak?

  • tushar saurabh

    Hi All, I was able to jailbreak iphone…but when I am putting says invalid sim….anyone facing this issue, please let me know how to overcome it.

  • Rob Allen

    Have they found a solution to Macs running 10.6.8 – ?? Evasi0n downloads just fine but file won’t open “cannot be opened because of a problem”

  • Moist Grandpa

    Completely bricked my phone

  • andre

    why doesnt the jailbreak button become clickable for me ?

  • andre

    i followed all the steps up here^^ and everytime i plug it in the jailbreak button still doesnt become clickable for me..please help this is a christmas present for my little brother

  • Dillema

    What to do if your iphone is locked on Icloud activation lock??
    It says The attached device is not activated. Is it possible to still jailbreak??

  • Bream Stubbs

    why wont evasion open on mac 10.6.8?

  • Robert Chang

    I can’t even open up evasion 7. I’m running Mac OS X 10.6.8. But it won’t let me open it. It says to make sure the application works with this version of Mac (which it says it does) and that I might have to reinstall it (which I have done serveral times). Help?

    • wahizul

      delete evasion from your mac, then try download again using Chrome

      • shakey

        still same

  • Demy Nong

    my iPhone5 is stuck with apple logo after finish the processing of evasi0n7. I’m so worried. what should I do? is it safe to restart my iPhone?

  • Jay Kay

    it means i have to restore my device with my backup again why is that so? there should be a fix for that, Im not wasting my time first download ipsw then restore my iPhone then restore from backup.