ios 7 jailbreak

In a move that I think caught all of us way off-guard, the evad3rs have just released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. The team is calling the hack evasi0n7, and it’s compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4.

Folks with devices jailbroken on iOS 6.1.x are now free to update to iOS 7 without losing their JB. But if you just absolutely can’t stand the new operating system, it sounds like a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3/4/5 will be released in the near future. More details after the fold…

It looks like the evasi0n7 release even caught Saurik off guard, judging by this series of tweets:

Saurik goes on to say that because there was never a tethered jailbreak for iOS 7 that had fully working kernel patches, he hasn’t been able to test much. So he has no idea what will and won’t work, and has asked that folks bear with him as he sorts everything out.

We’re guessing the same goes for a lot of your favorite jailbreak tweaks and utilities. So if you have some Cydia packages that you absolutely can’t live without, it might be best to hold off for a bit while things are tested for compatibility, stability and reliability.

Lastly, congratulations to the evad3rs. Because iOS 7 is so dramatically different than its predecessor, we figured we would be waiting a lot longer for this jailbreak. If you find the tool useful, we encourage you to donate to the team using the link at the bottom of the app.

Anyway, for those of you looking to jump right in, we’ve posted a tutorial for how to jailbreak iOS 7 on both Mac and Windows, or you can go ahead and get started yourself by grabbing evasi0n7 from our Downloads page.


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  • Peter Coglan

    And the Chinese market is only on Chinese devices ,
    And other countries if your phones language is set to Chinese!
    So if your not from china and don’t have your phone set to Chinese
    You don’t need to worry yourself about this
    End of ,
    Let it go!

  • Sandeep Roy

    OffTopic – iPhone4 & iOS 6.1.2 should i upgrade & jailbreak ?

  • H5ire

    Untether Package for iOS 6.1.3-5 : iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4G Released in Cydia.!! 😀

  • XboxPS

    I was forced to restore my iPad 2 TWICE because of this jailbreak.
    Before restores(OTA)-Stuck
    After restore-Stuck
    After second restore-I gave up.

  • Rene flores

    yeah im so happy it came out been using it since yesterday on iphone 5s

  • Thomas

    my mobile substrate does not work what should I do?

  • Thomas

    my mobile substrate does not work what should I do??

    • dave

      if it’s a 5s it won’t work until its updated for 64bit, if otherwise, no clue.

  • Peter Coglan

    Saurik should be happy the Chinese had to pay .!
    He gets his for free .

  • Mike

    A friend of mine told me that after jailbreaking my phone, and after the warranty period, if my phone had a problem and i take back to the official apple store to repair my phone, they can detect the jailbroken device, may i know is that true?

  • Мөнхнасан Дөлгөөн

    my iphone is stuck in apple logo and won’t turn on ???

  • mattycfp

    You guys didn’t see this. iOS 7 is built ON TOP OF iOS 6. Data is still there from iOS 6, and uses the same engine. It wasn’t hard to find a hack in it, there are just some holes filled up.

  • ineedaIife

    I’ve been considering jailbreaking my iPhone 5 but I was wondering if it’s actually worth it and if it makes the phone slow? I’ve jailbroken my phone before but it would make it slow.

    • Glenn Hobson

      no Iv got iphone 5.jailbroke it nothing on cyida works.i tried puting a tweek on an it froze up so had to restore.

  • Nikhil Tandon

    I need help. As soon as I jailbreak my iPhone 5S, all the app notifications go to factory settings meaning I have to open all my apps again to enable their notifications. Is this common or am I the only experiencing this???

  • 123bob

    Cool cool cool!

  • kassemaxx

    I have the same problem on my iphone4, all my apps are gone after the jailbreak, particularly after installing cydia.
    I need your help please !! this is the fifth time I make jailbreak and always the same problem!

  • Emmanuel

    I have looked up in a few places but can’t seem to find my answer. I have a bunch of backed-up apps (Made myself using ifun-box from my purchased apps). When I tried to install them on my jailbroken (evasi0n7) iPhone 4s (7.0.4), ifun-box tells me it cannot install them, as if I had not jailbroken the phone…any suggestion?

  • HumanHardcore .

    half way through jailbreak, when it say swipe and click on evasi0n app it reboots then comes back on with the evasi0n app still there and not cydia ?

  • jouni

    the attached device is notactivated?