T-Mobile Jump (presser, John Legere)

Get ready US carriers and subscribers, it looks like T-Mobile is about to introduce another game-changer. The company’s outspoken CEO John Legere tweeted out this morning that it’s time for them to ‘eliminate another customer paint point.’

He followed the comment by teasing ‘Uncarrier4,’ which is believed to be an upcoming media event T-Mobile is planning to make some sort of announcement. In the past, the carrier has held ‘Uncarrier’ events to unveil things like its Jump plan

Here’s the tweet:

Notice the ‘Randall’ hashtag—that’s a not-so-subtle poke at AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson. The executive made some controversial remarks last week regarding device subsidies, and Legere has had a one-sided Twitter battle going on with him.

But back to the event. The tweet doesn’t offer up any kind of timeframe for Uncarrier 4, but we’re guessing that with Christmas just a week away, it’ll happen sometime in early 2014. In fact CES, which is coming up on January 6, would be perfect timing.

Again, in the past T-Mobile has used these kinds of events to announce industry-shaking moves like its plan to do away with contracts and device subsidies, and its T-Mobile Jump upgrade plan. The carrier is also reportedly being courted by Sprint.

Stay tuned.

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  • chumawumba

    #Randall… Could this be an AT&T/T-Mobile collaboration?

    • Rowan09

      Doubt it they shot that deal down.

      • troothseek3r

        they didn’t. they welcomed the deal. regulatory watchdogs denied the merger.

      • Rowan09

        Yes I didn’t mean AT&T.

      • troothseek3r

        AT&T and T-Mobile were both okay with the deal.

      • Rowan09

        Yes but not the FCC.

      • troothseek3r

        lmao. yes, i know. that’s why i said “regulatory watchdogs”, which would be the fcc in the USA. you, on the other hand, apparently, implied it was fcc by typing “them”, without any previous reference of the agency anywhere in the article or the comments section.
        why do you keep replying??

  • Jacob S

    It’s all about sprint and tmobile marriage 🙂

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    *pain point

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    I love this guy…keep shaking things up