apple christmas ad

Apple has tonight begun airing its first new commercial in nearly a month. As you’d imagine in mid-December, the spot carries a holiday theme and focuses on the new iPhone 5s handset and its AirPlay feature.

The ad shows a teenage boy capturing his family participating in various holiday activities like decorating the Christmas tree and playing in the snow on his iPhone 5s, and then playing it for them on their TV set…

Here’s the ad:

And here’s the full home movie from the ad, shot on an iPhone 5s:

The spot is fairly different than anything Apple has done recently. There’s no special effects, or voiceovers. All you hear is the classic “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” song and audio from the family’s video.

Personally, I like this style for a holiday ad. For me, it’s a lot more classy than the ones that feature Santa Claus hawking some product—yes, even Apple is guilty of this. Just check out this Siri ad from December 2011.

What do you think of the commercial?

  • Jonathan

    I blinked when that guy threw the snowball. 0_o

    • Yash Gorana

      Ah ! You flinched you lil bast***

      *Russell Peters – Outsourced*

      • mehrab

        Hahahah i love rusell peters

  • on3simpleclick

    Why not post the actual ad? Is it not on the net yet?

    • Yash Gorana

      one3simpleclick? More like on3simpledot.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    What a beautiful and heart-warming commercial!

  • An ad just to wish you merry Christmas? Apple thinking oddly different yet again…doesn’t encourage me to buy any of their devices, so, hopefully tha’s not what Apple intended :p

    • NSA

      At least Apple ads are better make sense than the boring and stupid ads that Microsoft used to do…..

      • At least they have straight factual anti-competitor ads, hating all of them is just symptomatic of impotent rage in a fanboy…

      • NSA

        I am not a fanboy, Microsoft ads are stupid. Even they don’t know how to make an ad. YOU ARE A FANBOY NOT ME..

        Microsoft keeps attacking Google and Apple. Hopefully to sell their garbage to people…

      • You know you’re a fanboy when you reply with such ignoramus comment…claiming you’re not doesn’t change that. Rage on with mindless hatred kid.

      • NSA

        This what you can say “ignoramus comment”.

        So do you think Microsoft has smart ads.

        Microsoft could the last company to do that

      • Raashid

        Sounds like you’ve only seen the ones shown hear on iDB…why am I not surprised; typical mindless hater made by Christian’s butt-hurt posts. Here’s one factual ad (http://bit ly/1c8N7f7) and another (http://bit ly/181ZF77). Based on conventional logic, factual is part of smart.

      • NSA

        What do you mean by “Christian’s butt-hurt posts”?

      • Raashid

        I mean flame-war posts he makes when competitors point flaws in Apple products. When narrow minded fanboys read such posts, they become blatant competitor haters…like you seem to be. Most recent of such is this (http://bit ly/1bN0Gym).

      • NSA

        Everyone hates a company for some reason, it is a personal opinion, For example, when I was talking about the stupid ads that Microsoft used to do. Because MrElectrifyer is a Microsoft fanboy then he keeps criticising Apple. This is fine because this a personal opinion…

      • Matt

        What the commercial is trying to convey is that woth am iphone 5S you can capture memories that can be stored forever. Memories that can be acceded and brought back when their needed I.E. When someone close dies. It’s trying to tell you that by having this phone you can do that. It’s as simple as that and Apple are professionals when it comes to marketing

      • No questioning their master marketing skills. This one just seemed odd ’cause that’s a standard in all of today’s phones…nothing exclusive to the iPhone.

      • NSA

        So Microsoft needs to learn from Apple how make an ad

      • Learn parts from Apple…not copy Apple’s entire ad strategy. Their current ads which point factual flaws in competitors products is pretty good. Their ads showing how people use it to replace other devices (like this one youtube com/watch?v=2N3NYWlahNU) is great marketing, a combination of both tactics is awesome and that’s what they’re currently doing…no more of the baseless rants and dancing trash…I hope.

      • NSA

        The power to draw on Surface and show to people. The iPad can do that…The Surface will never ever replace all desktops and laptops. This is just in Microsoft dreams ….

        He mentioned write on document and show to people.All tablets do that…

        He said is faster than old super fast laptop..He wanna say no laptop on the market is faster than Surface pro..Does he think people are stupid..

