Camera 5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Camera 5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

If you’re an iPhone photography fan and follow me here on iDownloadBlog, chances are you’ve by now figured out that Taptaptap‘s Camera+ is my go-to photography application for the iPhone and iPad.

After failing to jump on the initial iOS 7 app update bus, the team has finally pushed a major update for the iPhone and iPod touch edition that includes substantial iOS 7-makeover along with the flattened app icon and a bunch – and I really mean a bunch – of new tools and filters.

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Here’s the old (left) vs new (right) app icon.

Camera Plus 4.0 for iOS (app icon, small)Camera 5 for iOS (app icon, small)

And here’s a nice app icon evolution video.

Camera+ version 5.0 includes new filters and controls for sharpening images, fixing exposure, changing the color temperature, the adjustable Soft Focus and Film Grain filters, the souped up brightness and contrast controls, the Clarity and Vibrance tools and lots more.

There’re even brand new crops that let you easily create iOS 7-style wallpapers!

I love the ability to straighten my photos (finally!), apply color/duotone tinting and use the exposure compensation and exposure lock controls separately of each other.

Camera 5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Camera 5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

The official blog covers all of the changes in Camera+ 5 in excruciating detail so give it a read.

Here’s everything that’s new in Camera+ 5.

Clarity Pro
At the head of The Lab you’ll find Clarity Pro, which gives you adjustable Clarity and also adds a Vibrancy Boost adjustment which really brings out the life in your photos.

Not only can you manually straighten your photos in The Lab… we’ve also included a slick auto-straighten feature.

Easily tone your photos whatever color you please. Go just a tad to set a subtle mood, all-out to make a bold statement, or anything in-between. And if you’re having a hard time choosing a color, simply roll the dice to get a random one… will it come up lucky seven or snake eyes??

This takes the Tint adjustment and brings it to a whole other level. Try it. We’ll leave it at that.

Soft Focus
Give your photos a beautiful, ethereal quality with Soft Focus. This one’s addictive so promise not to overuse it, ok?

Film Grain
For the look of analog film. Fully adjustable so you can get the exact look you want.

This can often be the answer to a photo that came out a bit blurry.

Soften harsh pics. Or go to the extreme to make the perfect iOS 7 wallpapers. More on this later… 😉

Take it down for a cool, faded look. Or crank it up to make your pics pop.

Easily enables you to make your pics look “warmer” or “cooler”. It can be used for a simple compensation, or turned way up for a bold look.

Photo overexposed? Underexposed? This is the fix.

Brightness & Contrast
Two classic photo adjustments. You’d think that not much needs to be said about these two… but we went out of our way to make them look really good.

Highlights & Shadows
Boost or cut the bright and/or dark parts of your photos. Compensate for imperfect lighting conditions, or go for an intense, artistic effect.

Top-off the perfect set of adjustments with a stylish Vignette. Not only can you put on a traditional dark one, you can also go light for an airy feel.

[iPhone 3GS users please note: The Lab requires some pretty intense processing and unfortunately, your meager phones aren’t fully up to the task. But instead of bolting The Lab door on you completely, we’ve given you access to the sections that didn’t melt our test phones. The 8 lucky phones that lived yielded Rotate & Tilt, Straighten, Tint, Duotone, Soft Focus, Saturation, Temperature, and Exposure.]

Shooting refinements
We’ve taken yet another pass at streamlining the shooting experience in Camera+. In Camera+ 5, we’ve split the exposure compensation and exposure lock controls so that you can have even easier access to each.

iPhone wallpaper crops
As mentioned earlier, Camera+ 5 enables you to make some very awesome iOS 7-style wallpapers. Here’s the ticket: Simply grab one of your favorite pics and take it to The Lab. Then crank the blur way up and add a touch of saturation. Apply one of the new iPhone wallpaper crops, and voilà… a nifty iOS 7 wallpaper is born!

A Tale of Two Dicks
We’ve renamed Effects to Filters and Borders to Frames. We’re letting you know so you can avoid that feeling you got when Bewitched switched Darrins and Rosanne switched Beckys on you without uttering a word.

