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We’ve known this information for a while but since it’s now official, there is no more reason for us to sit on it. George Hotz, also know as geohot, also known as the first person to ever unlock an iPhone is back on Twitter.

After closing his account a couple years ago, geohot is back on the social network, and what we can tell is that he’s not Tom Cruise!

George Hotz now goes with the Twitter handle @tomcr00se. His first tweet under this new account was posted back in August.

We’re not sure if he will be staying on Twitter for a while, but he was quick to congratulate the evad3rs for the release of evasi0n7.

It’s worth noting that geohot himself was close to release a jailbreak for iOS 7, which ultimately forced the evad3rs to release their jailbreak earlier than they would have wanted to.

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  • Guest

    What the hell is this, Game of Phones?

  • AlphaPoppy

    Welcome back Geohot.

    • sivkai

      You want to welcome a sellout rat that was trying to sell the jailbreak to the Chinese for $350,000? Keep drinking the kool aid.

      • jack

        I love geohot, specilally after the PS3 JB, but this broke my heart (no sarcasm)

      • BoardDWorld

        Being paid $350,000 for his time and effort, good on him.

      • smtp25

        Sell out rat? What does be owe you or me? Take the JB and be grateful. What have you done to help ?

      • sivkai

        He owes nothing, but I’m calling him out as a rat as I see it. You have a problem with that?

      • smtp25

        Obviously i do that’s why I took the time to post. Being paid for your efforts is not a rat move. Using the JB while bad mouthing the people that put in the work is. Out of principal I would hope you would refuse to use it. Yeah right

      • sivkai

        Wow. You’re not that smart are you? Geohot has not released any iOS 7 jailbreak. The jailbreak I am using is made completely by the evad3rs team, and I have no problem using it because at least they are giving it to the community unlike Geohot who would rather sell it to the highest bidder.

      • Ted Forbes

        Shame on you GeoHot you should not have offered your hard earn work for $350,00. NO, you should have charged more, much much more..

        Congrats to the Chinese for attempting to purchase GeoHot hard earn work. Yes, but you should have offered more, much much more to this champion.

  • Dani Hayes

    Great article. Much was said.

    • Dan

      Sarcasm? If yes +1

      • Dani Hayes

        Bringing my total to +58.

    • jack

      while the title may be wrong (this pic’s tweet dates to October) I didn’t know he had an “official” twitter account ๐Ÿ™‚

  • M ๏ฃฟ

    meh, old news.

  • Zorvage

    He mentioned on the phone call that he was “out of the game”. I really really hope he isn’t. He is the best hacker in the world.

  • sivkai

    Stop saying he was going to release it!!! He was trying to sell it for $350,000 – you can find the Skype recording all over Twitter!

    • J. Rockwell

      I don’t know if he did or not, but he can do whatever the F— he wants to do with it. He did the work! This is the land of milk and honey, and if he could find and idiot overseas to buy it, more power to him. We all know Geo walks to the beat of his own drum. He has also been instrumental in keeping people on their toes to release jailbreaks quickly.

      Also sivkai – I have some beachfront property in Kansas I would like to sell you for $800,000. Holler at me if you want to talk.

      • sivkai

        I have no problem with him trying to sell the jailbreak (actually I do, but that’s besides the point). I’m just trying to clarify the misconception that Geohot was going to release the JB. This is outright wrong, he was trying to sell it. Not attaching any judgement on that, only stating the facts.

      • J. Rockwell

        No, you are actually putting a jailbreak legend on blast, and your post is FULL of judgement. Knock that ish down.

        Especially because without Geo we wouldn’t of had a Limera1n, Blackra1n, etc. tools that millions used to jailbreak our early iphones.

        We ALL would not have had a Playstation 3 jailbreak which was INCREDIBLE!

        And we wouldn’t have had someone stand up to these big corporations (SONY) in a lawsuit saying since we bought these devices we own them, and are free to do whatever we want to do with them.

        So if you want to put him on blast….which you did….You are going to get backlash. So if you are going to state some facts which are only negative, then maybe state some facts about how great Goehot has been to the iPhone and PS3 community and knock that ish off.