        It is clear that the iPad is a very successful device because is in every Microsoft ad.

        How did you know that they are not copying the entire Apple strategy?..Did Microsoft tell that?

        They are following Apple way, have software and hardware from one company…

      • Sure you can write on the iPad, but haven’t seen free-hand annotation in iWork; it’s all spread around into bastardized apps AND still not natural like on paper (due to lack of a digitizer screen). Free-hand annotation on the document you’re editing is just a sub-part of the industry standard document editor; Office. Claiming Surface would never replace a laptop/desktop is just another sign of impotent rage in a fanboy…’cause it has already done so for me, the guy in the ad and IT professionals (like these http://bit ly/1cPNDgG).

        How fast do you need it to be? It cold boots up in 8 seconds for me and read/writes from/to the SSD (or my external USB 3.0 HDD) average around 70 MB/s…not gonna complain about that.

        Yeah, it’s successful ’cause there are still computer illiterates who only know the iPad. Apple’s PR is unprecedented in the tech industry with all their wide-spread local stores. That’s where Microsoft needs to learn; build more local stores inside/outside the US. The iPad is way overpriced for the functions it offers and is practically nothing compared to an Atom 2-in-1 like the Transformer T100 ($350 com/watch?v=MTwQKIGjDfY)…ARM tablets (including the Surface 2/RT) shouldn’t be selling at over $200 when we have Atom tablets like the T100 available.

        Regarding copying Apple strategy, so did Apple copy Microsoft’s in terms of software, in fact, they turn to Microsoft when they need speed/security (http://bit ly/1cPPsKH)…they have similarities and differences. Microsoft sure doesn’t need to copy Apple’s restrictive and compatibiltiy-breaking OS tactic (and they don’t), ’cause that’s one of the reasons Windows still holds 91% market-share (flexibility and backwards compatibility).

      • NSA

        There are third party apps. I don’t know it’s in iWork or not. If it’s not then Apple could do it in the future

        So, you think all people will throw their laptops,desktops and tablets and get Surface…Look this could only happens in YOUR & Microsoft DREAMS..

        If it is happen for you, then you don’t represent the entire world..

        Pro users, and I don’t who else need really a powerful computers…Surface is not the option for all.

        This is ridiculous, who know ONLY iPad. When you go to any computer store you will find all options. People are not stupid, don’t understand or cannot see other options.

        Can you explain this sentence ?Apple turns to Microsoft when they need speed/security.

        Windows has the majority of the market share, simply because other than Mac, powers buy Windows….

        Microsoft still learning from Apple….

      • Sure in the distant future, just like they’re taking forever to implement simple quick reply. I didn’t throw away a laptop+desktop+tablet, just dumped my early 2009 top-notch laptop and upgraded tablet that replaced it without any compromise. Maybe it’s a NIGHTMARE to worry about only 1 device to you, hence why you want to carry around and worry about multiple devices. However, I and many others don’t want that, hence why we got the Surface Pro (a 2-in-1 PC with the horsepower of a standard laptop).

        Just ’cause you choose to worry about multiple devices (and spy on multiple individuals :p), doesn’t mean you represent the whole world either.

        Never said it’s the option for all, why you putting words in my mouth with your impotent fanboy rage.

        The people I come across tend to ask “what kind of iPad is that” when they see me with my Surface. It’s pretty much the only known tablet name.

        Regarding Apple turning to Microsoft when they need speed/security, don’t be shy to view the link.

        Regarding your last paragraph…not sure what you intended to type.

      • NSA

        Not all people need to work on laptops and tablets at the same time. There people used to do that but not all

        You are a fanboy,,I don’t shy to open the link. It looks like you have shied to give me the link

        I mean They keep looking at what Apple is doing then do the same. As an example, Apple has showed some case studies for business, about how the iPad and / Or the iPhone have helped them in their business.

        When you open Microsoft website, not surprisingly they have got the same thing..

      • Never claimed everyone does, again, why you putting words in my mouth with your impotent fanboy rage? When I want to do a bit of quick type up (letter, report, big comment, etc.), I’d rather just navigate to the appropriate application and flip out my keyboard instead of put 1 device aside and grab another. That’s me, maybe you prefer the other.

