Apple has expanded its iTunes Match service to several new European countries this week. Users in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and other areas are reporting that they have been granted access to the music-mirroring service.

First introduced in late 2011, iTunes Match allows users to match songs from their iTunes libraries to tracks in Apple’s cloud. This way they can access their music from any device, without having to spend hours uploading it…

MacRumors reports:

“Apple has recently expanded iTunes Match availability to several Nordic countries, according to both reports on Twitter and tip from a MacRumors reader. iTunes users in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden now have access to the service, which has a yearly price of 249 kr in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and €24.99 in Finland. 

Additionally, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have recently gained access to Music in the Cloud, which allows users to access previously purchased music on any device, and Bulgaria and Portugal now have Movies in the Cloud.

iTunes Match runs $24.99 per year in the United States, and £21.99 in the U.K. And the fee not only covers the service, but also removes ads in iTunes Radio. For more information about International iTunes Match availability, click here.

  • Sigurd Boe

    Okay Norwegian user here.
    What do I need to know before considering dropping Spotify for this?

    • Qlobster

      the main difference between Spotify and iTunes match is that you own the music you listen to in iTunes match.
      i can listen to all of my favorite songs without need for syncing and storing large amounts of songs on my iPhone, i just stream the music i have in my iTunes app. there is even no need to store your mp3’s on your hard drive, once you matched your music you can (if you want) free your hard drive from any songs at all.

  • Jo Henning Børven

    With all of the great products apple has, iTunes is not one of them, for me personally. Never liked the idea of syncing and using iTunes. But that is for sure nice for everyone who has a lot of music in their library.

    I have used spotify since it came out many years ago, and I’m probably too attached to it, to spend hours and hours ripping all my CDs to iTunes..

    • planetcoalition

      I agree. I don’t like having to use iTunes to transfer files to my phone. But I have 32 GB of music and iTunes does a great job syncing with my iPod.

      In many ways I think iTunes is a piece of software from the iPod era and Apple should really seek to unlink iPhone from iTunes (at least when it comes to transferring files)…

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    “And the fee not only covers the service, but also removes ads in iTunes Radio.”

    Too bad iTunes Radio is US only. I’d switch to iOS 7 right now if Apple increased the availability of iTunes Radio…