iqi wireless charger

Despite a number of rumors and patent filings, Apple has yet to give any of its iOS devices the power of wireless charging. While many manufacturers have built the technology into their handsets, iPhones continue to use the plug-n-charge approach.

Luckily, for those looking for wireless charging, there are a handful of third party options available. And today, we’re going to talk about a new one called iQi Mobile. It’s a Qi standard wireless charging receiver, with a unique, ultra-thin flexible design…

iqi wireless

The iQi Mobile supports the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and the 5th gen iPod touch. The receiver uses your typical Qi wireless charging tech—a built-in coil interfaces with the charging pad’s coil to transmit power—and it connects through your phone’s Lightning port.

It’s extremely thin size means that there’s no need to keep your device in an ugly, bulky, proprietary case. So, unlike many of the other third-party wireless options on the market, the iQi Mobile can be used in conjunction with your favorite slim iPhone case.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the iQi Mobile isn’t available yet. The creators have working prototypes and have taken to Indiegogo to help kickstart production. If you’re interested, a pledge of just $50 gets you an iQi receiver and a charging puck.

It’s worth noting that the iQi isn’t MFi-certified, meaning it’s quite possible you could run into issues down the road, but people don’t really seem to be worried about that. As of this writing, the project is nearing $140,000 in funds—well past its $30k goal.

What do you think of the iQi Mobile wireless charger?

  • Keabsy

    Can anyone tell me what’s the case on the first picture?

    • Avery Massenburg

      I don’t see anything wrong with it? It’s just a light blue case with a light blue pad on the Qi charger.

      • Question

        No it seems he likes it.. He wants to know what case it is so he could buy it or something

  • Jacob S

    Not bad, but what if I need to hook up a regular USB cable for charging/sync etc? I guess I will have to remove the “soft” casing and remove the remote charge receiver end? hmmm inconvenient and I will be forced to use a “soft” shell, naaaa

    • Adel Ali

      The reason for the small cable is so that you can still hook up another cable over it, I think

      • Jacob S

        It doesn’t look like that, the connector pin looks like the regular lightning pin leaving no room for additional/regular pin to be inserted.

      • Preet Patel

        For charging we have got wireless charging and for syncing its called iCloud if you have heard of it. No offence

      • Jacob S

        Being a desi I thought you might be smart, but it seems you are over smart 🙂 Do you know many of the new gen cars and/or car stereos are having capabilities of mirroring your iPhone to its display using the lightning cable? Can they use “iCloud” too? well, that was just one example. How about those bollywood songs you you download from desitorrents? well according to your iCloud theory, you will first update it to iTunes match and then download via cloud? well, I guess smart people will find it easy to upload contents to their phones using cable as a smart and efficient way. Well those where just few examples, I am sure this device would have been useful if it could sync at least via its wireless doc. Nowhere it seems that is the case. Lastly, it is not apple certified and never would be. After a few iOS updates it could be completely useless. JMHO.

      • John Wickham

        not to mention iOS developers have to use a USB connector to debug apps, no ‘offence’.

  • Steven Honey

    this isn’t too much different than a charging dock. would be a little more appealing if they were able to make an entire coffee table top or end table top or night stand top into a charger… instead of a hockey puck…why not a large thin matt that would cover an entire surface??

    • Jacob S

      what about the portability?

      • Steven Honey

        good question…would be nice if you could just have one to put on all surfaces in your house. lol. maybe if the price is right

      • Jacob S

        yeah exactly lol

  • Adel Ali

    How do i sync it then. This isn’t full proof :0

    • Avery Massenburg

      Wireless syncing via Wi-Fi

      • Naqiuddin Ihsan Amj

        How about USB software update? 😐

      • Preet Patel

        One word OTA (over the air) update

      • Avery Massenburg

        If you really need to use your Lightning port then just take out the iQi and use the lightning port regularly.

      • Jacob S

        I guess you meant that occasional restoration process? well if that is the case, you have a valid point and @disqus_Vou2PdFXeP:disqus’s OTA won’t wok there, unfortunately!

  • Pree

    Meh this wireless charging stuff is not for me. I like to use my phone whilst its charging. At least with a cable I can do that no prob but with wireless if I take my phone of these pads they stop charging… true wireless should be being able to use your phone and move around and stuff but that’s a whole diff level right there. That would be like electricity in the form of signals like wifi or Bluetooth.

    • onebyone_

      that reminds me Tesla’s wireless energy patents. Real-wireless charge would be the next big thing.

    • Pablo

      or some way to transform those signals back to electricity :O ..use their energy or something, that would be great

  • Pablo

    It has to be on that round thing to charge?

    • Yes. This is the charger.

      • Pablo

        so the wireless charger is just putting your iphone on something that works with a cable? so wireless

      • Stefano

        But…. how would you expect it to just produce power. It needs a source. And the pad is just that.

      • Pablo

        My reply on Milo’s post 😉

  • mwpitt52

    Really? You can just plug in a normal charger just as easy. You know that thing will quit working in a couple of months.

    • Stefano

      I’d like to agree but I’m sure it’s been tested to not fail in three months, or even nine months.

  • Steven Code

    Holy shit! This is so smart!

  • Milo

    This is so bullshit! Wireless charging with a wire on the charging pad? I might as well just connect my phone using a usb cable to charge. People who bought this sure are brainless!

    • Stefano

      Brainless eh, lets put that brain of yours to work; how do you expect to give power to a wireless charging station? Hmmmm. It’s not just going to materialize and emit energy. IDIOT!

      • Pablo

        I was going to reply to you on my post but for your arrogance I decided to do it here…actually there are in the market real wireless mobile phone chargers, you charge the charger and then you use it wherever you want without cable, plug or anything like that, sure there are not the best chargers at this point but the fact that something like them exists is enough to boost innovation and to shut your mouth…so this product is not exactly innovative, it only changes the usb cable that allows you to actually move your device above your desk to use it without stop charging, for a round thing with cable, that claims to be wireless and doesn’t allow you to move your iphone like that because if you lift it off that thing it will stop charging your device…sure it’s pretty and stuff like that, but it doesn’t add anything good, it’s even a disadvantage vs. the usb cable…I’m pretty sure it also has a shorter cable than the usb, so less movement while charging, ironic for some wireless charger huh? I can see by your comments that you are in love with this product, but facts are facts, it’s not that useful and it’s not that wireless

  • Benjamin

    Have purchased this and does not work! The puck lights up and beeps and the device does not respond.

    • simon723

      I too am having the same problem…

  • onebyone_

    I like it, looking forward to get one

  • Rowan09

    Unless they can make a wireless charger without putting my phone on a pad, I don’t see the purpose. It’s just as simple to just charge my phone with a wire.

  • KenOzz

    Just received mine and its so flimsy,

    I wont chance it as if the ribbon breaks it will leave the connector stuck deep in the lightening port

    The ribbon is so thin and gives the impression it will break soon, I wont chance such a flimsy device in a £550 phone

    I think it is a disaster waiting to happen, the connector needs to go deep into the phone for it to work

    Look out for the stories of iPhones going back to Apple to get these broken connectors out of the lightening port

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Until you can move around freely with your device while charging, such a thing as wireless charging simply DOES NOT exist.
    I can even more around with a long cable. This is the biggest lie of the decade in the technology industry. Hopefully Apple can do something about it.


    When he sat the iphone down to charge it did not stay charging.

    • Nigel hannah

      Erm, iPhones behave just like that when charging with a cable.


    Does anyone think it could work with a life proof? it has raised edges so probably not, but if the charging pad was small enough could it work?

  • David

    Is this still working since apple released the latest update?