        Hahaha, the NSA doesn’t even know how a link/url looks like. There’s the proof that I’m talking to a computer illiterate pretending to be some professional. Simply copy the stuff between the () and paste into your URL bar then insert a . in place of the spaces. Posting complete links here on iDB delays my post.

        So, you actually think Apple was the first to showcase a product helping businesses? Now that sounds like someone who just got out of their mama’s basement after decades…Believe what you want to believe kid, take the red pill whenever you’re ready.

      • NSA

        Hey listen up, you are disrespectful person. I am not stupid. You don’t need to tell me how copy and paste a link, Simple I have not seen your link.

        I know Apple is not the first company in the world to showcase a product..However, when you look the Apple way to showcase the product. You will notice that Microsoft copied them. You can your legendary Surface to know what I am talking about..Or wait unit you see another stupid ad from Microsoft..

        Next time, when you might see people don’t know how to use something. Then shame on you to mock up people.

        You are not better than people. And don’t accuse someone without know a single reason…

      • Hahaha, what an oxymoronic reply. You say I shouldn’t accuse you without knowing a single thing, yet that’s exactly what you just did in the case of the Surface and when replying to me.

        Still can’t see the URL? Hmmm, maybe your browser is having a hard time properly rendering the page…why not switch to your other device and find out?

        Hopefully your toyPad can teach you to not make self-contradicting comments AND how to talk factually with people instead of using pathological fanboy dingbat-logic…never claimed I’m better than people, perhaps Siri on your toyPad could calm that impotent fanboy rage of yours that keeps putting words in my mouth.

      • NSA

        Again you are disrespectful person. I am using Google Chrome…still I know to how open a web browser and scroll up and down..otherwise I have to see another stupid ad from Microsoft to show how do I do that

        Don’t worry Microsoft will make another stupid ad, to show IE is better than Google chrome.

        You have nothing to say. Just you are trying to find a ridicules excuses…

        “toyiPad”.hehehe.You are a fanboy. Could be a toy for you.

        At least not giving Surface for free. Microsoft has given Surface for developers, schools.. for FREE because they have lost 1 billion dollars

        Really Surface is a legendary device

      • Still can’t see the links? Maybe you should turn on the accessibility mode on your toyPad, ’cause you sound like you’re blind. Or just too afraid to navigate to a webpage for facts…don’t blame you if that’s the case…the worst of computer illiterates are like that, even my grandma knows more.

        Here they’re again with snippets of the sentence preceding them:

        IT professionals (like these http://bit ly/1cPNDgG)

        Atom 2-in-1 like the Transformer T100 ($350 com/watch?v=MTwQKIGjDfY)

        they turn to Microsoft when they need speed/security (http://bit ly/1cPPsKH)

        Let’s hear your new computer illiterate excuse for not seeing them this time.

        ‘Cause I emphasized on the iPad’s lack of functionality by calling it a toy, it implies I’m a fanboy? Makes perfect dingbat-logic.

      • NSA

        As I learned from you how to copy and paste. When I tried to open the link that you gave me. I got a blank page. Even I used the stupid IE. Same thing..

        ” iPad’s lack of functionality”. You are learning from Microsoft, iPad almost in every sentence you write…

        Really weird, Surface has the power you said..Microsoft keep losing..Really a power house device

        I am not afraid, to open the links that you have given to me…How did you come up with this sentence ?..

        You think I am lying to you when I said I have not seen the links…Again you are disrespectful person

        Could be Surface is the only device on earth that has the power to open your links

        I only was able to open the YouTube link

      • You keep proving my point of you being a computer illiterate. Quit joking that you’re not. Here’s how to access them again….Simply copy the stuff between the () and paste into your URL bar then insert a . in place of the spaces. Posting complete links here on iDB delays my post.

        Still can’t access the pages (had no issues accessing them on my iPhone 4s)? You’re just too dumb to have a conversation with…goodbye noob.

      • NSA

        Again you are disrespectful person. And don’t know how to talk with people…

      • leart

        why you are wasting your time talking with a troll?

