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Episode 007: Carrier talk dominates this week’s discussion. We discuss new unlocking policies put into place, the iPhone 5s and 5c’s sales, Sprints potential acquisition of T-Mobile, the dying carrier subsidy model and more. We also chit-chat about the best productivity and fitness apps of 2013 and talk about iPad Air regrets.


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  • Jerwyn Feria

    the player never works on firefox. no HTML5 support.

    • Nirvana

      And firefox is sebastien’s favourite, ironic!

      • Yeah, this is a detail compared to all the things I can do on Firefox that I can’t do on other browsers 🙂

  • Jerwyn Feria

    Maybe in Hawaii. T-Mobile can help Sprint cause sprint is the only Carrier that doesn’t have LTE down here.

  • Donato Bearint

    Very bad explanation about IFTTT. If you want to talk about something and broadcast to a wide audience about it should have somewhat of a good understanding about that item. If I hadn’t ever used IFTTT before and just listened to the description and explanation of the podcast I would’ve thought it was stupid. The app and service is so much more then described. And if the gentleman with the accent is only using the web version. He is really missing out because the app has premise recipes for the iphone already, see you don’t have to be a computer programmer to create your own recipe you can just click on something download it and start using it that way to you become better acquainted with the app you got promoted something to a podcast to an audience at least have a little bit of an understanding about the product where somebody is going to pay you to say something good about it at least learn about the app that they’re paying you to promote talking about

    • You seem to assume we were paid by IFTTT to promote their app, which wasn’t the case. We talked about IFTTT because we felt like talking about it.

      Yes of course IFTTT can do much more than the specific recipe I shared. I never claimed IFTTT’s sole purpose was to create a recipe from Pinboard to Pocket. I believe I also mention there are many more services available and that people come up with incredible recipes.

      I am also well aware there is an IFTTT app in the App Store. But whether you use the app or the web version, the process is exactly the same. The app doesn’t make it any easier for you to create a recipe.

      • Donato Bearint

        No it doesn’t, no one said it makes it easier to create anything. But with the app it gives you thousands of premade recipes to choose from that are phone specific. If someone is using IFTTT on there phone and doesn’t want the the app then your doing a lot more work then one needs too. I don’t know about anyone else. But I don’t like making things harder then something has to be or adding extra work. It’s just stupid for anyone to do something in that way. Also if not being paid to promote certain apps, which very possibly could be the case. Some of the dialogue, experiences and uses of certain things seemed forced by certain people and sort of scripted. Just didn’t seem very natural. Hopefully I’m wrong

  • Donato Bearint

    I always liked IDB. Don’t sell out now

    • jack

      Exactly. I never bought carrier-locked-and-owned phones.. Never understood why iDB keeps posting about phone availability on every single US carrier. As SJ pointed out, carriers are evil. Almost all my friends had troubles with their carriers. Hidden charges, blurred policies, all with bad faith.

      • Donato Bearint

        They report about carriers because that’s is what 95 % of the normal public do when they go out to purchase a phone. They decide on what carrier works best for them. Why pay 3 times the amount of the same phone if you don’t have to. Everyone is going to pay about the same monthly bill depending on what kind and how much of the service they require. So why would someone want to pay full retail for something when they can only pay a small portion of it.

      • jack

        That’s what they want you to believe, that you are paying only U$200 for the phone. Actually you are paying the full price over 2 years you just don’t realize it.

      • Donato Bearint

        I have only met a handful of people who would actually spend 600-700 hundred on an iphone I never met anyone who would pay between 8-9 hundred. There isn’t many people out there who do this for a reason.

      • jack

        Phones are nothing but GSM chip players as I like to say. Carriers wants to link phones to them (by calling for example “Sprint iPhone”) to make more money from the whole smartphone ecosystem now that it has apps, etc. One thing they want to ruin with this is net neutrality. Soon enough you’ll be paying extra for Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, etc

      • mav3rick

        You do realize that any carrier does not give you the phone at the advertised price. You pay the full even $800-900 price over the contact term. So basically yes, everybody is spending $600-900 on a pome device.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        “carriers are evil”

        Why not just buy an iPod Touch then?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Carrier talk:

    1. I agree with Jeff, Americans need to get rid of the throw away model. (Show some fiscal responsibility)

    2. Ending subsidies will affect the Market. Supply/Demand…lowered demand=lower prices. Good for consumers bad for Apple.

    3. Monthly phone service will cost less.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Mailbox, in my opinion, is an excellent email client. I remember the invite we all had to wait for earlier this year for mailbox, especially before iOS 7 came out, boy was that frustrating.