OS X 11 concept (image 001, Andrew Ambrosino)

Some pundits continue to call for the merging of OS X and iOS into a monolithic operating system that would simplify app development and allow Apple to engineer consistent user experiences across its desktop and mobile platforms.

I’m not so sure the time is right for an iOS-ified OS X.

That, however, hasn’t stopped designer Andrew Ambrosino from envisioning what the future of OS X might look like. Introducing Andrew’s OS X 11 concept, which brings Apple’s desktop operating system in line with the flattened appearance of iOS 7…

Such an experience would start with a redesigned login screen reminiscent of the iOS 7 Lock screen, as depicted top of post.

For what it’s worth, I’m not entirely sure how logging in to my Mac by swiping would improve my experience. On the other hand, OS X for instance could detect my iOS device over Bluetooth to unlock my Mac directly from an iPhone or iPad device.

Better yet, just unlock my Mac when you detect my iPhone and realized I’m sitting in front of my computer.

I do dig the flattened Mail application, seen below.

OS X 11 concept (image 002, Andrew Ambrosino)

From Ambrosino’s blog:

A concept version of OS X inspired by iOS 7. Includes some good flatness, translucent blurs, and overall streamlining.

I’m even more ecstatic about the translucent notification panel.

The current OS X Notification Center implementation is ripe for change, in my personal opinion. As you know, the Notification Center is invoked by swiping with your fingers from the right edge of your Mac notebook’s glass trackpad to the left, or using a customizable keystroke.

The panel slides into view from the right and pushes your entire screen to the left. This has always annoyed me as I don’t appreciate my eyes refocusing and tracking the scrolling of my desktop canvas, just to see some alerts. A translucent bar falling from the top of the screen, like in iOS 7, would work much better if you ask me.

OS X 11 concept (image 003, Andrew Ambrosino)

Again, right below is a flattened Mail app.

For an insight into how the Messages app would look like flattened, check out Ramotion’s awesome renderings. By the way, I’m loving the new status/menu bar with the current time in the middle, your menu bar items on the right and menus on the left.

I think the menu bar as Andrew’s concept envisions it looks much better transparent than semi-translucent, like in Mavericks (you can turn off the translucent menu bar under the Desktop & Screen Saver pane in System Preferences).

OS X 11 concept (image 004, Andrew Ambrosino)

OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks have already brought a myriad of iOS features to the Mac, such as the native Maps and iBooks apps, Notification Center, Notes, Reminders, iCloud sync and more.

Andrew is the brains behind another concept we’ve covered, the iOS 7-ified Apple TV UI.

What Apple should do for its next major OS X revision do you think?

Should they flatten the user interface, make it translucent and layered and bring even more features from iOS to the Mac? Or continue developing the two pieces of software separately of one another?

Knowing Apple’s penchant for uniformity and given Ive’s now in charge of all design (software and hardware) across the company, Andrew could be on to something here.

Besides, uniformity and consistency could go a long way toward lowering the psychological barrier of entry for people who are new to the Apple platform. iPhone users considering a Mac purchase would be more likely to adopt Apple’s computers if they could rely on their iOS muscle memory to operate the Mac, and vice versa.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough – Apple has pledged to accelerate pace of OS X development by releasing a major OS X iteration every twelve months. If history is an indication, we should get a glimpse into OS X 11 at next summer’s WWDC.

Don’t be shy – sound off in the comments.

  • chumawumba

    Super thin font + translucent window = no legibility

    • JustMeJip2

      add a new black wallpaper and done u can read 😉

      • chumawumba

        Why would I want a black wallpaper?

      • Raashid

        ‘Cause Apple knows what works best for you b4 you do?

    • Not if you take into account super sharp 4K desktop screens

      • chumawumba

        Not if you take into account the average users’ budget.

      • Laszlo Gaspar

        But if your buying a mac in the first place then your already going above the average user’s budget.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I’m sure Apple will be aware of the legibility. Looks pretty cool but yes need dark fonts.

    • Laszlo Gaspar

      Increase the opacity and change to a black font

  • David Horbach

    This is pretty amazing, hope Apple does something along these lines.

  • omrishtam

    i came

  • This is what they should’ve done with Mavericks.

  • Christcentered

    I don’t care for the rainbow dock. Otherwise im always interested in a “change” with technology.

  • Yash Gorana

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is some serious bullshit. “Press any key to unlock” NEVAH !

