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Apple has named the popular read-it-later app Instapaper its App of the Week for this week. This means that through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the application for both your iPhone and iPad, for free—a savings of $4.

For those unfamiliar with the app, Instapaper bills itself as the simplest way to save and store articles for reading. You can save content on virtually any device, like a bookmark, and return to it later for reading at your convenience…

Here are some of Instapaper’s more notable features:

Instapaper Core Features:
– Save most web pages as text only, stripping away the full-sized layout to optimize for the iPhone and iPad screens.
– Store up to 500 articles on your iPhone or iPad, and store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website.
– Read offline, even on airplanes, subways, on elevators, or on Wi-Fi-only devices away from Internet connections.
– Send to Instapaper from 150 other iPhone and iPad apps.
Additional Features:
– Adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins
– Dark mode and brightness control for night reading
– Automatic Dark and Sepia Mode switching for sunset times in your location
– Sort your list of unread items by popularity, date, article length, and shuffle
– Filter your list of unread items by reading time

And here are a few more screenshots for good measure:

instapaper 3

I personally use Pocket myself, but the tower of accolades for Instapaper is tall. It’s been featured in both Apple’s iPhone and iPad App Hall of Fames, as well as several publications, and it has won a number of Editor’s Choice Awards.

I’d recommend grabbing it even if you don’t plan on using it right away. Instapaper is available in the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad, for a limited time, for free.

  • chumawumba

    Never needed this app… But since it’s free I will put it in my ‘apps I never use but got for free’ folder’

    • Al

      Um.. “Purchased” folder in the AppStore? Eh?

  • Is this app of any use when we have Safari Reading List which also supports offline reading.

    • Byron C Mayes

      Yes. Not everyone chooses to use Safari.

  • Rupinder S

    In my opinion, Pocket is 100x better.

    • gittlopctbi

      I’m with you. Pocket is so much better.

  • Christian Mejía

    I downloaded just to have to in my purchases. In the case I need it one day.

    • Dontwannaknow

      Same here!

  • Moses

    Thanks for the share, this is going to be useful!

  • Matthew Cleveland

    Is there someway to sync this with Firefox? I’d love to open my Firefox tabs in Instapaper.

  • Byron C Mayes

    I go this free a couple years ago as a Starbucks Pick of the Week. Enjoyed it, but then I found Pocket which cleans Instapaper’s clocks.