AT&T Chicago store (interior 001)

The second-largest United States wireless carrier, AT&T, which claims the title of the nation’s fastest fourth-generation LTE network, today flipped the switch on LTE in more places. As of today, AT&T’s LTE signal should start appearing on 4G-enabled devices for customers in Twin Falls, Burley, Kauai, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Poplar Bluff, Durango and more.

Last month, AT&T lit up LTE in fourteen new markets in its bid to catch up to rival Verizon in terms of nationwide LTE coverage…

Here’s the list of newly-added LTE markets:

Long-Term Evolution radio technology offers up to ten times greater download speeds compared to HSPA+ technology, which carriers often incorrectly advertise as 4G.

The carrier earlier this month signed LTE roaming agreements with UK’s EE and Canada’s Rogers.

The company has also rolled out the new Mobile Share Value plans that let you save $15 or more per month on full-price device purchases as it moves toward dropping device subsidy altogether.

If you’re an AT&T customer, why not share your experience in terms of LTE coverage and data speeds in your area down in the comments?


    I have crazy internet speed, but I only wish it was unlimted, but it’s hands down the fastest internet I’ve had, even faster then verizen.

    • Jackson Grong

      I have 35 GB of mobile internet on my iPad, at home the 3G reaches 18 mb/s, for 140kuna (25$) per mounth. Only in Croatia! 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Inside my home I only have 2 bars but I still manage about 10-15 down and 3-6 up and outside and at school an average of 15-25 down and 7-10 up. This is in Orange County, California just FYI.

  • Travis N

    AT&T 4G LTE is now activated in eastern Suffolk county, New York as of this week! Averaging around 50Mbps

  • Jared

    I still have my grandfathered unlimited plan. However doesn’t AT&T put a cap on unlimited LTE at 5GB? At any rate I still have the iPhone 4S which isn’t LTE compatible. Not eligible to upgrade until April.


    Att has horrible wall penetration. I go out side 4 bars inside 1-2 bars. Sucks