    • Yash Gorana

      Even I felt the same, so i just created something better.

      iCloud + Mavericks inspired. 🙂

      P.S. – The dimensions and positioning are EXACTLY the same as Mavericks’ Lock Screen.

      • Jonathan

        Increase gaussian blur a little more = perfect.

        If you did this in Photoshop, could you send me the PSD please? I want to play around with it.
        Thanks 😀

      • Yash Gorana

        alright 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Thanks!! =DDD

      • Chase

        Could u send it to me, i’d also love to play around with it 🙂 chasemostat69@gmail.com

  • Rick Kreuk

    This design doesn’t work on a phone, and even less so on a mac. What is Apple doing? They’re more like Microsoft than like the Apple I know. I’m thinking of selling all iOS 7 devices I own, it’s just hideous.

    • Byron C Mayes

      You do realize this is a concept designed by someone who doesn’t work for Apple, right?

    • Jason Baroni

      So do it and keep the previous iOS versions. Or just buy an Android.

    • Eric M

      It absolutely works pn the phone. iOS 7 is brilliant for getting the crap out of the way and just letting me see what I need to see and work with.

    • Errr, hate to burst your bubble, but that’s just a CONCEPT

  • Yash Gorana

    There is something wrong here. Mac’s 10th version is named as OS X. How can the 11th version be called as Mac OS “X” 11 ? It should be more like Mac OS XI or Mac OS 11.

    I’ll name the next Mac OS as OS XI Muir.

  • Manuel Oberaufner

    Are you aware that “OS X 11” makes absolutely no sense?

    It’ll be either OS XI or just OS 11

    • Yash Gorana


      *We must be bros.*

      • Manuel Oberaufner

        Hahah nice 😀

    • Jonathan

      I’m guessing OS 11.

    • That is exactly what I thought!

  • Prasoon Singh

    OS XI is better than OS X 11. That makes no sense at all.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Ugly as f**k, cuase Mac apps should be different and unique not like the iOS 7. It will be very boring if Apple did that. I agree, with flat new design, but for OS X way not iOS way.

  • Jonathan

    Dis I call, beauty! 😀 It’d be really cool if they add touch screen. Now before you go and downvote be saying they’ll never do it, Microsoft has PCs that have touchscreen, so Mac will probably do the same. In my opinion, it’d be magical. A large 27 inch screen, dragging windows, swiping. Mmmm… future…

    AGH I can’t wait for next year. iPhone 6 with probably larger screen, new OS 11 probably.

    • Jason Baroni

      I like this idea to mix up iOS and OS “11” UI. This may get even more users to Apple on the classic simple-to-use speech. We can’t forget the rumours about the “iPad Pro” to run OS X or 11. To match the UI is a great deal for Apple to show off the iPad Pro, where every mobile and desktop devices will be connected by the same experience.

      • Jonathan

        Agreed. It’d be nice if they made their OS a little more tablet like, but not like Windows 8. WIndows 8 took it too far. If they made it a little more tablet friendly, the iPad Pro may very well run OS 11.

    • Gus Clelland

      Touch screen would leave fingerprints all over the beautiful screen!!! Windows 8 touchscreen computers look ugly because of finger prints

      • Jason Baroni

        That is why non-touch screen Macs powered with an iOS look would fit me quite well. I can’t imagine buying a touch screen Mac…

      • Jonathan

        Apple puts some kind of spray on your iDevices that keeps fingerprints from appearing (unless you just dipped your hands in oil..), and it lasts for a few months, then wears off. Perhaps Apple would sell that spray. Wipe it on your Mac every few months, and you won’t have fingerprints.

      • Jason Baroni

        Apple wouldn’t do it hahaha

      • Gus Clelland

        They prob make it and don’t want to share it

  • Solowalker

    OS X 10.10

    Not OS X 11 or OS XI

    It still amazes me the number of people who don’t understand version numbers. They’re just numbers and *not* decimals. For example, OS X 10.4 went up to 10.4.11. They didn’t go from 10.4.9 to 10.5 just because they needed another maintenance release.

    It’s the same with major version numbers.

    • Gerardo Castro

      I dont know man when I learned decimals I’m pretty sure I didnt learn 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 11…

      • Solowalker

        Good thing version numbers aren’t decimals.

