I am happy to report that for the third year, iDownloadBlog is an official media sponsor of WWJC, the first (and so far only) major event dedicated to jailbreaking.

Just like the first edition of the event, WWJC 2014 will be held in San Francisco. If the location of the event is a sure thing, the date is still pending, but we’re being told it could happen around April or May.

The date options are actually interesting…

From a hopeful stand point, the April/May timeframe could indicate that a jailbreak for iOS 7 will be available before then. When you think about it, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a jailbreak event with no jailbreak available. Of course this is just rumors at this point, but the timing sure is interesting.

I’m personally happy to see the event back in San Francisco. Not only it’s closer to home, but more importantly, it’s closer to many developers and hackers, making it easier for them to attend.

Although no one has been confirmed yet, it’s safe to assume the usual suspects will be there: Saurik, planetbeing, P0sixninja, etc… We’ll make sure to publish updates about speakers and schedules as we learn more.

If you haven’t yet, I invite you to read my tale of the first JailbreakCon event. It’s a fun read, believe me.

Who’s planning on going?

  • leart

    What jailbreak??

    • El Barto

      Windows phone and PS3 Jailbreak, of course.

    • pnh

      I gave up. Why buy the 5S if it won’t ever be jailbroken?

  • Fevostone

    So ur saying the jailbreak will be out in 3-4 month LOL then another 3 month the iphone 6 will be out and god knows wot iOS so just as you get the jailbreak it all starts all over again pointless and I’m not falling for this again once my iphone is jailbroken im keeping this phone LOL

    • אביאור רוקח

      That’s my opinion:
      The jailbreak will be out in 1-3 month like as iOS 6. I think that the jailbreak support with iOS 7.1.
      I think that the jailbreak is ready now (with bugs) but they working on compatible MobileSubstrate and more tweaks for iOS 7 and fix bugs.

      • Nitsan

        I hope you are right dude…

  • Willie

    I guess highlights would be maybe an iOS 7 Jailbreak, Tweakweek 2, a little about what Saurik has been up to recently. and maybe under few hacking stuff

  • Tikimaker

    Hard to be pumped over jailbreak con being there is no jailbreak for IOS 7.

  • I want to but its to far for me

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    The money i spent on auxo has gone to a waste ,hasnt it? Will there be a ios 7 version of auxo?

    • Farbod

      There most probably will be an auxo for ios 7 but I think it would add features to the multitasking screen (like close all or asking permission to close music apps) rather than change its design.

  • chumawumba

    May: Jailbreak iOS 7
    June: iOS 8 beta comes out

    Man I was hoping the jailbreak would come out a bit sooner, but I understand the developers need time.

    • TechThingy

      That’s not a nice thing what you’re doing here.
      No one actually has to work on a jailbreak, they are doing it because they want to, getting no money for it.
      Even if it’s sarcasm, it’s just not needed here…
      Patience bro. That’s it.

      • David Horbach

        They are getting money for it

      • Eni

        they sell tweeks, it means they get money, no one does anything for free bro

      • act like mannered children, you lack the illegal installing applications and games – these kind of arguments are on the edge of your ass smash

      • Eni

        who ivited you here asshole?

      • I understand that you belong to a developer who earn at JB – banging away at each other, calling me an asshole.

      • Eni

        i dont have time to do a cenversation with u right now so go f**k ur self.

    • ProfessorX1®

      They’ve had enough time.

  • deepdvd

    From a [less] hopeful stand point, the April/May timeframe could indicate that a jailbreak for iOS 7 will [not] be available [until] then. [This really sucks]

  • Adel Ali

    I live in San Francisco, and I would love to meet you

  • What jailbreak?

    what it is we can expect iOS already offers “the more useful options” as notifications or fast running wifi

    Jailbreak is dying and I do not mind!

    • jacobkwright

      Don’t mind huh? Well I do. The fact that the features of f.lux, SwipeSelection, iKeyWi, Powerleft, Springtomize, Veency, Activator, Bigify, Accelerate, LowPowerBanner, Action Menu, Cyueue (I could go on), are not currently or may never be implemented in iOS natively is unacceptable to me.

      • So optimistic

        I’ll go on some more for ya…AdBlocker, Display Out, IntelliscreenX, Video Pan(PnP), Lockdown Pro, Music Controls pro, BlurriedNCBackground, SpeackEvents, WinterBoard and more…

        I want my jailbreak on my 5S.

      • coLin

        AdBlocker is kind of illegal, but at least a freaking Barrel or Gridlock. that’s basic tweaks we’re asking

    • Luis M. Maldonado

      I do mind.. I bet you like the gay icons and all the translucency!! with a phone that costs 700$ , I should do whatever I Want with it!

  • Hunter Green

    That’s awesome!

  • dav

    Patience people,the jailbreak will be released.. after a year or two.

  • Matt

    I haven’t given up just yet. They are pretty much working for free I think cause we don’t hAve to pay for the jailbreaks but gonna patiently wait and hopefully not give up

  • illK†Δ

    Everyone knew there wasn’t going to be a JB for iOS 7 for a while. Why did you upgrade?

  • Joe Benning

    Can’t have a jailbreak without a JailbreakCon? Awesome…

  • Alberto Espinal

    They get enough donations, but i don’t believe they should rush it out, IOS 7 is buggy enough!!