      • NSA

        You are right

      • Raashid

        About time you gave up trying to pass the message to the dude, lol. You should have known you’re chatting with a guy with IQ below 50 when he couldn’t navigate to your websites, despite your instructions…thanks for saving me the time of replying to such noob

      • NSA

        disrespectful person…You are an idiot…How did you know my IQ below 50..

      • leart

        cmon man the ad was great, what other thing need to be said

      • Raashid

        Go cry to your mama pathological loser, you’re the one that couldn’t even navigate to a website…nothing beats that; congrats on your new world wide web rank of lowest IQ individual on the internet…

      • NSA

        really hard to talk with idiot like YOU…..

      • NSA

        Is your IQ result 250 out of 100…..Or I might talking to iGenious……idiot

      • NSA

        If you can help MrElectrifyer (Microsoft Fanboy), about how to talk with people..It looks the stupid ads have helped him

      • NSA

        I don’t want to waste my time with an idiot like you

      • Hahaha, lesson learned

      • NSA

        what a crazy person….

      • NSA

        only stupid fanboy watch stupid ads and think they are selling the point

      • NSA

        Lessons learned..don’t talk with crazy, idiot and stupid Fanboy…Just waste time..You should ask Rasshid because I think he is iGenious…so you can learn from him…

      • NSA

        Try to see if your garbage “Surface”, might help you how to talk with people

    • NSA

      What is special about other smartphones?…

      • At least they didn’t dedicate an entire ad on SkyDrive (a.k.a. NSA Drive) alone…they showed it as a complement on ways of sharing while advertising multiple other features. Or did you see an ad that I didn’t?

      • NSA

        it was not an ad. It was in the keynote

      • Oh, their keynote didn’t focus on just SkyDrive for sure…neither did Apple’s focus on just the camera. This ad focuses on the HD video quality camera as a selling point; point is, that’s a lame selling point on its own (’cause it’s now the standard), so, was hoping that’s not what Apple intended…thought they instead intended to just say merry Christmas to fans…

      • NSA

        At least they used to say Merry Christmas to their users….which is nice…There is nothing wrong when a company makes an ad to say Merry Christmas….

      • Never said anything is wrong with, it’s welcome, but just odd…’cause advertising Christmas alone is very rare from a tech company. I’m no blatant hater; I criticize and always have conventional logic backing up my critics. You only see my Apple critics ’cause you don’t visit non-Apple websites…

      • NSA

        No, I used to visit non Apple websites. I have no idea how can you accuse me by not looking on non-Apple websites.

      • NSA

        I visit many non-Apple websites because I am interested in Technology..

      • NSA

        Disrespectful person…

      • NSA

        The whole story you want just to criticise Apple..Again it up to you

      • NSA

        so what did you want to see in the ad?

    • Maxim∑

      The video was to show that we are spending to much time on our phones while we should be with family, at the end he gets together and shows the video he created and they live happily ever after….

      I do not believe Apple was trying to sell the camera of the 5S purely from the description “A teenage boy surprises his family with a thoughtful holiday gift.”

      Believe it or not some commercials attempt to tell a story without blasting the competition. There is nothing “christmasy” about talking about the specs of a device for 1 min on a commercial

      • GL1

        Finally someone whi gets the video lol. The teenage boy was misunderstood because everyone thought he was playing on his phone instead of spending time with his family. But he was infact creating this video. Apple is basically saying you can create things that bring emotions with An iphone and apple tv lol.

    • Matt

      And apple knows that families are important that they are part of life so their targeting that aspect to make people fall in love with the brand more.

    • NSA

      Can you tell me what do you wanna see in the ads?…Give us some suggestions…

  • Dante Arellano

    Ugly ad how much 1 million dollars for this piece of shite.

    • Maxim∑

      No its not ugly, there is a story to the ad and if you actually watched it you would see that

  • Malay Mody

    How is apple not advertising the iPhone here? Just because they don’t have the phone plastered all over the screen doesn’t mean that it’s not being advertised. We can clearly see that an iPhone is being used to create this video. Pretty heartwarming commercial in my opinion, and it subtly advertises for apple while putting across a message. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Alberto Espinal

    This is what i love about Apple they are so original, if it would’ve been another company they be bashing Apple about their products!!