    • Solowalker

      Reading other comments, it looks like I should have included this in my first comment…

      “OS X” (read: “OS 10”, X is Roman numeral for 10) is just a brand name. Yes, it was the successor to what we now call Mac OS Classic which was at version 9 at the time, but it really is a totally different beast. They started calling it X because X comes after 9, but it was a completely new OS at the time that they named OS X just for continuity’s sake. From then on what previously would have been OS 11 was really OS X 10.2 (10.1 being a minor update given away for free to get 10.0 to be stable and have more basic features, 10.0 almost being a public beta).

      Think of OS X 10.0/1 a version 1.0, OS X 10.2 as 2.0, etc. up to OS X 10.9 Mavericks that we have today as version 9.0 (ish). The next version will be version 10 of the OS known as OS X. While Apple could change the branding at any time, just because they’re reaching the milestone of version 10 doesn’t mean they have to or will. That would be like saying when iOS reached version 10 they’d have to rename it to be xOS or something. Can they? Yes. Do they have to just because of a number?


      It’s just a number, folks. It’s *NOT* a decimal.

      • Retero

        I agree with you. It’s just it’s name followed by a version number. But maybe if they do revamp it it will be called something else.

  • Hani Akil

    that would be great idea for ipad maxi

  • Matt

    I personally don’t like how ios 7 looks on iPad. I use an iPad 4th generation and not a fan. I think they should have optimized it more for the tablet because it looks exactly like the one on my iPhone except enlarged . And now if it goes on a larger screen like my iMac then we are going to have problems.

  • Manuel Oberaufner

    Because X means 10 you genius, OS X is the successor to Mac OS 9.

    • AltF5

      Dear Genius Manuel, please see user’s “Solowalker” comment below to be informed properly. Thanks.

  • Abhinandh Ajay

    I thought the ‘X’ in OS X stands for 10 and not just an ‘X’. So then this concept is called OS 10 11?

    • Cesar D

      it’s in binary code

  • Urzo

    It would be called OS 11, not OS X 11.

  • Bkru99

    They will probably just end up eliminating numbers altogether and just call it Mac OS like they did with the iPad, calling it “The new iPad” or now “The iPad Air”

  • marcus1324

    The name of Apple’s OS is Mac OS not OS X… You should know that the X is a roman numeral for 10 hence the names,”OS 10 Mountain Lion, OS 10 Mavericks.” It would be changed to OS XI or OS 11.

    • Solowalker

      See my new comment below.

      You are half correct. Yes, OS X is read “OS 10” as X is the Roman numeral 10 and it is meant for that. But it’s just a brand and NOT tied to the decimal system so OS X 10.9 does *not* have to be followed by OS XI but can be followed by OS X 10.10.

  • WhyIsItReal

    You do realize that OS X is referring to the tenth (X) rendition of the OS. Therefore, it should either be OS XI or OS 11.

  • Edwin Navarro

    i want the background

    • Gus Clelland

      That is on mavericks

      • Edwin Navarro

        no its not. i have a macbook pro on mavericks and can’t find it

      • Edwin Navarro

        thanks, i found it

  • Raashid

    With that alone, OS X/XI would look totally fugly…Windows 8 is fugly enough already without Aero, but adds a new dimension of functionality (touch friendliness) instead of just going fugly…

  • Decio Arruda

    Let us hope, scrap that, let us PRAY OS X (OS XI) isn’t headed that direction.

  • Matthew

    Wouldn’t it just be OS XI or OS 11?

    • Solowalker

      See my earlier comments.

  • SxC FuZe FeaR

    X mean 10…
    so why not OS XI or OS 11

  • MacGuru16

    It looks wonderful! I’d love this.

  • Rot Kelfer

    This is not bad, although it does lack some sophistication. It’s a great starting off point.
    Os is visually lagging behind and I’m curious to see what they’ll do to it.

    That being said, the press any key bs has got to go.

  • rosssimpson

    Well I think it looks great, if there’s similarities to this in the next major update, I’m all for it!

  • Brian Voll

    Why not just call it iOS? There could be iOS (Desktop) and iOS (Mobile). Eventually as the two systems do actually become one, it could simply just be iOS.

  • Quang

    MAC OS X? 10? 11??????
    Just go ask Steve Jobs… 😛 hahahahaha

  • Johnathon Sullinger

    I highly doubt Apple would go with a namin convention of OS X 11. “The new OS X 10 11!” Sounds dumb. Odds are they’ll move to OS XI or OS 10.10