Remember last month when we told you that Jony Ive’s one-of-a-kind Mac Pro sold for nearly $1 million at his Product (RED) auction? And do you remember thinking who in the world would pay that much money for a computer? Well it looks like the answer is Tony Faddell.

Photographer Kevin Abosch posted a handful of tweets this afternoon with photos of the ‘father of the iPod’ and Nest founder posing next to the (RED) Mac Pro, as well as the solid gold EarPods from the same auction. The two items combined sold for close to $1.5 million…

Here’s the tweet about the Mac Pro:

And here are the solid gold EarPods:

The Mac Pro sold for $977,000 at least month’s Sotheby’s charity auction, while the solid gold EarPods sold for $461,000. In all, the auction raised a staggering $12,883,000 which will be donated to Product (RED), an organization that fights treatable diseases around the globe.

  • Modest

    Holy **** the Mac Pro is beautiful…

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    It’s very shiny and Christmasy

    • Nirvana

      Wish he would come in Christmas, since the Mac is RED! 🙂

  • Tomas Cabral

    Glad to hear it’s donated to RED

  • jack

    That thing is really gorgeous

  • Apanizo2

    “”The Mac Pro sold for $977,000 at *LAST* month’s Sotheby’s charity auction”” (last paragraph)

  • Tom

    Hats off to Tony. Nest do make some awesome products. I go a Nest Protect smoke alarm last week. So sexy. I would get the thermostat too if they would only release it over here in the UK.