Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Evasi0n7 is likely the most controversial jailbreak to date. It comes with its fair share of mysteries, and maybe even betrayals, if you believe some of the drama-infused reports about it. We tried to our best to explain why evasi0n7 was released today and what the deal is with Taiji, hoping people would make up their mind about whether or not it’s worth jailbreaking today.

Because there is still a bit of confusion about the usefulness of evasi0n7 at this time, we thought it’d be helpful to put up a list of reasons why you should or shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS device…

You should jailbreak today because:

  1. You can
  2. iOS 7.1 is right around the corner and you might not be able to jailbreak again after that

On the flip side, you shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS device today because:

  1. This jailbreak is kind of buggy to begin with
  2. Cydia hasn’t been properly updated for iOS 7
  3. Most tweaks aren’t updated for iOS 7 yet
  4. You’ll probably have to run the jailbreak again at some point soon
  5. We don’t know enough about this deal with Taig
  6. iOS 7.1 is right around the corner and you might miss on all its goodies

As you can tell, the drawbacks overwhelmingly outweigh the benefits. Yet I still clicked “Jailbreak” in evasi0n7. If you like to live “semi dangerously”, do it. You won’t gain much from it because most tweaks aren’t working yet, although this is just a matter of time. If you have any doubt, stay away from this jailbreak until the smoke clears out.

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  • adipatel

    Okay…I’m on a happily Jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.2 with every little tweak in place (NCSettings, Springtomize 2, WeKillBackground Pro, etc).

    What would I gain (or lose) upgrading to 7.0.4 and re-Jailbreaking?

    PS, Sarcasm-free, serious question…

    • mehrab

      Just update. Just please do. Thats all you shud know or get stuck on ios 6 forever

  • Fujin

    There isn’t much going on for iOS 7 users on Cydia. If you are on iOS 6 then hang out there for now, it isn’t even a question. But if you are already on 7 then ‘Accelerate, MyWi, and KillBackground’ are pretty clutch tweaks to make the JB worth the risk. Although, I have not been able to get KillBackground to work even though it’s posted as compatible.

    • Truepeace

      I am still on 5.1.1 🙁 Should I update and wait for a stable jailbreak to guarantee that I will have a signed ios 7.0.4 before apple patches the exploits?

      • Fujin

        I would

  • Mike Bkme

    another reason not to jailbreak no appsync for ios 7

    • smtp25

      Have you tested and it doesn’t work?

  • Khanh

    You aren’t any safer if you don’t jailbreak. The chinese makes our phones. They can install a hardware backdoor on it and steal all our information.

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      why do you breathe?

      • smtp25

        What?!? He’s right. Samsung is from Korea which is not much safer

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        ofcourse it’s possible but such a big company would definitely stop that from happening

  • Greg C

    I JB’d my iPhone 4. And yes almost all the tweeks are not working espcially bite sms. But nice job tho to the team.

  • Rishabh Gupta

    Sebastian – iH8sn0w had released “untethered ios 6.1.3 jailbreak”

  • smtp25

    Does appsync work ??

  • vito

    its all about that mighty dollar!! i see it getting worse and worse every ios this jailbreak doesnt have squat! i cant download a single package for my 5s imho this was just a tease and who knows whats next they have ben had this jb for months! why they didnt release it? $$$$$$ thats why! open your eyes people!! nobody works for free!!

    • Alex-V

      but some tweaks are still so nice…like powersounddisabler but also this dont work on ios 7 jb atm

      • vito

        ill take bridge,safari download manager cyntact jus to name a few

  • Truepeace

    I have an ipad and I still hesitate, I think I will wait for a stable jailbreak tool. Having a rooted android smartphone also, I can tell that ios is way more closed, thus not giving me all the freedom I need and all the customization I can do in my smartphone. I can see the dislikes now, but I am using the 2 os and this is my point of view.

    • Alex-V

      i was a developer on xda developers for htc phones…i made new kernel and roms….and i switched now to ios and never go back….iphone just works…and dont need 4x 1.5ghz and still slow (htc one x) …i love the smoothness from iphone 5s…also it dont go to 95°C while playing games and made a security shutdown…..but…it would be cool to have some tweaks more 🙂

  • Alex-V

    NOTE: If you have an iPhone 5s anything needing MobileSubstrate will NOT work. ….

  • Efe Edizer

    You should jailbreak today because:
    You can

    is enough to me.

  • dpacemaker

    Just curious, what are the ramifications to not having Mobile Substrate? Can a device be bricked? Just want to make sure before I update and JB.

  • abooduper

    cydia is now updated to ios 7 you should delete it from ”On the flip side, you shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS device today because”