Sky Sports UK on Apple TV

If you live in the United Kingdom and own Apple’s $99 Apple TV, turn on your media-streaming box and look for a newly-added content source, the Sky Sports channel from Now TV. There’s a total of six different Sky Sports channels to choose from, including F1 racing, Barclays Premier League football matches, cricket and more.

And cable cutters, check this out – you can purchase rather pricey daily passes from within the app, without the need for a cable subscription, thanks to Now TV and Sky Sports both sharing the same parent company, British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (BSkyB)…

As first reported by Pocket-lint, users must purchase a Sky Sports Now TV Day Pass in order to watch a particular sporting event. The subscription unlocks all six Sky Sports channels for 24 hours. Priced at £9.99 (about $16.5), the subscription is available right through the channel itself and will be billed straight to your iTunes account.

Pocket-lint opines:

That might seem hefty in comparison to a monthly Sky Sports subscription through Sky, Virgin Media or other TV services, it’s great for those who don’t want a regular contract and really only want to watch a Formula One race or cricket test match, for example.

There are six different Sky Sports channels to choose from, by the way.

The Sky Movies and Entertainment passes should appeal to cable-cutters who ditched their satellite or cable TV subscription.

Now TV director Gidon Katz acknowledged as much, saying that the Now TV Sky Sports Day Pass is “perfect for sports fans with Apple TV who want the flexibility to choose which live events they want to watch from the comfort of their sofa”.

This Apple TV channel addition is a UK-only affair.

In another international push, Apple back in October added Vevo and NHL channels to Apple TVs in Germany.

And earlier this year, German Apple TV customers were treated to exclusive content from Watchever, a local Netflix-like streaming service that offers unlimited access to local, European and international movies and TV shows for €8.99 a month (about $12)

Last week, Apple in the U.S. enabled new content sources from the American television network ABC, news organization Bloomberg, Sony’s streaming movie/TV show service Crackle and Korea-based on-demand video service KOR TV.

  • Modest

    Their pricing is ridiculous. Sometimes an event (tennis and stuff) goes for over 10 days – that means £99.99 and possibly more? No thanks!

    • rosssimpson

      They do. It’s called sky tv with the sports package ahha

      • Modest

        Yeah, that works out over £60 a month (all channels I want).

      • rosssimpson

        Yeah I know, but I was talking about sports packages 🙂

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Except that is ridiculously priced too unless you get phone and broadband etc and even then it’s crap. In my area it was so bad I never got over 5 MB/s over ADSL and since switching to Virgin Media fiberoptic I get over 10 times that (60 MB/s)…

  • Jordan James Dalzell

    Netflix costs me £5.99 for one month of streaming movies and TV shows but £9.99 for 1 day access to 6 channels. Good luck with that cause I’m not buying it.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Because £3650 (£10 a day-pass) is really how much I’m willing to pay for sports isn’t it. /Sarcasm

  • Winterz

    That’s a good deal if you watch F1. 10 races on the beeb and the other 12 on the Apple TV .