New icons throughout the app
Dozens of icons in the app have been redone and have the perfect look to go with iOS 7.

Shiny, new app icon
And the most obvious icon that changed for Camera+ 5 is the app icon itself. It was hard for us to let go of the old icon. But we came up with one that captures the essence of the longstanding Camera+ icon (albeit in abstract form), and fits like a glove on the first page of your home screen alongside all your other iOS 7 icons.

This new version of Camera+ for the iPhone and iPod touch is free for those who’ve previously purchased it.

Camera+ costs $1.99 in the App Store.

The 28.5MB download supports natively the iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 6 or later. The iPad edition of Camera+, a $4.99 download, has not yet been updated with these features, but don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s out.

  • Depth

    iOS 7 is killing creativity and design. Look at those icons. iOS 7 is pure garbage.

    • Mozaik

      much better than ios 6 , i dont know why but when i look at ios 6 design i get that “hugh” feeling.

    • Maxim∑

      its the new design language that the industry seems to be moving to. calling an OS garbage because of icons makes plenty of sense

    • jgr627

      I couldn’t disagree more it was time for a change…..might not be the best change but some change is better then no change

    • Damian W

      Unfortunately iOS 7 tends to give an equation simplicity=garbage.

      The most annoying is the use of white colour almost everywhere. It literally hurts my eyes, especially in night reading.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Uh, no. iOS 7 design is awesome. The flat look brings a refreshing style to iOS. I only agree with you on the too much white thing.

    • leart

      ios 7 IOS does not have a true design, is just empty design with some gradients.
      Anyway for sure is better than ios 6 in functional terms and i think that even a worse change is better than no change 😛

    • Moses

      I understand that ios 6 design has more originality, depth and creativity! After using ios 7, no doubt was I disappointed. Unless improvement is on its way, their new design isn’t that attractive!

  • Pranav Shankar

    Awesome!!! Finally!!

  • chumawumba

    An I the only one still waiting for a Google Voice iOS 7 redesign?

    • Maxim∑

      hangouts will take its place shortly on iOS

    • Guest


    • Jonathan

      And no. I’m dying for an update.

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    that icon is ugly as hell.. I bet if Steve Jobs was alive he wouldn’t accept garbage like this design!

    • felixtaf

      Steve Jobs is not goin to cry over an ugly icon of Camera+.

      And the icons in most apps optimized for iOS 7 are ugly. Developers compensating creativity for simplicity. Whatsapp, Dropbox etc are poorly redesigned..And most apps are with white backgrounds.

      I dont think this is a problem of iOS 7. Coz Apple never gave design guidelines. Some of the apps optimized for iOS 7 are lovely!!!

      • Damian W

        White backgrounds, god please help apple and developers

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Love the flat look. 🙂 I am getting sick of all those fake textures.

  • fasih

    I’m getting Blind!!!!

  • A great update. Para papa papa I’m lovin’ it

  • workin

    Buggy! Enjoying Clarity Pro but they’ve again released dysfunctional app! Saves a black image, hangs and freezes importing or exporting(simple, low memory functions) not to mention actually editing freezes.

    iOS 7? That’s some fool marketing garbage simplification, not design.

  • leart

    omg that new icon….

  • on3simpleclick

    I would love to praise Taptaptap for a great update, but with the amount of arrogance & intimidation the company has shown lately towards other Devs, I won’t be using Camera+ anymore. Indie developers are supposed to be supportive of each other, but Taptaptap have shown none of that lately. We don’t want to see snarky comments, on the Appstore & more so, on Twitter. The immaturity of their team really shines through & makes the company seem like it doesn’t care about it’s products or its image within the Market. Grow up.

  • H5ire

    This iOS 7 Flat design idea is really killing design and creativity.!!!
    Paint-Job kiddo icons.!!

  • El Arqui Tecto

    Who says we should pay again for an upgrade? Love this app…