yahoo weather ipad

Yahoo posted a significant update for its weather app this weekend, bringing the software to version 1.5. The update includes the ability to share the weather via Mail, Messages and social media, as well as iPad support.

That’s right. Folks who really like the beautiful design, layout, and interactions of the iPhone Yahoo Weather app—things that made it one of the most popular weather apps of 2013—can now experience it on their tablet…

Here’s your 1.5 change log:

Yahoo Weather – now for iPad!
– The design, layout, and interactions you love optimized for the larger screen
– Experience stunning, interactive animations as you scroll through the forecast

Share the weather
– On iPhone, share a screenshot via Mail, Messages, Facebook, or Twitter by selecting “Share” in the sidebar
– On iPad, share by selecting the share icon on the home screen or “Share” in the sidebar

And another iPad screenshot:

yahoo weather ipad 1

There’s really not much else to say here. While it lacks some of the more advanced features, Yahoo Weather is one of the best-looking Weather apps available. So if you don’t need all of the extra fluff, it’s worth checking out.

If you’re interested, you can find the now universal Yahoo Weather app in the App Store for free.

  • Dontwannaknow

    That’s what I have been waiting for. Thanks Yahoo!

  • MHCsk

    Finally iPad support god dammit.

  • Mr.Ocean

    Finally it is optimized for iPad 😀 thank you yahoo 🙂

  • millski

    Got excited when I saw the update in the App Store on my iPhone. Whipped out my ipad, downloaded the updated app which has as it’s first line “now for ipad!” But it still loads in 1X 🙁

    • MHCsk

      Mine works just right. (iPad 4, iOS 7.0.4)

      • millski

        Got it working now. For some reason the update (1.5) was showing on the iPhone app store but it was still 1.2.4 when I switched to the iPad. Tried deleting and redownloading 3 or 4 times and eventually it picked up version 1.5

        Finally a decent weather app on the iPad! Shame they switched back to the ugly purple icon though.

      • mahe

        yeah, just got an update on the iPad and now it’s okay 🙂

        So Yahoo just needs to design a better looking icon now ^^

    • mahe

      Same for me …
      iPad mini retina on iOS 7.0.4

      • millski

        Try downloading it through iTunes on your computer and syncing it over cable. That way you should get ver. 1.5 from the app store instead of ver. 1.2.4 which is probably in your cloud backup. (1.5 seems to be showing as available for iPhone but not for iPad for some reason)

  • Leonard Wong

    Awesome! Been waiting for this update for a long time

  • Kurt

    Wish there was a widget for this beautiful app

  • Jdgg84

    This weather app is very nice. It also great to see that the Android version is just as nice. In fact, it may have a little more information to offer about the weather.. Great app though!