  • batongxue

    My eyes are wet.

  • hkgsulphate

    I have tears in my eyes…

  • Jorge

    Video is in landscape mode but he is holding the iPhone in portrait mode 😛

    • Mohammed Sahib


    • Jon Jarman

      Drop your clip on the timeline, select it and press command-4 to bring up the Effects panel.

      Under Transform, rotate the clip 90 degrees, scale it up to fill the frame (178% in this example), then adjust the Y position to show the best part of the image. You can also animate the Y with keyframes to do a pan-and-scan effect.

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Ain’t nobody got time for that

  • Christian Mejía

    Off topic but I just found out to show the time of messages sent in iOS 7 messages app by swiping from right to left. I’m a little late 😛

  • Kurt

    Beautiful ad. Ruined it by saying Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas. Stop trying to please Christianophobic people who hate Christians. Other countries such as Trinidad and Tobago Hindus and Muslims say Merry Christmas and even have Chistmas trees in their homes. It was such a classy ad. Finish it classy too. Is Merry Christmas so offensive? Of course not and this was clearly a Christmas holiday this family was celebrating

    • Maxim∑

      Apple is a global company

      • Kurt

        Yes, and the sun is a star. This was a Christmas commercial but becomes offensive by saying Happy Holidays.

    • Such a drama because they say “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”?

      Jesus… all christians must be proud of you for caring for such details…

  • mehrab

    Wt idb i just got my gift now :/

  • Cue the Samsung commercial mocking Apple users making movies about Christmas on their iPhones. Android had this ability first, says Samsung. Oh, this is probably one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    That snowball must have hit the phone

  • Raashid

    It’s a fact; the Chromebook is not everything majority need in a computer. There’s loads of benefits in offline applications, privacy being most significant; putting everything in the cloud (a third-party’s HDD) is just a mindless zombie’s doing. Offline uses of a similarly priced ($249) PC include:
    – Do some photo editing with PhotoShop/Paint.Net/Gimp without the need for an internet connection
    – Do some simulations with work tools like PVSyst/Etap/iCircuit without the need for an internet connection
    – Install apps from a CD/DVD/USB-Drive without an internet connection
    – Connect to a domain at work
    – Do some coding with Visual Studio and compile code
    – Connect to a wide range of USB peripherals like Scanners, Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines, Game Controllers, etc without requiring internet connection

    It’s also a fact that the Surface kickstand is more study than the iPad’s smartcover. That was just demoed in the ad. Think that’s stupid…you probably have a dingbat-definition of stupid.

    • NSA

      I know Chromebook is not a powerful computer. The ad shows you the customer is stupid, the customer does not know what did the customer buy?

      Chromebook could be a suitable option for some users. There is no need to show that Google is the devil.

      In regards the second ad. Does not make sense, there is no one is going what they showed in the ad….

      In other words,this is just a bad marketing. Instead of wasting money on these Stupid ads. They can make ads to show the features of Surface…

      Microsoft keeps attacking Google & Apple. However, both Google & Apple have the majority of the market and Microsoft keeps losing….

      Still stupid ads, these ads will never ever convince me or could other people to by their devices..

      Or when you look at the website don’t get scroogled, instead of that they should improve IE web browser or improve bing

  • leart

    Sweet 🙂

  • Jesse Wehner

    One of the best commercials I’ve ever seen!, Who is the artist that sings the song in this ad?

  • Ed

    One of the best ‘commercials’ I’ve listened to in a very long time. Thanks, Apple.

  • @dongiuj

    “You have to promise us you won’t cry”?
    Oh come on iDB, grow up. Why on earth would this make anyone cry? It’s somebody that prefers to play with a smartphone rather than interacting with friends and family.
    That doesn’t make people cry. That makes people think, this person has no social ability.

  • Christian Wilson

    what app did he use to make this video?

  • Jose De La Mora

    I thought this was a very classy, clever ad until I realized that the way he was holding the phone the entire time, the movie should have played out with the crappy bars on the side in portrait mode. So close…

  • Séb Labbé

    There is a error in the commercial when the kid shows the video he made with his iPhone we see his iPhone in his hand when he’s in back of his grandma but he’s filming himself