      • sivkai

        There’s no point arguing with you. You are clearly quite thick. How is me stating his intention to SELL the jailbreak as opposed to RELEASING it, a reflection of my judgement of him? It’s the bloody fact! You can find the recording of him talking to a prospective buyer about selling the jailbreak for $350,000. I only want to make that clear. Again, it’s not judgement, it’s a fact. Please read my post again.

        Also your rambling about his involvement with the ps3 jailbreak, etc. is just desperate. That has no relevance to this discussion. What has his past contributions got to do with the fact that he was caught red-handed trying to sell the iOS 7 exploit?

      • Burge

        You are upset that he was going to sell it and not let us the jailbreakers have . As you can see we don’t care if he sold it or tried to sell it . We might not like it but it’s not our jailbreak.. We would rather have geohot back on the scene and if that means he sells one jailbreak to have him back than so be it.

  • Duarte Serrano

    Nice to see GeoHot back, hope he releases his jailbreak. Normally I would be jailbroken by now but with all this Chinese backing and not many people knowing about the release, I will be holding back until someone looks at the code.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    He is the ultimate legend within the jailbreak community

  • Merman123

    Geohot, you are the father.

  • Burge

    If geohot wanted to sell his jailbreak then that would be up to him. Yes we would not be happy but he did all the work.
    But it would be nice to have geohot back.
    Now where’s comex.

    • Chuck Norris

      Finally someone understands.

  • ืื‘ื™ืื•ืจ ืจื•ืงื—

    iOS 7 Jailbreak is bootrom jailbreak?

    • Shawn

      Doubtful. I don’t think there will be another bottom exploit.

    • jack

      If it were they would have said it I believe

      • ืื‘ื™ืื•ืจ ืจื•ืงื—

        But maybe because the jailbreak is bootrom(maybe) they released the jailbreak before iOS 7.1

      • Burge

        Or maybe apple keep patching it with the two 7.1 betas. Yes this does work with them but for how much longer

      • XboxPS

        No,It’s userland.
        ืœื,ื–ื•ื”ื™ ืคืจื™ืฆืช userland.

      • ืื‘ื™ืื•ืจ ืจื•ืงื—

        How do you know?
        ืื™ืš ืืชื” ื™ื•ื“ืข?

      • XboxPS

        ื–ื”ื• ื ื™ืฆื•ืœ ื—ื•ืจื™ ืื‘ื˜ื—ื” ื”ืงืฉื•ืจื™ื ืœื—ื•ืžืจื” ืฉืœ ื”ืžื›ืฉื™ืจ.
        ืกื•ื’ ื”ืคืจื™ืฆื” ื”ื–ื” ืงืฉื•ืจ ืœืชื•ื›ื ื”.

      • XboxPS

        ืืคืฉืจ ืœื–ื”ื•ืช ื“ืจืš ืฉื ื”ืžืฉืชืžืฉ ืฉืœืš.

  • Murat ร–zakat

    Guess who’s back ???

    • Greensprout

      Slim Shady?

  • Astridax

    Assuming the picture above is of him, I love him how he’s holding a Xiaomi Mi3 which happens to be an Android handset (albeit an awesome one :D).

  • Jacques Hragar

    Ps4 jailbreak plez

  • Matt

    I bet if he would have released his jailbreak — it wouldn’t have been full of Chinese crap.
    EDIT: Well given the fact that I learned about the whole thing where he was going to sell the jailbreak makes me take my words back.

  • what’s wrong with having more than one jailbreak(er) anyway? coz evasi0n released theirs(way prematurely btw) does that mean no other jailbreaker can release their version of one?
    why can’t we have more than 1 jailbreak to use? does evasi0n have the monopoly on jailbreaks now or something?
    what the hell is going on?
    choice. there used to be plenty of it back in iOS4 and 5 days on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. now it seems whoever gets their release out first means anyone else who was going to just gives in and stops.
    it also used to be about donations after the jailbreak that saw the devs of the jailbreak getting money, now it’s corporate chinese business’ offering $’s the rest of us can only dream about.
    seems now it’s all about the money and not the community no more. I feel saddened by what evasi0n have done here. they have sold us the community out for a big payoff.

    • Burge

      There can only be one at the moment because Apple will patch this and if they release another one apple will patch that too. It’s best to loose one set of holes than 2 sets.