osfoora 1Twitter just updated its official app to include photo sharing in direct messages and swiping features to switch between timelines. Unfortunately, the official app still doesn’t live up to the wants and needs of many Twitter users.

Osfoora 2 is a third party Twitter client that offers automatic timeline updates, bookmarking capabilities, notifications, and more. Plus, the feature rich Twitter client received an update that compliments Apple’s iOS 7 look…

The newly updated app has been completely redesigned with a new iOS 7 look. Users can switch between dark and light mode so they can read new tweets under the covers without hurting their eyes or under the light of the sun.

Additionally, the redesigned app features much more gesture-based interactions, like swiping to the left to call up the action menu and pulling down to refresh your timeline.

osfoora 3However, you probably won’t need to pull down to refresh that often. Osfoora 2 features automatic timeline refresh when on Wi-Fi. Your timeline will be updated in real time and tweets will appear instantaneously. Plus, Osfoora 2 supports background refresh, so your timeline will be up-to-date when you open the app on your iPhone.

The app does not include push notification. Instead, users can receive alerts of mentions and messages through local notification in background refresh.

The third party Twitter client also lets users send links to SMS, bookmark links to Safari’s Reading List, Pocket, and Instapaper, and open links in Chrome or Safari.

Osfoora 2 can be connected with other apps so you can send tweets, pictures, and music links through a variety of supported services. Upload photos to Twitter, img.ly, Mobypicture, TwitPic, and CloudApp. Videos can be uploaded to Mobypicture, TwitPic, and CloudApp.

osfoora 2Change the look of profile avatars by choosing circles, rounded corners, or square icons in your timeline view.

Additionally, users can add locations to tweets, mute users and hashtags, and use native retweet features. Connect multiple Twitter accounts to keep track of all users you follow.

Osfoora 2 supports the Multiple Drafts feature. Touch and hold the compose button to activate a new tweet draft. The app also supports sharing music through the native Music app and from your iTunes library.

Osfoora 2 is available for $2.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Did you use the original version of Osfoora? Do you think you will download the second version?

  • Jonathan

    I don’t know what this is, but I might download it just for how awesome it looks. 0_o It ain’t white!!

    • David Villamizar

      My eyes and my battery are grateful

    • RarestName

      But it is suspiciously similar looking to Twitterrific.

  • John Sklikas

    I prefer the new Tweetbot. However it is sad to see that all developers follow Tweetbot’s technique of charging for the redesign. And before calling me cheap, remember 2 things. 1. I am a developer myself and I would never charge for an update regardless if I had redesigned or added a tons of features. 2. I bought it because Tweetbot is great but I have to say that what they did is just plainly greedy…

    • CPDigitalDarkroom

      The original came out in 2010, thats three years of providing over 30 updates. Not charging would be like Adobe releasing a new Creative Suite and providing a free update. Developers work their ass off, as you should know, if they were nickel and dining users you could make the argument they just want money but they’re not. They are simply making their living.

      • John Sklikas

        Look, as a developer, I understand your point, however as you might know, apps haven’t got a saturation point. There are always new users that are going to buy. And by creating a charged update, all they do is lose faithful users. They win new ones, that would come anyways if the update was free or not. So all they do is piss off a large portion of the audience that isn’t as willing as me and you to pay. And this is bad, because it harms your image for your other apps. And please don’t bring the argument about Adobe. We all know that these 2 are completely different markets… And wise developers know to think like their customers, when coding, designing and charging. And this is why I don’t charge my updates (and I never plan to, I would rather make a new app). Charging an update is like milking a cow that has just been milked. Some will give some more milk, but most won’t. So new cows will always be needed. And this isn’t good, having a stable user base is good and that’s why most developers don’t charge. Tweetbot might see us as cows, but I’m not willing to do so…

      • David Villamizar

        If I get to update such a high quality app as Tweetbot is, I don’t care paying again, as long as the update looks different, but when you have apps like clear, that release the same app, with the same looks, the same functionality, and it only says you have to pay because it’s done for iOS 7, I clearly feel it’s unfair. Costumers don’t care about how hard or expensive the update was in terms of programming, we only care about the experience with the app.

      • Valentin Serrano

        A little off topic here…

        But it is so awesome to see a discussion about an important topic, without having to read someone resort to insults or profanities in order to make point. Very rare.

        Thank you gentlemen.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    I see you guys miss jailbreak more than i do.

  • We must BUY again? for Old Osfoora user

  • hkgsulphate